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When he pulls, immediately stop and stand completely still until the leash relaxes, either by your dog taking a step back or turning around to give you focus. When the leash is nicely relaxed, proceed on your walk. Repeat this as necessary.

What do I mean by this? Don’t pick the time to start your training where your dog’s archenemy saunters by the fence, causing a 10-minute vocal tirade. Find an occasion where the dog may just bark a few times, but won’t get overly excited. You want them to still be able to focus on you.

You’ve probably never had a dog that has a penchant for barking. It is indescribably miserable, and it makes everyone around the dog miserable. We tried everything at first. Our dog is a terrier. He wants to chase and bark at every dog, squirrel, cat, or shadow that walks by our house. He sits in the window. Waits by the glass door. Goes outside and barks and chases. It’s clearly in his DNA. can’t cover up every window or door in my house. He would be super miserable if we did.

So you have a dog barking problem – What solutions are out there? Trying to stop your dog barking should start with finding out why it is barking in the first pace. This article looks at some motivations for dog barking, what works and what doesn’t!

When your dog starts barking, ask him to do something that’s incompatible with barking. Teaching your dog to react to barking stimuli with something that inhibits him from barking, such as lying down in his bed.

When you hear yapping, it’s only natural to chastise a dog to stop. But if you’re pet is barking for attention, you’re giving him what he wants, even though the interaction is negative, says trainer Victoria Stillwell of “It’s Me or the Dog.”

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, it is a good idea to set up a safe and quiet placed for them when you aren’t home. Choose a room in your home that is away from the front door and with limited distractions from the outside world. This can be a back bedroom, laundry room or spare space.

Separation anxiety (SA) is manifested in a number of behaviors, including nonstop hysterical barking and sometimes howling. This is a complex and challenging behavior both to modify and to manage, as true SA is a real panic attack in response to being left alone; the dog truly cannot control his behavior. SA usually requires the intervention of a good positive behavior consultant, and sometimes pharmaceuticals.

I had a six month old puppy in class last night that barks at his humans when they sit down to watch TV,usually from 5-7 PM range. That pup needs more exercise, but also something to do. Enrichment toys, bully sticks, raw marrow bones, training games before they settle for the night will all help this dog. This one also falls under most of the other numbers.

Obsessive/Compulsive barking which is identified as excessive barking for no apparent reason or at things that wouldn’t bother other dogs. This may be accompanied by other compulsive behaviors such as spinning or jumping.

Dogs also bark when they’re either too cold or too hot. Many people have the misconception that dogs’ fur keeps them warm in subzero weather; it’s not the case, unless the dog is a husky. If you’ve seen the dog shivering or looking miserable in the heat of the day, tell your neighbor the dog could be barking because its uncomfortable.

Don’t use a muzzle or HusherTM as a substitute for training, or while you are absent. Your dog regulates his temperature through the mouth by panting and muzzles prevent your dog from doing this as well as drinking water and eating.

It’s important to note that electric shock collars are illegal to use on dogs in Wales. If you use these on your dog in Wales, you face a cruelty conviction, a fine of up to £20,000 and six months in prison.

Some dog owners ‘debark’ their dogs but that is a very controversial method which does not address the underlying cause of the barking. It is a surgical procedure where the voice box is removed, leaving dogs with a raspy, instead of full, bark. There are complications and the operation can be life-threatening.

Hate to burst your bubble but you cannot determine why a dog barks as they are NOT human and cannot tell you why or more importantly, how I can help him stop. All of my dogs (labs) were trained and raised by me. Now that I decided to take on a Rescue Lab, I am taking on someone else’s horrendous lack of training and a major problem they caused. He barks at everything and goes from 0 to 1,000 and scares the living heck out of everyone. From someone just walking outside to any vehicle he can here drive by. Any type of delivery truck including the mail man he turns into Cujo. He’s 3, was locked in a crate in an unfinished basement for the first 3 years of his life. NO Social skills and is very skittish. I know he’s barking because someone screwed him up from every angle, but one thing is for sure, I can’t ask him why he’s barking and how I can help him stop. I need to continue working on him and a bark collar will be my last resort.

While some of them might actually work in the immediate-term (by stopping the dog from barking while the device is being used) sadly they do little to address the motivation behind the barking, and so only act to suppress the behaviour without actually solving the real issue. 

Citronella collars deliver a small, short blast of citronella every time the dog barks. These types of collars have been shown to be at least as effective as electronic collars, and do not risk causing any pain or real discomfort to the dog.[79]

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Response to Stimulus: Dogs also bark when they hear or see something interesting. For example, if your dog barks or howls when a fire truck siren screams by, it isn’t necessarily to guard you. Some dogs just want to join in or let you know something different is happening.

Dogs often bark when they find themselves excited but thwarted, or frustrated, from getting to something they want. For example, a frustrated dog might bark in his yard because he wants to get out and play with children he hears in the street. A frustrated dog might bark and run the fence line with the dog next door, or bark by the patio door while watching a cat or squirrel frolicking in his yard. Some dogs bark at other dogs on walks because they want to greet and play, or they bark at their caretakers to get them to move faster when preparing to go for walks. The most effective means for discouraging excitement or frustration barking is to teach a frustrated dog to control his impulses through obedience training. You can teach your dog to wait, sit and stay before gaining access to fun activities like walks, playing with other dogs or chasing squirrels. This can be a daunting task, so you may need the assistance of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer to help you. Please see our article, Finding Professional Behavior Help, for information about finding a CPDT in your area. You can also discourage the presence of cats and other animals in your yard by using motion-activated devices to startle intruders.

Also, please note that because of volume, we are unable to respond to individual comments, although we do watch them in order to learn what issues and questions are most common so that we can produce content that fulfills your needs. You are welcome to share your own dog tips and behavior solutions among yourselves, however. Thank you for reading our articles and sharing your thoughts with the pack!

Finally, it’s worth it to note that we love our dog, but his barking makes him completely miserable to be around. So now we get to enjoy our dog, and not be in a constant state of apprehension over his truly awful barking.

The two dogs (Jack Russell mix) that do this are related-by-blood, they’re brothers from the same litter (aged 7yrs) and they get on well…They’re both hyper active and easily excitable. The third is a recent addition to the family, he’s a pure-bred Jack Russell (8 months) and he’s a lot more calmer than the brothers. I have no problems with him on the lead but I would love to walk them as a group, something I used to do years ago before the brother’s hyper-barking became too much. :/

For the come command, you can call your dog to you and ask for a down. When your dog is focused on you, they are less likely to bark at something else. You can find instructions on how to train your dog to come here. 

Call animal control to report abuse. If you believe the barking is a result of neglect or another form of abuse, you have the right to call animal control. If the dog is being severely abused it will be confiscated from the owner, but in most cases animal control won’t take the dog away. Instead, they’ll come to assess the situation and try to educate the owners as to how to properly care for the dog. How to stop a dog from barking

“contrôle d’écorce en ligne comment empêcher un chien d’aboyer en quittant la maison”

Au début, l’animal n’aura pas confiance aux talents de «protecteur» de son propriétaire, car il se croit responsable de protéger le foyer des dangers. Mais à force de répéter l’exercice, l’animal restera volontairement derrière son propriétaire, car il ne ressentira plus le besoin de protéger sa famille. «Avec de la constance, on peut obtenir des résultats prometteurs dès la troisième semaine de pratique», indique Mme Paul.

SOLUTION ANTI-ABOIEMENT SANS COLLIER : Le système en forme de maisonnette dispose d’un microphone qui détecte les aboiements et émet alors des ultrasons surprenants et désagréables pour le chien, mais inaudibles pour la plupart des humains. Lorsque celui-ci arrête d’aboyer, les ultrasons cessent également. Convient aux chiens de 3.6 kg et plus.

Il est important d’instaurer une vraie hiérarchie au sein de votre famille. Si le chien se considère comme le leader de la meute, il voudra également vous sauter dessus pour se rendre plus impressionnant, plus grand, plus puissant que vous.

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Nous avons une petite Lhassa Apso de 1 an. Elle n’aboie pas beaucoup mais vous avez tout à fait raison dans ce que vous dites. Je vous explique nous vivons dans un appartement avec terrasse et nous avons emménager en Décembre…donc jusque là tout aller bien. Les beaux jours sont arrivés j’ai laisser la terrasse ouverte à ma petite chienne partant travaillé…la première semaine à suffit pour que arriver le vendredi je découvre un joli mot sur ma parte me demandant de faire taire mon chien avec menace d’appeler la police si ça continuer. Du coup je ferme tout mais j’angoisse. J’ai entendu parler d’un collier d’apaisement adaptil je voulais savoir si vous connaissez et si vous me conseiller. Et pour finir commment l’éduquer pour qu’elle ne jappe plus en notre absence ? Merci à vous pour vos conseil si précieux.

J’ai un Labrador qui a 10ans. Je viens de déménager et il est devenu très compliqué. Il aboie quand je le promène dès qu’il voit des petits chiens alors qu’il a vécu pendant 10 ans avec une petite chienne. Il hurle à la mort et aboie quand il est seul. J’ai essayé adaptil pour mes absence et je suis mitigée. Avez vous des conseils ? Merci

English: Stop Your Dog from Barking at Strangers, Español: hacer que tu perro deje de ladrar a extraños, Русский: отучить собаку лаять на чужих, Italiano: Fare in Modo che il tuo Cane Smetta di Abbaiare agli Sconosciuti, Português: Fazer seu Cachorro Parar de Latir para Estranhos, Deutsch: Deinem Hund abgewöhnen, Fremde anzubellen, Bahasa Indonesia: Menghentikan Anjing Anda Menggonggong pada Orang Asing, Nederlands: Je hond laten stoppen met blaffen tegen onbekende personen, Tiếng Việt: Chó ngừng sủa khi gặp người lạ, 日本語: 他人に吠える犬のしつけ, العربية: منع كلبك من النباح على الغرباء

Une fois les raisons de ces aboiements cernées, il convient de mettre en place les mesures pouvant permettre de les réduire. Il y a toutefois certaines choses à ne surtout pas faire, pourtant souvent conseillées.

Redevenez le dominant. Les aboiements pour attirer l’attention du maitre sont fréquents chez les chiens. Dans ce cas particulier, il faut cesser d’obéir à votre chien en cédant devant ses caprices. C’est vous, le maitre ! Bien évidemment, rectifier son comportement sera d’autant plus long et difficile qu’il aura été mal éduqué [1].

Si la cause n’est pas médicale, elle peut être le fruit d’un débordement émotionnel, d’angoisses, que l’animal n’arriverait pas à gérer. Plus le comportement est installé et plus le travail à mettre en place pour l’enrayer est long et approfondi.

Avant d’apprendre à votre chien à arrêter de trop aboyer, il est nécessaire de comprendre les raisons qui le poussent vers ce comportement parfois gênant. Les causes sont nombreuses, mais nous pouvons les regrouper en quelques catégories.

Mais la problématique est souvent minimisée par les autorités, comme s’il s’agissait d’un problème insoluble, une sorte de fatalité, exactement comme elles l’ont fait trop longtemps au sujet de la conduite sous l’influence de l’alcool, alors que les faits sont là, à commencer par le constat le plus essentiel : un maître incapable de contrôler les aboiements de son chien est un maître incompétent.

Avant de contacter la police ou la mairie, essayez de parlementer avec vos voisins. Un chien aboie généralement lorsque son maître n’est pas là, et votre voisin n’est peut-être pas conscient de la gêne provoquée par son chien.

3. Lorsque votre chien cesse d’aboyer à force de renifler, félicitez-le et donnez-lui la friandise. Répéter, chaque fois en exigeant au chien de se taire pendant de longues périodes avant de recevoir la récompense.

Quelle horreur de comparer des enfants à un chien ! Je conseille une visite chez le psychiatre ! Un chien ne doit pas aboyer inconsidérément. Si l’éducation ne suffit pas, les moyens techniques sont à employer. Un collier anti-a ne pose aucun problème de santé.

Jappements ou hurlements un chien qui aboie sans cesse est difficile à supporter. Et si on ne peut empêcher son chien d’aboyer, on peut tout de même calmer son anxiété. Des solutions pour arrêter les aboiements de son chien.

Bonjour j’ai un cane corso de 2ans 1/2 qui terrorise le quartier et agace les voisins! Lorsque nous sommes la, on ne l’entend quasiment pas! meme si quand le facteur arrive ou que quelqu’un passe devant la maison, il aboie…mais travaillons sur ce comportement…Quand nous le laissons dehors, il parait que c’est insupportable, qu’il est incontrôlable et qu’il est meme menaçant…! Pourtant il reste avec sa petite soeur de 2ans et s’éclate avec elle dans le jardin! Lorsqu’il reste à l’intérieur: une image!! il n’aboie pas, il n’embete pas les voisins…!

Certains aboiements pourraient être évités. Ainsi, si votre chien a l’habitude d’aboyer chaque fois qu’il fait rouler sa balle sous le canapé et qu’il aboie pour que vous la lui rendiez, trouvez une astuce pour que cette balle ne puisse plus se retrouver sous le meuble [14].

Quelle idée de frapper son animal pour le faire taire ? C’est sûrement l’acte le plus facile à réaliser pour tous ces maîtres incompétents et barbares. En aucun cas la violence vous aidera à faire stopper les aboiements de votre chien, même en utilisant un manche à balais ou autre accessoire comme on peut l’entendre pour soit disant ne pas toucher le chien avec nos mains qui sont elles synonymes de caresses…

Tout comme nous, les chiens ont besoin de faire de l’exercice pour être en forme, c’est important pour leur équilibre mental et physique. Un chien fatigué est un bon chien qui est moins susceptible d’aboyer par ennui ou frustration. Selon sa race, son âge et sa santé, votre chien devrait faire plusieurs longues promenades ainsi que des jeux comme courir après la balle.

Le truc c’est que ma mère lui gueulle dessus continuellement, et je ne savais pas que du fait que la chienne aboie et que ma mère lui cri de fermer sa g***lle assez fortement fait en sorte que la chienne continue les aboiements.

Bonjour, j’ai une chienne mâlinois que j’ai prise vers ses 10 mois, elle était maltraitée car elle détruisait beaucoup. J’ai fait tout un travail pour calmer ses angoisses et les bêtises se sont arrêtées mais à ce jour je n’arrive toujours pas à la faire marcher au pied sans tirer et à la calmer (aboiements et grande agitation) quand on croise des chiens. Elle est très tonique et joueuse, si je la lâche quand les autres maîtres sont d’accord tout se passe bien mais certaines personnes ont très peur (bien qu’elle n’ai pas les poils hérissés et qu’elle remue la queue). Je voudrais arriver à calmer ces aboiements et faire en sorte que les rencontres soient plus calmes. Merci de vos conseils

Le distraire : s’il aboie beaucoup en votre présence, faites en sorte de le distraire en lui ordonnant, par exemple, d’aller chercher sa balle ou de se coucher dans son panier. Récompensez-le lorsqu’il obéit en lui donnant des friandises.

bonjour .mon fils pour la fête des mères m’a offert un Shi-tsu 8 mois, très mignonne ,mais au moindre bruit ,elle aboie, je me lève le matin sans faire de bruit, quelques minutes après elle apparait en aboyant, fait le tour de l’appartement, pour me montrer, qu’elle a fait ses besoins un peu partout.

bonjour, c’est vrai que ce genre de situation n’est pas facile et que ça arrive assez souvent. J’étais dans votre cas il y a quelques années et c’est grâce à un collier anti aboiement que j’ai résolu le problème. J’étais contre au départ mais bien utilisé c’est la solution la plus rapide à mettre en oeuvre pour faire comprendre au chien que son comportement n’est pas le bon. Si c’est un petit chien ou qu’il est peureux un collier à vibration ou citronnelle peut très bien fonctionner aussi. Si vous ne souhaitez pas utiliser un accessoire de ce genre vous pouvez vous aider d’un livre qui explique des techniques de dressage pour ce genre de situation, comme celui-ci. Bon courage pour apaiser cette situation.

Néanmoins, pourquoi vous voulez arrêter de chiens d’aboyer quand il peut être souhaitable maintenant et puis, par exemple lorsque des étrangers viennent inopinées à vos locaux. Ce qui signifie que, votre objectif principal ne doit pas être pour arrêter les chiens d’aboyer, mais plutôt de les former comment contrôler leurs aboiements excessifs. Indépendamment de la gravité du problème des chiens qui aboient, c’est avec la formation adéquate, il est possible d’arrêter les chiens d’aboyer excessivement.

Petite précision, elle n’a jamais pleuré quand je la laisse seule à la maison sauf si j’oublie de fermer le balcon et qu’elle sait que je l’entends, je pense qu’elle est très maligne et qu’elle a compris que ses cris me perturbent.

Bark Control

“col de jet anti-aboiement de contrôle à distance comment empêcher un chien d’aboyer quand le propriétaire est loin de chez lui”

Lorsque votre chien sera capable de rester tout seul pendant au moins 90 minutes, il devrait rapidement pouvoir tenir plus de 4 heures, peut-être même une journée entière. Même bien dressé, quatre heures sont une période longue pour un animal qui a des besoins naturels. Le passage à 8 heures doit être exceptionnel et longuement préparé [36].

Donc le chien continuera d’aboyer tant que vous ne lui prêterez pas attention, ou tant que du monde passera dans la rue, ou que quelque chose lui fera peur. Excepté en cas de recherche d’attention, voir ci-dessus, il est inutile d’attendre qu’il se calme tout seul. Mieux vaut rapidement chercher à l’occuper.

(Vol, ok, laag). Oplaadpoort: stopcontact voor de batterijoplader. Batterijoplader: Past in elke standaard muur-stopcontact en dient voor het opladen van de halsband. batterijoplader contactpunten display aangesloten op het oplaadpunt Vibratie sensor Peilstift geluidssensor modusschakelaar WWW.spORtdOg.cOM…

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Hvis apparatet ikke viser at det oplades efter én time skal du kontakte vores kundecenter så vi kan hjælpe dig. Besøg vores hjemmeside på www.sportdog.com for at se en liste over vores kundecentres telefonnumre.

Personne ne devrait s’attendre à ce que son chien n’aboie jamais. Cela serait aussi déraisonnable que de s’attendre à ce qu’un enfant ne parle jamais. Mais il arrive que certains chiens aboient excessivement. Si ce comportement devient un problème chez vous ou affecte vos relations avec le voisinage, la première étape consiste à déterminer ce qui fait que votre chien aboie autant. C’est une fois que vous saurez pourquoi que vous pourrez commencer à traiter le problème.

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Je suis donc allée consulter un comportementaliste: Jorge est normal et n’a pas développé de comportement anxieux suite à nos absences ni meme d’agressivité à outrance! Il faut désormais BANNIR le collier!! C’est un cane corso qui, quand il aboie, fait fuir les “menaces potentielles”!! Renforcement positif à ses aboiements !! il recommence et recommencera..!! Mais donc quelles sont les solutions pour les voisins?? on trouve des tas de lois et d’astuces pour contrer les voisins-maitres des chiens qui aboient mais rien pour nous, pauvres maitres qui ne savons pas comment réduire les nuisances et entretenir de bons rapports avec nos voisins!!!Moyens autres que couper les Cordes vocales de mon chien ou lui donner des tranquillisants pour qu’il dorme toute la journée dans le jardin…!! Certes il ets impressionnant et sa voix résonne dans le quartier mais bon…je ne vais pas le déguiser en tutu pour qu’il soit plus agréable à regarder?!?

De mon point de vue, il faut éviter les punitions et les colliers anti-aboiements. Ensuite, est-ce que vous promenez votre chien laisse tendue ? Lorsqu’il croise un autre chien, est-ce que vous tirez sur la laisse ? Est-ce que votre chien aboie car il est heureux de voir un autre chien ou bien est-il agressif, veut-il vous protéger ? En fonction de vos réponses j’essaierai de vous guider dans des solutions à adopter.

Notre problème est que notre Golden n’aboie que lorsque nous sommes présents ! Et plus particulièrement quand mon marie est là ! Elle défend son territoire, on l’a bien compris. Mais on ne peut pas l’arrêter ! nos voisins commencent à se plaindre et nous sommes à bout ! On a essayé : le collier électrique, la friandise, punition en la prenant par la peau du coup, et l’enfermer sans lui parler ni la toucher. Mais rien ne marche ! Que peut on encore essayer ? car si on ne trouve pas de solution on sera obligé de nous en séparer ! 🙁

Lorsque le système de contrôle des aboiements pour l’extérieur se trouve dans une zone exposée à des aboiements constants, un micro interne recueille le son, ce qui active l’appareil. Le système de contrôle des aboiements pour l’extérieur PetSafe émet un ultrason. Cet ultrason ne peut être entendu que par le chien. Ce son aigu fait sursauter le chien, dont les aboiements cessent car il les associe à ce bruit désagréable.

Fonctionnez avec des friandises pour l’encourager à faire autre chose plutôt que d’abboyer après les chiens qui passent, si votre chien est gourmand et les friandises apétissantes, ça devrait bien fonctionner. L’idéal serait d’aller dans un club canin qui conseillera sur les moyens de détourner son attention.

Il peut prendre un peu d`ingéniosité et quelques dollars, mais en supprimant la motivation de l`écorce est le choix le plus rapide lors de l`apprentissage comment arrêter un chien d`aboyer. Si vous pouvez vous débarrasser de la motivation à l`écorce, vous ne serez pas besoin de faire de la formation comportementale.

Elle m’a dépiauté une lanière de sandalette, puis aussi, ce qui lui est accessible ce matin même problème, elle a trouvé une pomme de pin qui était au bord de la cheminée elle a joué avec essayant de la dépouiller, tranquille !et là elle est assise près de la porte, espérant que celle-ci va s’ouvrir, pour aller aboyer vers mon mari qui dort, si elle arrive à passer alors là on ne peut plus la faire taire.

Très probablement, comme tout le monde, vous le regardez, vous lui demandez plus ou moins gentiment de se taire… Pour vous c’est négatif et vous ne comprenez pas pourquoi il continue. Pour lui, c’est peut-être une interaction positive car il a gagné votre attention.

Note : certains éducateurs canins conseillent lors de cette phase de se munir d’un pistolet à eau pour, au moindre aboiement, arroser le chien. La surprise du jet d’eau stoppe toute vocalise. Dès qu’il s’arrête, félicitez-le et récompensez.

Ignorer les aboiements de votre chien aussi longtemps qu’il lui faut pour s’arrêter. Cela signifie qu’il faut ne lui prêter aucune attention pendant qu’il aboie. En faisant ainsi vous ne le récompensez pas par votre attention. Ne lui parlez pas, ne le touchez pas, et même ne le regardez pas. Quand il se calme enfin, même entre deux respirations, récompensez-le avec une friandise. C’est une technique très efficace utilisée par les dresseurs professionnels assez faciles à mettre en œuvre pour tout le monde.

Ajouter des rideaux ou des stores pour vos fenêtres. Si possible, retirez la capacité du chien à voir par la fenêtre. Par exemple, je mentionne dans mon guide vidéo que nous avons un lit de chien élevée en face de la fenêtre d`image dans notre salon. Le déplacement du lit supprimerait la capacité de nos chiens à regarder par la fenêtre.

70mah capacity. replace only with equivalent battery received from calling the customer care centre. for a listing of customer care centre telephone numbers, visit our website at www.sportdog.com. separate collection of spent batteries is required in many regions; check the regulations in your area before discarding spent batteries.

bonjour a tous j’ai mon chien depuis sept ans avec mes deux chats et il FAI parti de la famille mes le petit problème c que maintenant il ne fait qu,aboyer et je c plus comment faire j’ai déjà déménager 2 fois et déjà deux voisin son venu enfin son venu c un bien grand mot ..il mon mi des petit mot dans la boit au lettre

j’ai un shipper ke (femelle) de 13 mois. Nous avons une maison de plain pied, un grand jardin et elle est toujours dehors où à l’intérieur, de plus mon mari va la promener tous les matins dans les champs où il la lâche.

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Sachez reconnaitre les causes de l’aboiement lié au territoire. Les chiens qui aboient sur les étrangers font souvent cela pour protéger leur territoire. Ce type d’aboiement se produit lorsque votre chien est effrayé et perçoit les étrangers comme une menace potentielle. Les chiens vont instinctivement défendre leur territoire, c’est pourquoi ils se mettent à aboyer lorsqu’ils détectent la présence d’inconnus dans les endroits qui leur sont familiers, comme leur maison et leur jardin [1].

Bark Control

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     2.    Territorial/Defensive Barking.  Barking at the postman or other dogs walking past your house. Most dog owners will experience this type of dog barking and often encourage it to keep intruders from the house.

Personally I feel horrible about it but we just had to get a shock collar for our dog today. We own a town home and today our neighbor told us she called our association and reported us for his barking. He’s always been a very well behaved, easily trainable dog, so we decided to let him stay out of his crate while away since we hate having to lock him up when we leave for extended hours occasionally. Day 1: absolutely great. He stayed in the baby gated area. Day 2: did not go well at all. He escaped the area, ate the cat food, pooped all over the house, chewed up tons of things… Behavior that he has never displayed before even when left out briefly. He was put back in the crate and ever since we’ve been having issues. He tries to escape it. He’s somehow dented it and he’s only 40 pounds. Tried covering and he ate the blanket. He’s even got scratch marks on his face from trying to escape and when he does, he destroys everything. Again this is a dog that has always been happy, never barked, never chewed anything up, never misbehaved. The only naughty things he did prior was potty a couple times as a puppy and I caught him licking my pizza when I went to use the restroom… Other than that he gets nothing but compliments on his great behavior. We moved his kennel to different areas of the house. We’ve left TVs on for background noise. But nothing works. This is brand new behavior and we have had him almost 2 yrs since he was 4 months. Our neighbor constantly is complaining and calling us that he’s barking when we leave. The issue is we have only caught him 1x. We’ve definitely tried the whole routine of acting as if we’re leaving hoping we’ll catch and correct him. Putting him away and everything but quietly standing in the house for up to a half hour and heard absolutely nothing. We’ve caught him once when we came home where we could hear him outside barking from inside. Our neighbor has called us asking when we are coming home and just basically harassing us. It doesn’t help that she doesn’t work, so she is always home. We have tried numerous attempts to give him positive reinforcement taking him for walks, giving him treats, and giving him lots of love and affection before putting him in his crate. The neighbor still calls complaining. Nothing works. This is behavior that’s been going on for about six weeks. We had to get the shock collar because we really had no other choice except for let him continue then get more calls to our association and be told that we’re not allowed to have him anymore.

Hunter has been to training classes when we first got him and was great however became food possessive with the treats and therefore aggressive towards other dogs. We felt this made him and his behaviour worse so after the course completed we never signed up for the second course.

If Method #1 isn’t working after at least 10-20 sessions, add a startling noise to the “quiet” command, such as a can of pennies, a bell, even a loud single clap of your hands. This should gain his attention and you can then go through the remaining steps of calling him over, asking him to sit, and giving praise and treats until the person or noise is gone. If he begins barking immediately after you release him, repeat the steps. If after 10-20 more tries the barking hasn’t diminished you may have an obsessive or anxiety situation and should seek the advice of a professional.

He continues, “As I have always stated, the completion of the bad behavior is a reward. So you letting your dog play out actions like barking is actually reinforcing it to your dog. It also makes sense that the longer your dog has had this problem, quite often the more difficult it will be to correct.”

Meet your neighbor in person. Hand-written notes can be ignored and don’t lead to a dialogue. Communicating the issues you’re having with your neighbor’s dog is key. If you find that they are new dog owners and don’t have much experience, you can point them to helpful training guides like this one or recommend a local trainer.

Nancy lives in Portland Maine with her 3 kids, 2 dogs and a revolving door of foster dogs. She owns Gooddogz Training and believes in force free training and having fun with your dogs. Her Mom tells us “Dog” and “horse” were her first words.

Continue the training. Don’t stop at discontinuing barking for attention. Continue your training to eventually cover all aspects of request/attention-seeking barking. Eventually, your dog will learn to wait patiently whether she wants to play, eat, or receive pets.[15]

Many times we have unintentionally taught our dog to bark by reinforcing the behavior. If your dog barks in the yard and you go out and shout at him, he has gotten your attention and may even think you are joining in with your own funny little human bark. Even looking at your dog when he barks can be a reinforcer.

Problem: lack of nutrients in his diet – Dogs that have parasites or worms do not digest food properly, because the parasites consume many of the nutrients. Dogs may try to re-digest the food to get all of the nutrients they can from it.

I have a Sibercaan (Native American Indian Dog/Canaan Dog hybrid), and only stubborn persistence works. If I stop, he’ll lean into the harness continually and won’t back off. One time I tried to out wait him, but after 45 minutes I had to literally lift him off his front feet to turn him around. He has snapped a chest lead, supposed ‘large breed’ leashes, so I made a harness by serging 2″ five ton rigging strap and a leash made of 7200lb test mooring line, with a harness handle. Basically I just lift him like luggage and redirect him before I put him back down. Although he’s disappointed, it doesn’t hurt him because of the wide straps, and letting a dog strain at a standstill is terrible for their hips and paws. Manual lift and redirect is safer and faster. Granted, this is only as effective as your ability to lift the dog. He’s 110 pounds currently with 20 or so more to go, so for most people he would easily pull one off their feet in a linear tug of war. When I say lift,I’m just taking the weight off his front paws, so when he pushes with his hind paws,he just stands up, and it’s actually pretty easy to redirect him this way. I’ve had success with my neighbor’s mastiff at 178 pounds with this method, and it works with my sister’s behemoth Newfoundland retriever at 190 pounds. The biggest thing is to be patient, his breed is renowned as sled pullers, so the stop and wait thing is more like a challenge to him. If you teach them that no matter how strong they are you can still direct them in a calm manner, they generally become cooperative. Hopefully this will help some other large breed owners.

Call the relevant authority to report a noise complaint. Find out what town hall/council/municipal office or other relevant authority to call so you can file a report on your neighbors for a noise complaint.The authorities will talk to the dog owner and assess the situation. They will usually inform you of the outcome. If nothing changes, call again a few days later.[5]

This is what’s generally known as “Separation Anxiety” because your dog after separation becomes anxious. I add here that this stress results not only in barking, but can also manifest in destructive behaviour, chewing, injuring themselves, escaping, and excessive digging.

Use a silent dog whistle. There are mixed reviews on whether these devices work, but many have found success with them. Silent whistles make a sound that dogs can hear, but humans can’t, so your neighbors won’t even know you’re using it. Whenever the dog barks, blow the whistle. it may take a number of attempts, but eventually the dog will associate barking with the piercing noise of the whistle, and stop barking.

Dog’s need both mental stimulation, often found in the form of training, and also physical exercise to tire them out. If these needs aren’t met, they may entertain themselves by singing the song of their people… loudly.

Separation anxiety (SA) is manifested in a number of behaviors, including nonstop hysterical barking and sometimes howling. This is a complex and challenging behavior both to modify and to manage, as true SA is a real panic attack in response to being left alone; the dog truly cannot control his behavior. SA usually requires the intervention of a good positive behavior consultant, and sometimes pharmaceuticals.

The positive interrupt is a well-programmed, highly reinforced behavior that allows you to redirect your dog’s attention back to you when she’s doing something inappropriate like barking. Ideally, you want your dog’s response to the “Over here!” cue to be so automatic – classically conditioned – that he doesn’t stop to think whether what he’s doing is more rewarding or interesting than turning his attention toward you and running to you for a treat. He doesn’t think – he just does it, the way your foot automatically hits the brake of your car when you see taillights flash in front of you on the highway.

If your dog is in the garden and barks at passersby, make use of recall and praise your pet for returning to you rather than woofing. If you can’t supervise your dog in the garden, don’t leave them there on their own without something to do which will distract them away from what they want to bark at.

Most dogs will bark if there’s motion or sound — like a squirrel zipping across the lawn or a kid racing on his bike past the house. They might bark to warn off intruders at the door or other dogs that come too near the fence. Dogs might bark in excitement when you get out the leash to go for a walk or they might bark from stress when they have separation anxiety from being away from you. And some dogs just bark because they’re bored and don’t have anything else to do.

Dogs engage in territorial barking to alert others to the presence of visitors or to scare off intruders or both. A dog might bark when he sees or hears people coming to the door, the mail carrier delivering the mail and the maintenance person reading the gas meter. He might also react to the sights and sounds of people and dogs passing by your house or apartment. Some dogs get especially riled up when they’re in the car and see people or dogs pass by. You should be able to judge from your dog’s body posture and behavior whether he’s barking to say “Welcome, come on in!” or “Hey, you’d better hit the road. You’re not welcome at my place!” If you’re dealing with a dog in the first category, follow the treatment outlined in this article for greeting barking (below). If you’re dealing with a dog in the latter category who isn’t friendly to people, you’ll be more successful if you limit your dog’s ability to see or hear passersby and teach him to associate the presence of strangers with good things, such as food and attention. 

First of all, it’s important that you don’t get mad at the dog, as tempting as that may be. The dog is just being a dog and doing what dogs do. Instead, go to your neighbor directly. They may not be aware that there is a problem if the dog barks while they are away at work or out of the house, or they may already know the barking is an issue and are trying to work on it. Don’t make assumptions or accusations, and approach after you’ve had time to cool down.

Do not encourage your dog to bark at sounds, such as pedestrians or dogs passing by your home, birds outside the window, children playing in the street and car doors slamming, by saying “Who’s there?” or getting up and looking out the windows.

Another thing you can try is recording sounds that trigger the barking and playing these back to your dog – very quietly at first, and gradually increasing the volume – while rewarding them with food. This is a process known as desensitising and counter conditioning.

Now one way you can do this is by leaving your home calmly and then coming home calmly and ignoring your dog. (I know this may sound a bit harsh to some of you, and it may not be what you want to do, but this advice is all about doing what’s best for your dog and how to stop the barking!) Also, remember they are a different animal, and just like ignoring the cat or a goldfish when you enter the house it will not result in them being upset.

Research your town or city’s anti-barking laws. Look online at your town or city’s codes, by-laws or dog legislation. There may be a code against unruly pets or incessant barking at night; many places have legislation or regulations in place that deal specifically with dogs and/or noise. There might also be a code covering ignoring requests from neighbors.

If barking is a problem on your walks, using some of the same methods utilized in loose leash training may help. Hold treats in your hand, giving some out as you walk along. The idea is to encourage your dog to focus on you and not any distractions. Let him sniff and see the palmed treats from time to time so he knows what you have. Use a special treat that your dog doesn’t normally get and keep the pieces small so your dog can chew and swallow them easily while walking. Train your dog to “sit/stay” while people pass, allowing him to say hello only if the other person wants to. Praise, reward, and consistency are very important to make this work, but after a few days or a week, you should see a marked difference and can start spacing the use of treats farther apart.

Food puzzle toys and hollow rubber toys that can be stuffed with treats are great entertainment for dogs. They give your dog something fun to do while you are gone. Keep a couple on hand so you can leave one for him every day. It’s okay if he gets most of his meals this way. He’s working for his food!

The point is this: Dealing with a dog that won’t stop barking day or night is frustrating for everyone. Figuring out the behavioral problem that is causing your dog’s barking could save your sanity and keep the peace.

This is caused by either an “I want to get to you but can’t” situation, such as when your dog is in another room from you; also known as ‘frustration-related barking’. Or, the dogs is saying, “GO AWAY, you scare me”; also known as ‘fear-related barking’.

Can someone please do an article on the OPPOSITE? Dogs that refuse to walk? I have a very subborn mini bull terrier who puts the brakes on and will let me drag him rather than walk. After about 10 minutes of fighting he is fine for most of the walk and seems to like it but if he isn’t feeling it, he makes it known, which is EVERY single morning.

First of all we have to identify WHY your dog is barking, because the solution we use is not always going to be the same. After all, you’d never use the same approach to stop a child who was shouting out for help as a child who was screaming at you for more chocolate, now would you? How to stop a dog from barking

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When your dog barks, mark the desired behavior with the click! of a clicker or a verbal marker, such as the word “Yes!”, and feed him a treat. Repeat this he’ll bark on just the cue, without the trigger. Then practice in different environments until the “bark on cue” behavior is well generalized. When his “bark on cue” is well established, you can follow it with a “quiet!” cue, so you’ll be able to turn the bark off when you want.

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Have your dog bring you a present. Another way to keep your dog’s mouth closed is to encourage her to bring a “present” to you, a guest, or someone in your home; or to simply to encourage him to enjoy carrying objects. Dogs that enjoy retrieving will often pick up a toy and carry it around just to show their pleasure. Naturally dogs cannot bark when they are holding a toy. But be careful not to give the toy when dog barking is in progress or the dog could mistake the toy as a reward for barking.

This is the dog who’s left out in the backyard all day, and maybe all night. Dogs are social creatures, and the backyard dog is lonely and bored. Boredom barking is often continuous, with a monotonous quality: “Ho hum, nothing else to do, I may as well just bark.” This is the kind of barking that’s most annoying to neighbors, and most likely to elicit a knock on your door from a friendly Animal Control officer.

Punishment is generally frowned upon in the veterinary behavior community, but at least in this case the punishment is not too traumatic and it does help your dog not to do the behavior. In some cases where you have received noise complaints from the neighbours, it can be a quick fix. The citronella collar and shock collar are two devices that punish the bark and are unreliable and can lead to learned helplessness. They can go off randomly while the dog is not barking and even when they work correctly, the dog usually has no idea what he is receiving punishment for.

Is your neighbor’s dog keeping you up all night? It’s time to take action. The fastest and best way to end the noise is usually to speak to your neighbor face to face to work out a good solution. If that isn’t effective, get law enforcement involved to solve the problem for you. In the meantime, try using a dog whistle or another method to help the dog stay quiet.

As you extend the amount of time that you’re out of your dog’s sight or behind closed doors, you should incorporate counterconditioning methods like a puzzle toy to keep her distracted. Try adding this component once you’re behind closed doors or out the back door for at least 10 to 20 seconds at a time.[33]

Dogs that are not bored will rarely bark without a serious reason. The next time you see the dog barking in the living room and running around agitated, it may be because he is really bored. Take him out for a walk. Then, try to find more entertainment options for him for other days so that the situation does not repeat itself.

If you do decide to take this approach, you’ll need to make sure you don’t expose your pet to the ‘real’ sound while you are training them. Pick a time when you aren’t expecting visitors and pop a note on your front door asking visitors not to knock.

A dog that is tired is actually a dog that is really happy. This is something that many dog owners do not understand. We need to know that dogs are active. They simply want to do something. Above we said that dogs that are bored will start barking. You can take care of that by giving the dog many activities that he can do. Since he does not stay and always does something, he will be happy. Eventually he will get tired and the tired dog will always be really quiet. How to stop a dog from barking