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The key concept is to keep control at all times.  In other words DO NOT LOSE control of your dogs (think of a horse that has bolted from a stable)…a dog who is off leash and does not respond to a recall is by definition “out of control”.

Dogs are social animals who like to live in family groups and it is common for them to become upset when they are left on their own for longer than they feel comfortable with. This is called ‘separation anxiety’ and we have lots of information about this here.

One of the main benefits of the human-canine partnership is a dog’s natural ability to alert. You could say the talent for barking and guarding earned that first furry friend a place by the fire with our ancestors.

The chest harness was a life saver for me. My dog hates to have anything around her neck. I think it’s baggage from life before she wound up on the streets and in the shelter. I’ll never know what baggage she has left over from then, but I am pleased that we found a compromise that’s as pleasant for her as it is for me.

When your dog barks do you have the tendency to yell something like “NOOOOOOO” or “STOOOPPP?” While you think you’re telling your dog to stop barking, they just think you’re joining in. So yelling won’t do you much good. Instead, when your dog starts barking inappropriately it’s important to stay calm. Develop a signal that alerts your dog to stop barking. That signal could be a look, sound, or physical correction. Below, I will go over the “quiet” command. 

Dogs bark because they are dogs, they bark to alert to danger or for attention. Many bark for food. They bark because they are  happy, fearful, sad, anxious, frustrated, going deaf, scared or hurt. They howl at the sirens. Some howl at the moon. Some dogs bark to hear themselves bark and many bark because they are under stimulated and bored. There are so many reasons a dog could be barking. There are even dogs who bark because the sky is blue.  Some dogs bark more than others. I am sure by now you get the idea. Dogs bark for lots of reasons. To help your dog, it really helps to get to the root of why your dog is barking and what they are barking it, and most importantly, what you may be doing to contribute. 

First of all, it’s important that you don’t get mad at the dog, as tempting as that may be. The dog is just being a dog and doing what dogs do. Instead, go to your neighbor directly. They may not aware that there is a problem if the dog barks while they are away at work or out of the house, or they may already know the barking is an issue and are trying to work on it. Don’t make assumptions or accusations, and approach after you’ve had time to cool down.

Have a treat ready every time your friend comes to the door. Even if you’ve passed the point of giving treats during regular training, you may need to use treats for applied training sessions involving an actual perceived intruder.[54]

As your dog gets comfortable with you being out of her sight, try closing a door to block her access to you, and gradually extend the duration of time that you are out of the room or behind a closed door.[30]

If barking during the day is a problem because the dog is left outside, see if the neighbor will agree to install a dog house where the dog can take shelter during the day. Discuss a certain date by which the dog house will be installed.

Dogs bark for a number of reasons, so it is important to sit back and try to determine why your dog is barking. Some dogs bark for attention, out of boredom, at people or birds and some bark because they are stressed or anxious. A dog barking due to anxiety needs a different approach to a dog who is bored.

Personally I feel horrible about it but we just had to get a shock collar for our dog today. We own a town home and today our neighbor told us she called our association and reported us for his barking. He’s always been a very well behaved, easily trainable dog, so we decided to let him stay out of his crate while away since we hate having to lock him up when we leave for extended hours occasionally. Day 1: absolutely great. He stayed in the baby gated area. Day 2: did not go well at all. He escaped the area, ate the cat food, pooped all over the house, chewed up tons of things… Behavior that he has never displayed before even when left out briefly. He was put back in the crate and ever since we’ve been having issues. He tries to escape it. He’s somehow dented it and he’s only 40 pounds. Tried covering and he ate the blanket. He’s even got scratch marks on his face from trying to escape and when he does, he destroys everything. Again this is a dog that has always been happy, never barked, never chewed anything up, never misbehaved. The only naughty things he did prior was potty a couple times as a puppy and I caught him licking my pizza when I went to use the restroom… Other than that he gets nothing but compliments on his great behavior. We moved his kennel to different areas of the house. We’ve left TVs on for background noise. But nothing works. This is brand new behavior and we have had him almost 2 yrs since he was 4 months. Our neighbor constantly is complaining and calling us that he’s barking when we leave. The issue is we have only caught him 1x. We’ve definitely tried the whole routine of acting as if we’re leaving hoping we’ll catch and correct him. Putting him away and everything but quietly standing in the house for up to a half hour and heard absolutely nothing. We’ve caught him once when we came home where we could hear him outside barking from inside. Our neighbor has called us asking when we are coming home and just basically harassing us. It doesn’t help that she doesn’t work, so she is always home. We have tried numerous attempts to give him positive reinforcement taking him for walks, giving him treats, and giving him lots of love and affection before putting him in his crate. The neighbor still calls complaining. Nothing works. This is behavior that’s been going on for about six weeks. We had to get the shock collar because we really had no other choice except for let him continue then get more calls to our association and be told that we’re not allowed to have him anymore.

Can someone please do an article on the OPPOSITE? Dogs that refuse to walk? I have a very subborn mini bull terrier who puts the brakes on and will let me drag him rather than walk. After about 10 minutes of fighting he is fine for most of the walk and seems to like it but if he isn’t feeling it, he makes it known, which is EVERY single morning.

There’s a reason we get scared of things that go bump in the night — as humans, we fear the unknown, and dogs also feel the same nighttime anxiety. “If a dog is fearful, they may bark at any noise they hear that is scary to them or startles them. They may also bark as an ‘alarm’ to tell those around that something is going on that they should be aware of,” says Ganahl.

This is not a comprehensive list and you are likely to find various other products to help you stop your dog’s excessive barking. But, these are by far the most humane and also very popular among pet owners who have problems with barking dogs. How to stop a dog from barking

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Once your dog can reliably bark on command, teach him the “quiet” command. In a calm environment with no distractions, tell him to “speak.” When he starts barking, say “quiet” and stick a treat in front of his nose. Praise him for being quiet and give him the treat.

We have had a behaviourist out to him who surmised that his behaviour was nothing to with cocker rage but more fearful dominance and she provided us with some exercises to do with him that, to be fair worked. However, over the past 3 month as his behaviour continued I started him on Kalm Aid after the advice of my vert. Hunter has also had the plug in diffuser and the collar none of which have helped. Recently I went back to the vet with him as I was at my wits end. There had been a situation where I had fed him in the morning and my son was ironing his work gear and I was stood near him, Hunter began growling and snarling and basically I was scared to move. I advised the vet that we had tried everything and that he is walked during the week 3 times a day for around 50 minutes a time and at weekends about 4 times a day sometimes one if his walks if around 6 miles, so it surely cannot be not enough exercise. The vet prescribed some anti anxiety drugs which seemed to be working however he has been on these for 3 weeks and seems loads better but we have had two episodes of the growling and snarling the most recent last night. He was lay on my knee (not in his normal position) and he started growling, I talked to him softly to reassure him and my lads talked to him, I tried to move him from my knee but he growled and snapped at my hand, although I could feel his teeth on my hand he didn’t mark it. This went on in total for around 10 minutes, he was pushed down but in doing so caught my hand, indented it but he has not left a mark. Whilst all this is going on Hunter is still wagging his tail although his body is stiff! Any ideas what more I can do, he is beautiful mostly well behaved and loveable dog but I actually do not know what else to do. Please help me, any hep/comments/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t bark back. Talk to your puppy with your tone of voice and body language — not just the words—to make sure he doesn’t misunderstand. Barking is also a joyful expression. Use a calm voice, or else yelling can make him think you’re joining the chorus, and he barks even louder.

There are a few things you can do to get your dog to stop barking at inappropriate times. It’s important to note that these tips aren’t an overnight fix. Be patient and stick with it, though, and you will begin to notice a change in your pup’s behavior. 

Don’t encourage your dog to bark at strangers or people walking by the door. Asking your dog “who’s that?” in a querying tone will excite their curiosity. Looking out the window or door will encourage him to do the same, and once there, he will bark.

The bad news is that if you just can’t get your dog to shut up in the wee hours, you’re probably not the only person who has a problem with it. In a 2,000-person survey conducted on dog barking in New Zealand, 75 percent of the participants indicated that they would be bothered by a dog barking at night. Dog barking and howling ranked highest among all other forms of suburban noise pollution. A New York Times article on the same topic confirmed that a nonstop barking dog is one local disturbance that can pit neighbors against each other.

Other medical problems can also cause excessive barking. For example, a brain disease or a dog who is in chronic pain. Older pets may also develop a form of canine senility that could cause uncontrollable barking. Have your pet checked by a veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions as reasons for excessive vocalizations.

It may sound nonsensical, but the first step of this technique is to teach your dog to bark on command. Give your dog the command to “speak,” wait for him to bark two or three times, and then stick a tasty treat in front of his nose. When he stops barking to sniff the treat, praise him and give him the treat. Repeat until he starts barking as soon as you say “speak.”

Teach your dog tricks. Learning and practicing tricks is an excellent way to prevent boredom in dogs and discourage compulsive behavior. Tricks require focus, attention, and retention of lessons, which can occupy your dog both physically and mentally.[63]

As previously mentioned, there are many reasons why dogs bark. Sometimes it is to warn of danger, but it could also be a sign that something is wrong with your pet. WebMD explains the many reasons for dogs barking:

Dogs that are not bored will rarely bark without a serious reason. The next time you see the dog barking in the living room and running around agitated, it may be because he is really bored. Take him out for a walk. try to find more entertainment options for him for other days so that the situation does not repeat itself.

One of the main benefits of the human-canine partnership is a dog’s natural ability to alert. You could say the talent for barking and guarding earned that first furry friend a place by the fire with our ancestors.

Uncontrolled barking might be triggered by a noise or object that catches their attention and startles them. This can happen anywhere and not just at home. If it does happen at home it could possibly be part of territorial or protective barking.

There are a number of different collars available to stop barking. The most humane is the Husher®, which is a soft elastic loosely fitting muzzle, that stops your dog from opening his mouth to bark, but will allow him to pant, eat and drink. It can be left on while your dog is alone, and can be used as a training aid. If you hear your dog barking, say ‘hush’ and show him the Husher® and if he does not stop, put the Husher® on.

After several weeks, you should progress to practicing out-of-sight stays at an exit door. But even then, it’s best to use an alternate door (if possible) than the one you typically use to leave for work. For example, instead of going out the front door or the door to the garage, try going out the back door.[32]

Block scary sounds. Inexperienced pups hear lots of “new” stuff that may inspire barking. When barking arises from fear, the pheromone product Comfort Zone with D.A.P. may help relieve the angst. White noise machines are available to mask sounds, or simply turn the radio to a normal volume and tune it to static.

my tip is to keep him on a leash. I have seen a . Why would any little dog need to be off leash in a field is beyond me. Sorry just sayin’ As for having him behave on the lead, I will have to leave that advise to the experts. I just can’t say enough how important it is to keep your dog on a leash. Even a well trained dog can run off if its prey drive kicks in……like seeing a cat, a bird, or another dog to greet (though this one would not be prey drive) But I think that you understand. I learned this lesson the hard way. I thought that my well behaved highly trained dog would always listen to me off leash (I mean really, he ALWAYS did for years) Then, one day, I decided to let him swim in the dammed up part of the river where the water is calm. He wasn’t wearing a leash or a life vest. A duck flew by low and over the river……….then off went Yogi. He is a Labrador Retriever……..he went for the duck and inevitably got caught in the swift current in the middle of the wide river. He didn’t hear me when I called him to come back because of the river’s loud noise and cars driving over the overpass. He couldn’t see my hand signals either because he was out of view due to the concrete walls holding the overpass up. Plus he was chasing the duck. So, I watched on in agony as he struggled to get out of the current. Then, he went under, he came up, he went under…..I was frantically trying to get him to see me down stream because his only chance of getting out was to see my hand signal and come to me with the current while swimming diagonally. He went under again, and then again. When I had successfully maneuvered into his line of sight; he saw me. I waved the signal that I had for him to come to me. He finally started to ride the current toward me and swam diagonal when he got closer WHEW!!!! he made it out. He was exhausted and scared. shaky. I was relieved and wiser. Now, I NEVER leave him off leash unless he is in a dog park with friendly dogs or in an enclosed space or on my friends 500 acre secluded ranch (which has no river) I hope that these 2 examples help people understand that leashes are important. I also hope that you find some help with your dog issues. There are many utube videos of positive solutions. Seek and ye shall find. Happy trails and tails.

This can constitute abuse or harassment, since you are in your yard and clearly not trying to get into hers. I would record evidence of this with your phone and take it to the police and explain the situation. It’s one thing to have a guard dog, but quite another if she is teaching her dog to try to attack you.

Do you have a problem barker? It’s best to address the issue now before it gets any worse. Learn how to stop barking and prevent excessive barking in dogs. In most cases, you can curb barking with basic training, mental stimulation, and exercise. In more serious situations, you may need to bring in a trainer or behaviorist. One thing you should not do is ignore the problem. Excessive barking is not likely to improve with out intervention from you.

Teach “hush”: (helpful for territorial barkers and alarm barkers, as well as some excitement and play barkers) sometimes we want our dog to bark for a short time to alert us to people at the door, but many of us would like to be able to stop the barking after a few minutes. Teaching your dog the “hush” command can short-circuit a dedicated barker. The next time your dog barks at something, place a treat in your hand, walk up to your dog and put your hand in front of his nose so that he can smell the treat but can’t get to it. He should stop barking to sniff at your hand. Once he’s quiet and sniffing say “hush” and toss the treat a few steps away from him. Repeat the process until you can just say “hush”’ without needing the hand prompt in front of his nose, then give him a treat. In time, you should be able to say “hush” and your dog will abandon the barking and come to you for his reward for being quiet.

When your dog masters going to his spot, start asking him to sit or down when he gets there. As soon as your dog’s rear end hits the floor on the spot, say “Yes!” and reward him with a tasty treat. Then say “Okay,” and allow him to move off the spot. Repeat these steps at least 10 times per training session.

Separation distress: dogs that don’t like to be alone engage in this pitiful bark. It is not the same bark made by dogs going through true separation anxiety, as distress is a milder and more manageable form of canine discomfort than true separation anxiety.

Dogs that are lonely and that cannot have fun can end up barking way too much because of boredom. We already established that. If you often find yourself away from home because of work or different commitments, you can consider getting another dog. Most pet owners stay away from getting the second one because they are emotionally attached to the one that they have now. While this is completely understandable, we have to think about his well-being and his desires.

With the ultrasonic bark collar the mechanism that sits against the dog’s throat sends out a very high pitched and unpleasant sound which is intended to deter nuisance barking. Bark collars can be a particularly difficult thing to fit to individual dogs and it is recommended that you discuss which bark collar is right for you with your veterinarian.

Remember, most people actually do want their dog to alert them that something is going on outside. It’s like the doorbell. You want to be able to hear it and know something is there, but you only want it to ring once.

An idle dog can be a bad thing, and one of the best ways to keep your dog out of trouble is simply to keep them busy. Lots of time barking can be a sign of pent-up energy that has no other way to get out. The good news is there are lots of products to help you do this and even DIYs you can make that will engage your dog’s brain and body. Here are a few ideas you can start with without dropping a dime: How to stop a dog from barking

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Når jeg taler om socialiseringsfasen og om alle de ting den nye hvalp skal lære, skal man huske at der på mange områder er stor forskel på, hvad der kan forventes af den nye hvalp. Blandt de forskellige hunderacer er der således forskel på, hvordan socialiseringen forløber. Der findes hunderacer der aldrig vil kunne komme til elske katte, nogle hunderacer der ikke bryder sig ret meget om andre hunde og nogle hunderacer der ikke føler sig trygge sammen med små børn. Det er vigtigt at du tænker dig godt om før du vælger en hunderace.

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Nogle hunde stresser utroligt højt op, når gæster ringer eller banker på døren. Nogle hunde gør, bare du taber en hat og andre, når et blad daler ned fra træet 50 meter væk. Gøen er karakteristisk for hunde på samme måde, som de logrer med halen eller graver et ben ned i haven. Det ville være intetsigende og inhumant at forsøge at stoppe din hund i at gø overhovedet. En del gøen er trods alt ekstremt anvendeligt. Min hund er yderst effektiv, når det banker på døren og er derfor meget mere troværdig end det bedste alarmsystem. Målet er derfor at lære hunden normalt at forholde sig roligt og stille, men at lyde som den værste alarm, når fremmede invaderer din ejendom. Gøen kan løses til vores fordel ved management og træning: først, straks at reducere frekvensen af dens gøen, før vi alle bliver sindssyge; og dernæst lære hunden ”Vuf” og ”Schhh” på kommando.

Beslut på forhånd, om hunden en kommando, læring et kig eller lyd for at angive, at du ønsker at hunden holder op med at gø. Ophold med denne kommando og holde det udmærket, må andre mennesker i din husstand gå sammen med dette. En kommando værker, nogle vrede udseende eller en lyd? Vent et par sekunder med at belønne hunden, eller hunden tror måske han eller hun får en belønning for at gø.

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Hyrderiet skal du træne på afstand af det, der kører dem op. Hvis de reagerer kraftigt på cykler og biler, må du som udgangspunkt væk fra store veje og cykelstier. Husk, at to hunde kører hinanden op, så alt træning skal foregå enkeltvis, Træn steder, hvor der er få cykler og få biler og beløn dem for at holde sig i ro. Hvis dine hunde normalt er glade for godbidder, kan du sagtens bruge det – du kan bare ikke bruge det, når de er kørt op. Der findes ikke indlæring hos hunde under stress, angst eller aggressivitet. For dine er det formentlig stress, der gør sig gældende? Hertil bruger du værktøjerne beskrevet i artiklen “hunden gør udfald”. Artiklen er skrevet primært til aggressive hunde, men du kan sagten bruge fremgangsmetoden.

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116 rene hen til hinanden for at ønske hinanden glædelig Jul og smage hinandens Æbleskiver. Desuden bagtes Pebernødder, der kaldtes Knæpnedder, samt Julebukke, runde Kager med et»øre«til hver Side. Under alt dette maatte det sædvanlige Spindearbejde høre op; Lille Juleaften blev Pigerne fri for at spinde; Rok og Garnvinde stilledes til Side, helt fyldte med Garn; saaledes skulde de staa Julen over, for at man kunde vente godt Udbytte af Spind næste Aar. Juleaftens Dag blev der syslet bedre og grundigere end andre Dage; der blev overalt fejet og støvet bedre af end til Hverdag. – Karlen og Drengen skulde kun tærske eet Udlæg Korn; om Eftermiddagen blev der skaaret Hakkelse for hele Julen, fejet Gaardsplads og muget i Stalden; der blev ryddet op og stillet paa Plads overalt; der blev fejet under hver Hest og Ko, og der blev strøet hvidt Sand. I Kostalden hjalp Pigerne til, og Køerne strigledes og børstedes. Karlene spændte et Par Heste for fjælevognen og tog ud i Marken for at hente de løsgaaende f aar hjem til Helligdagene. De fangede dem ved Hjælp af en lang Line og et Stykke Brød. De unge f aar snærede Karlene ned med Linen, som de løb med mellem sig. De gamle Faar fik de ved at lokke dem til sig med Brødet. Og saa blev der lagt Strikker baade paa de unge og de gamle. Paa Hjemvejen læssede Karlene Harven og Ploven paa Vognen og tog dem med hjem; de maatte ikke staa Julen over paa Marken; ellers kom Heksene og red paa dem. Kom Jerusalems Skomager (»e Skomager«) forbi, kunde han ogsaa let hitte paa at sætte sig paa dem, og det var ikke godt for Høsten. Plov og Harve kom i Hus, og faarene sattes i Stalden, og blev fodrede med Boghvedehalm. – Køerne fik en rigelig Givt Hø eller Havrerivning i Stedet for den sædvanlige Halm. Og der blev ogsaa kastet f o der ned fra Slyden til de følgende Dage. Katten og Hunden fik rigelig Sødmælk; Nissen fik sin Grød med Smør i; det besørgedes gerne af førstepigen; det var en Glæde for Husbonden, naar Grøden var spist næste Dag, og det var den

Sørg for, at din hund bliver aktiveret i løbet af dagen – gå lange ture med den og aktivér den med øvelser/træning, som racen er avlet til at finde tilfredsstillelse ved. Hvis den er alene hjemme i ti timer ad gangen, er der ikke noget at sige til, den keder sig og savner selskab. Og så mange timer kan en hund trods alt ikke sove. Skal den være alene, så sørg for at gå.

142 forglemme at ønske dette Brudepar lierrens Naade, Lykke og Velsignelse. Christus give, at det maa ske i en glædelig Velstand.«Eller Byderemsen kunde være en Blanding af højtidelige Talemaader og jævne Alsiske Udtryk: Doddaw! Goddaw! Er alle gode Venner her til Stede? Æ hær et lijelsen te Dem fra Ungkarl N. N. og hans Trolovede N. N., at eftersom Gud havde plantet Kiærligheds Tanker i deres lijærter, saa agter de nu at begynde deres Ægteskab førstkommende fredag, som falder paa den 20de Maj, viede dertil af lir. Pastor N. N., Sognepræst for N. N. Menighed. Og er det nu deres venlige Bud og Begjæring til Eder, at I vil pryde deres Bord med Eders behagelige Nærværelse, kye med dem i Kirk aa hjem egen aa fo et Maaltid Mad aa forlyst Jer hos dem et Par Timers Tid, aa kom egen den armen Daw aa fo et Kop Kaffe og hvad der eisen fælder paa – for hvilken store Glæde og Æresbevisning de vil søge at gjengjælde Eder ved førstkommende Lejlighed, helst udi gældelige Tilfælde. Saa hufe æ, I komme, som æ hær beiet, farve I, farvel! lier er endnu en Bryllupsrnandstale fra 1850 paa alsisk f olkesprog : E Kaastmands Tool. Godav, Godav. Æ hær et Hjelsind te Jer fro den velagtede Ungkarl Hons Minkos o hans dyrælskede Brui, Allisbet, i Dynne, om I vil haa væt saa gui o gyer dem den Eæ o kom te Kaast edav oot Dav, aa go med dem i Klerk aa hyer den kristele Bruiveiels, aa sen ebagette føl med dem hjem i e Kostgaa aa tei Die! i de Gild, der bestier i aa fo et got Molti Mad aa en Gang aa drik, aa va de ko vear, aa sen ebagette et Svængom aa en Pons aa var e Tragtemang kaan gi. Saa skul æ bei jer om aa kom o e Dav før aa tei Die! i e Bruisengsgild aa lisaadaant o e Dav etter aa tei Diet i e Knavdav. Iligemaade skul æ tilsei jer fro di ung Bruifolk, te di saa gjen vil gyer jer den Eær aa gør Gengæld om saant maat kom for i Jer famili, tillige sku Æ bei jer om aa skik Ovboi, om I sku fo f aafold.

With a 25 foot range, it’s suitable for most indoor areas, but keep in mind that obstacles like walls and closed doors will hamper its performance without a direct “line of sight” between it and the dog. Unfortunately, this is one of the main reasons that people believe that the unit isn’t working properly (or at all).

At smaske eller slikke sig om munden betyder for hunden venlighed, og har en særdeles tydelig effekt på samtlige hunde. Gaben kan ligeledes være tegn på venlighed. Den kan dog også være udtryk for usikkerhed.

Tag det roligt. Før du begynder, skal du indstille dit sind og holdning. Du er ved at skabe en positiv afbrydelse. Det betyder råbe, hårde ord, høj skrå stemme toner, Spanking og vand sprayflasker er fuldstændig forbudt i løbet af denne træning. Det er meget vigtigt, at du er tålmodig på alle tidspunkter.

I øvrigt har jeg forstået det sådan at det kun er hjerne og marv der kan sprede sygdommen og det er jo ikke lige den del af dyret jeg normalt spiser. Jeg tror nu heller ikke på at de kunne finde på at putte det i menneske mad nu.

Når hunden på grund af frustration bliver mere opmærksom på lyde udefra, vil den også gø mere. Og den øgede aktivitet og den utryghed, som hunden føler ved at være alene, betyder, at den vil fortsætte med at gø længe efter, at lydene er forsvundet.

madpakker er ok, når man er lille, men når de andre begynder at KØBE deres eget mad, ja så er det slut med madpakken. jeg stoppede omme på stien ved jernbanen. der var en have hvor der altid gik en stor schæfer hund — det synes tilgengæld min mors madpakke var rigtig god ( ikke osten, så vidt jeg husker …o_:). så hunden fik min madpakke i flere år, men det vidste min mor

Under træningen må I ikke lade jeres hund være ude i haven, uden at I selv er der. For så vil den opretholde sin uvane, og jeres træning vil, hver gang “uheldet sker”, falde tilbage, og I skal starte mere eller mindre forfra.

Modul 1. 1. a Hvad er økologi? Se på øko-mærket herunder. Det henviser til økologisk mad fra økologisk dyrkning af jorden. Men økologisk betyder andet end det. Økologisk landbrug har lånt ordet økologisk

Giv aldrig efter, hunden tigger om opmærksomhed, men afvis den venligt og bestemt – og få den til at lægge sig et stykke væk. Du skal dog ikke give hunden mindre opmærksomhed end du plejer, men kontakten skal ske på dit eller andre  familiemedlemmers initiativ. Afbryd dog aldrig hunden, hvis den beskæftiger sig selv – med mindre, at den gør noget, som den ikke må.

Når hunde keder sig eller føler sig forsømt, gøen unødigt. Prøv at holde dem beskæftiget og om muligt, lad dem ikke alene for længe. Også, ikke lade dem ud hele dagen og natten. At give din hund en masse øvelser (både fysisk og mentalt) er den bedste måde at holde dem travlt. Vil sandsynligvis være for træt til at gø ud af kedsomhed eller frustration. Opret også, at bindingen, hvilket er vigtigt for din hund.

Hvis det ikke er fremgået af teksten, så hilser han rigtigt pænt på andre hunde, de små bliver bare snusset til og snude kys, hans størrelse og større vil han gerne tumle lidt med efter en snude hilsen.

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Bark Control

“le meilleur contrôle de l’écorce comment empêcher un chien d’aboyer quand le propriétaire est loin de chez lui”

Certains chiens adorent l’eau mais même parmi ceux-là, rares sont ceux qui aiment être douchés ou arrosés. Se rouler dans une flaque immonde passe encore, mais passer sous un jet, ça jamais, plutôt me taire ! Il est donc parfaitement possible de faire taire un chien en le menaçant d’une arme : un pistolet et pour être précis un pistolet à eau.

2. altri 5 secondi. * Se si mantiene premuto il pulsante per più di 5 secondi, si inizierà a cambiare modalità. ** La spia lampeggia ogni cinque secondi ad indicare la modalità operativa in corso. WWW.spORtdOg.cOM…

Merci pour commentaire, oui je pense que tu peux essayer avec des friandises ou un jouet comme dans la vidéo. En effet même si elle n’aboie pas elle sait que quelqu’un arrive et donc l’émotion est la même.

Lui apprendre n’importe quel ordre. Je couvre en détail spécifiques avec photos, de nombreux ordres tels que: Oui et Non, Au pied (Rappel), Pas bougé et Partir, Assis, Assis et Pas Bougé, Couché, Talon, Chercher, Se tenir, Mendier de la nourriture, Effort, Attraper de la nourriture, Grimper à l’échelle, Serrer la main, Explorer, Sauter, Rejouer et bien plus encore!

Les colliers anti-aboiement à la citronnelle ? C’est de l’électronique aussi ça peut se dérégler. C’est beaucoup moins dangereux que l’électrique, mais je trouve que ce n’est pas l’idéal non plus. Pourquoi ? Premièrement, les cartouches se vide rapidement. Titou les vidait en 1 matinée, il n’en avait rien à faire du jet qu’il recevait. On m’a également rapporté que certains chiens malins savent quand il porte le collier ou pas… Ça ne règle pas forcément le problème… Deuxièmement certains colliers se déclenchent à tort quand il perçoit autre chose qu’un aboiement. Résultat le chien reçoit un jet, mais ne comprend pas pourquoi…

Hill’s™ Science Plan™ Canine Adult Light Large Breed with chicken (Light Grande Race au poulet) est spécialement conçu pour aider les chiens de grande race à maintenir un poids idéal et des articulations en bonne santé. Avec une Formule Supérieure Enrichie en Antioxydants et enrichi en L-carnitine pour aider à convertir les graisses en énergie.

Hill’s™ Science Plan™ Canine Adult au boeuf est formulé pour maintenir la masse musculaire et les organes vitaux en bonne santé. Contient des antioxydants à l’efficacité cliniquement prouvée, des protéines de haute qualité et des acides gras Omega-3.

Produkt ist mit den Vorkehrungen der emc- und lV-direktiven konform. die konformitätserklärung finden sie unter: www.sportdog.com/eu_docs.php Kanada dieses digitalgerät der klasse b entspricht der kanadischen regelung ices-003.

Vous devez être deux pour faire cela, chacun saisissant un chien par ses pattes arrière. Levez-les-lui et reculez. Ne lâchez les chiens qu’après quelques minutes, temps nécessaire pour que chacun se calme. Cette technique est approuvée par les dresseurs canins.

de nombreux chiens n’ont pas appris à rester seuls. Pour le chien, animal social s’il en est, la solitude n’est pas naturelle, il doit donc apprendre à rester seul durant la journée sans tout détruire, ni faire ses besoins, ni s’automutiler, ni aboyer !

J’avais déjà à mes côté mon chien Touf ( comment dire.. “royal bâtard”.. il doit bien y’avoir un mélange d’une 15aines de races, qui ressemble plus a un petit griffon et il a 7 ans ) et j’ai par la suite adopté Jack (3ans), le fils de mes deux louloups. BREF ^^

Alimentation chiots Alimentation adultes Croquettes spéciales Comparatif croquettes Vaccination Vermifuge Anti-puce Anti-tiques Moustique Toilettage Maladies Opérations chirurgicales Chien âgé Reproduction Symptômes Anatomie Jouets Jeux Sports Comportement Education Tours Colliers dressage Chiens de travail Paniers Colliers classiques Harnais Les laisses Niches Gamelles Transport Cloture Vêtements Métiers animaliers Choix prestataires Vacances L’été Voiture Identification DécèsLes assureurs Conseils mutuelles

Une fois la cause détectée, adoptez l’attitude qui correspond à la situation. Appliquez les conseils ci-dessus et ne tombez pas dans les pièges les plus classiques. Vous devriez obtenir des résultats très rapidement et retrouver enfin un peu de calme.

Le chien à mon copin à quitter la maison familiale ou il avait 3 amis chiens avec lui. En appartement seul il hurlait toute la journée jusqu’a notre retour, sautais dans la porte patio, se lèchait les pattes continuellement par anxiété. Il a même réussit à débarrer la porte patio et ce sauvé dans la rue! Nous avons décidé d’adopter un autre chien afin de lui tenir compagnie lors de nos absence. Et par chance ça l’a réglé son problème!

La bonne chose est qu’il existe plusieurs façons d’arrêter les chiens d’aboyer sans raison appropriée. Nous ne voulons pas d’arrêter les chiens d’aboyer quand il ya une très bonne raison, mais seulement pour l’empêcher d’aboyer trop ou d’arrêter les aboiements indésirables ou de l’agacement. Les chiens aboient pour un éventail de raisons, par exemple quand ils s’ennuient, une attention désir ou d’être laissé à l’intérieur, de découvrir d’autres animaux ou des personnes sur leur territoire, ont faim ou perçoivent une menace. L’aboiement est un moyen naturel pour les chiens de communiquer, mais le problème survient quand il devient excessif.

L’alimentation du serpent à sonnette Soins de l’anaconda vert Soins des iguanes Le boa constrictor comme animal de compagnie Comment prendre soin d’une tortue d’eau L’iguane comme animal de compagnie Comment savoir si ma tortue de terre est enceinte Comment s’appellent les dragons de Daenerys ? – SPOILER

Faites comme Emilie B. qui a protégé Judy, son jeune Yorkshire, en effectuant, gratuitement et rapidement, une demande de devis personnalisé ! Aujourd’hui, elle ne regrette pas son choix et songe à proposer ce service à ses amis propriétaires de chien.

Il y a toujours une situation qui va provoquer l’aboiement de votre animal, quelque chose qui le motive et qui ne le ferait pas aboyer en temps normal. Comprendre ce qui le fait aboyer et essayer de l’éloigner de la cause permettra de réduire son envie.

En France, pour devenir comportementaliste, il n’existe aucune formation reconnue par l’État. L’apprentissage se fait au contact de spécialistes déjà en activité qui acceptent de vous former. Cela explique les appellations variées de ces personnes. Par contre, il existe bien des vétérinaires comportementalistes qui sont donc diplômés d’une école vétérinaire et ont suivi une formation particulière sur le comportement. L’École nationale vétérinaire d’Alfort (ENVA) assure cette formation [77].

Problème d’aboiement? Nous avons les meilleurs colliers anti aboiement pour chien. Collier anti jappement efficace et garanti, au meilleur prix!  Collier à choc, Collier à vibration, Collier à Citronnelle, Collier à Ultrason, Guide sur nos colliers.

Je peux vous répondre par expérience que le collier électrique est a double tranchant! soit ca les blesse donc ils comprennent qu’ils doivent arreter pour ne pas souffrir (récompense négative à un comportement) soit comme mon cane corso: le collier l’enerve et l’excite donc augment les aboiements…!!et bonjour les brulures…peut etre passer par le collier a la citronnelle avant le collier électrique…!!c’est très compliqué! apparemment pour nos voisins, il faudrait limite vivre à coté d’un cimetière quand on a des chiens !!!

Certaines juridictions seront favorables à des plaintes anonymes, tandis que d’autres requièrent votre nom et votre adresse sans toutefois les révéler à celui contre qui vous porter la plainte. Consultez le statut public ou privé d’une plainte avant de la déposer.

En France, seuls ceux qui ont passé le brevet professionnel d’éducateur canin (diplôme d’Etat) peuvent prétendre à porter ce titre. La formation peut être assurée par des établissements publics ou privés. Elle comprend le plus souvent une partie théorique et une partie pratique (en stage), toutes deux validées en cours de formation. Un certificat de capacité est en général délivré en fin de formation [76].

Les coups de langue, elle aime , je la laisse faire en récompense. Très souvent, la relation du chien et son maître détermine le comportement du chien. Le chien est un bon avertisseur, en cas de cambriolage, la venue d’étrangers ou autre; il serait dommage qu’il ne mette pas ses qualités à notre service, finalement c’est leur travail à bon escient bien sur!

Ne laissez pas le problème empirer. Plus un chien fait quelque chose, plus il est enraciné dans son comportement. La mauvaise habitude d’aboyer peut apporter aux chiens une montée d’adrénaline, qui va rendre les aboiements agréables. Et inciter le chien à aboyer encore plus dans certaines situations, comme lorsque le courrier arrive, ce qui peut éventuellement rendre le chien plus agressif dans ces situations et entrainer de mauvaises conséquences. Traitez les problèmes d’aboiements le plus rapidement possible.

La meilleure façon d’arrêter les jappements excessifs, restera toujours le collier à électrostatique, que la plupart des gens appellent le collier à choc électrique, (mais ce n’est le bon terme, car ce n’est pas du tout comparable à des chocs électriques.)

La 1ère chose à faire est de rechercher l’origine des aboiements excessifs de votre chien en votre absence. Votre vétérinaire pourra vous conseiller sur le traitement adapté (médical et comportemental) car il est capable de diagnostiquer la cause de ces aboiements. S’il ne se juge pas suffisamment compétent, il pourra vous orienter vers un vétérinaire spécialisé dans le comportement animal. Plus de 80% des troubles du comportement chez le chien peuvent être améliorés, il y a donc toujours de l’espoir. Et, il faut savoir que contrairement aux idées reçues, un trouble du comportement ne va jamais en s’arrangeant avec l’âge, bien au contraire, il est donc important de considérer ce problème sérieusement et de le traiter au plus tôt.

Parfois, ce comportement dégénère et les aboiements du chien peuvent devenir vraiment gênants et source de conflits entre voisins. Angoisse de séparation, réaction exagérée à l’environnement, recherche d’attention, excitation, peur, hypervigilance… il y a toujours une cause (voire plusieurs) à découvrir afin de gérer au mieux le problème.

Je suis outrée de lire des choses pareilles, le beauceron n’est pas un chien de nature a aboyer pour un rien ensuite c’est quoi ces méthodes pour le faire taire: muselière,collier,pire opération…. Faites vous pareil avec vos enfants quand ils pleurent!!!! La meilleure méthode est l’éducation mais d’abord faudrait il apprendre aux maitres a éduquer un chien.D’autre part,j’ai un grand jardin j’ai eu un berger allemand pendant 10 ans, actuellement mon beauceron a 11 ans, ils n’ont jamais passés une seule nuit dehors, un chien a autant besoin de compagnie que nous, rassurez vous ils ont toujours dormi dans la cuisine exclusivement, et cela ne les empechent pas de faire leur role de gardien.Et n’oubliez pas que l’éducation ne commence pas a 1 an mais bien avant avec beaucoup de patience et non pas avec des méthodes de cette situation, vous pourrez mettre fin aux aboiements de votre chien en lui accordant plus de temps et en lui donnant des occasions de se dépenser. Attention toutefois à ne pas céder aux caprices de votre chien. Si votre chien à l’impression qu’il lui suffit d’aboyer pour que vous vous occupiez de lui, il ne risque pas d’arrêter ! 😉

Bark Control

“dog barking laws california how to stop dog barking at neighbours”

It’s a lose-lose situation no matter which side of the fence you’re on. Whether it’s your dog that’s barking or your neighbor’s pooch that won’t stop flapping his jowls, nobody’s happy … including the dog.

At DoodyCalls, we spend a lot of time with our dogs. In fact, our dog Rusty—who looks a whole lot like our mascot Doodle—sleeps right next to me at night. Although hard to wake up in the morning, once he’s up he says hello with a good morning kiss and quickly gets ready to go to work.

You can also work with a trainer to practice desensitization techniques that help your dog become accustomed to barking triggers and ultimately stop responding. Training takes consistency and patience, but the long-term rewards are worth it!

Thank you for a good message. It’s heartbreaking that such tools are available and the people that have designed these form of aversive methods should be prosecuted. So many people fuss, love, smother their dog with love and then in the next moment zap them with either citronella, a high beep or electric….unbelievable. Training should be changed to teaching and I thank you for restoring my faith in humanity 🙂

There are all sorts of devices that claim to stop barking. Most of them are some sort of collar that offer a negative response when a dog barks, such as an electric shock, a spray of citronella or a burst of static electricity. Talk with a trainer or behaviorist before considering one of these devices. If used incorrectly, they can cause more problems. For example, if your dog gets shocked every time he barks at a neighbor, he could associate the pain with the neighbor instead of the barking.

The collar wasn’t used properly and you obviously weren’t interested in the welfare of your dog if you weren’t checking how it was affecting it. Sounds like the collar was on constantly without checking to make sure it wasn’t hurting the dog. Maybe you had it turned all the way up. A lower setting barely shocks.

Separation Anxiety/Compulsive Barking: Separation anxiety and compulsive barking are both difficult to treat and should be handled with the help of a veterinary behaviorist or a certified applied animal behaviorist. Dogs with these problems often need drug therapy to help them cope while learning new, more acceptable behaviors.

I think I’ll start using “thank you” with our German Shepherd, Thor. He is a big talker and like Ginger, he has different ‘words’ for different things. Whining for ‘I’m lonely’, a higher pitched bark for ‘pay attention to me/play with me’ and his Big Loud Alert/Protection bark.

I’ve been having pulling problems with my dog since 2013. I had a bilateral mastectomy April 2013,she (my great Pyrenees mix) was about 11 months old. And now we couldn’t play, go for walks, and she had to learn to stay down. She doesn’t jump up on me, in fact she stays away from me still to this day. But on walks she pulls, my boys walk her. I love and she lets me rub her tummy and pat her. How can I help my boys get her to stop pulling on walks?

Incidentally, while I was at the home of the 30-minute barker, he started to do his thing. I casually called out “Thank you”, and he trotted back into the living room and sat down. This was quickly followed by two thuds as the owners’ jaws hit the floor…

If you need help teaching your dog these skills, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer or a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist in your area. A professional trainer can meet with you one-on-one to guide you through the process of teaching your dog to sit, stay and go to a spot on command. Please see our article, Finding Professional Behavior Help, to locate one of these experts near you.

So let me tell you how many times these tools SAVES dogs lives. Every hunting season! Citronella is a terrible training tool, just as much as a choker chain on leash. You know a very slight “nic” that lasts 1/100 of a second is safer than putting an enormous amount of pressure on a dogs trachea. Back to the hunting season. Being the Dog lover you are, I am sure you know that Game Dogs such a labarabor retriever LOVE to waterfowl hunt and retrive game. They live for it, it’s in their blood. They get so excited just seeing you grab your gear or even your jacket. Talk about mean, when I grab mine in the off season just to put on, it’s like teasing them. Anyway, when they hit the 38 degree water after being sent to retrieve, the only control you have is the E-Collar. You have a whistle but because they are off lead, there still is NO control. Now when that bird turns out to be not fully deceased or there is a strong current and the bird continues to move further away from the shore, you get a bit on edge. You whistle however the dog is SO FOCUSED on what they love to do, it continues going further and further out and I whistle and whistle and he keeps going knowing that if I don’t get him back right now, he may not make it back and either drown or succumb to conditions. Now remember, they love the water, warm and COLD. They don’t care, they are built for this. Well that’s where the E-Collar comes into play, I can instantly and safely “nic” him which will get his attention and he quickly spins around and heads to shore. We all go home safe and sound. Also, if you educated yourself about E-Collars, you will also learn that the best training in the world is instant correction. It’s the only way they understand because they don’t think and remember like we do when they are being trained. That’s why rubbing their nose in their own urine while your away doesn’t house break a dog. Instant correction and consistency works every time. So I’d ask that instead of making a broad and unfounded opinion, maybe it will help to understand the way it works. Just to make you feel better, the collars are high tech, cost hundreds of dollars and can reach out to a mile. They also come with 28 settings, from the slightest “nik” that the human hand can barely feel to more powerful for those that have a real thick coat and may need a little more power. I’ve never heard a dog yelp or cry out in pain. Thanks for listening.

While Dr. Rachel Barrack of Animal Acupuncture explains that there is not always a universal cause for night barking, loneliness remains one of the top triggers she sees in dogs that can’t seem to settle down. Dr. Barrack says, “Dogs are pack animals, so if left alone in another room at night, they may bark to try and get attention. Allowing your dog to sleep in your room should help to eliminate barking due to separation anxiety. If sleeping in your bedroom isn’t an option, maybe you need another dog for a source of companionship.”

While I wouldn’t reward a dog barking to boss you into getting their dinner, I would respond to an empty water bowl or a request to go to the bathroom. Part of being a good dog owner is learning to understand your dog’s barks, and to respond to genuine needs.

about dog behavioural issue confronting dog owners. Yelling at the dog, hiring expensive trainers, physical punishment, distractions and bark collars are all methods that have been tried by dog owners, some with mixed results.

I have a cocker spaniel rescue dog which I have had now for over a year – he is red colour and is now 18 months old. Hunter has had issues since we got him in that he growls if you go near his toys, food etc he is clearly resource guarding. However during the time we have had him his behaviour has worsened. He now chasing lorries, vans and buses, he growls for no reason whilst in the home, he has snapped, growled and ‘gone for’ all of us, never actually bitten but I suppose the threat is there.

In Nature, there are plenty of animals living in groups that have “sentinels” – members of the group looking out for potential danger while the others are at rest or playing etc. If the sentinel sees something that could be a problem, it is raise the alarm. In wild canines, the leaders will check out the problem once alerted and act accordingly. The sentinel is never punished for doing its job, just like how I was never hit by Mum for letting her know when someone was at the door.

Basenjis are a primitive breed of dog from Africa. They are advertised as “barkless,” but what many people don’t know is that while they don’t bark, they do scream a blood curdling sound that evokes images of a woman being murdered. Except for this unusual breed, most dogs are in extreme stress when they scream. lnvestigate — and rescue.

Any pet parent that has had the misfortune of living with a dog that’s especially talkative, knows how irritating barking dogs can be. I mean, if your dog won’t stop barking at night or drives your neighbors insane with incessant woofs and ruffs, it’s time to do something about it.

Make helpful suggestions. It’s possible your neighbor is well aware of the issue, but isn’t sure how to get the dog to stop barking. If you’re pretty sure you know what the problem is, there’s nothing wrong with making suggestions. This is especially effective if you’re a dog owner, too. You can commiserate over how tough it can be to get a dog to stop barking. Here are a few common problems you might consider bringing up:

Behaviorists may have a number of different types of titles, but essentially any kind of behaviorist must have earned a master’s degree or a PhD in animal behavior. Typically a behaviorist with a doctoral degree will be called a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB), while a behaviorist with a master’s degree will be called an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (ACAAB).[77]

Alarm barking is very similar to territorial barking in that it’s triggered by sights and sounds. However, dogs who alarm bark might do so in response to things that startle or upset them when they’re not on familiar turf. For example, a dog who barks territorially in response to the sight of strangers approaching will usually only do so when in his own home, yard or car. By contrast, a dog who habitually alarm barks might vocalize when he sees or hears strangers approaching in other places, too. Although territorial barking and alarm barking are a little different, the recommendations below apply to both problems.

Give her more exercise. Exercise is a great way to curb problem behavior, including excessive barking. Whether your dog is anxious, territorial, or simply bored, getting a good workout will probably help reduce the frequency and intensity of her problem barking.[71]

This is caused by either an “I want to get to you but can’t” situation, such as when your dog is in another room from you; also known as ‘frustration-related barking’. Or, the dogs is saying, “GO AWAY, you scare me”; also known as ‘fear-related barking’. How to stop a dog from barking

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As you extend the amount of time that you’re out of your dog’s sight or behind closed doors, you should incorporate counterconditioning methods like a puzzle toy to keep her distracted. Try adding this component once you’re behind closed doors or out the back door for at least 10 to 20 seconds at a time.[33]

The two dogs (Jack Russell mix) that do this are related-by-blood, they’re brothers from the same litter (aged 7yrs) and they get on well…They’re both hyper active and easily excitable. The third is a recent addition to the family, he’s a pure-bred Jack Russell (8 months) and he’s a lot more calmer than the brothers. I have no problems with him on the lead but I would love to walk them as a group, something I used to do years ago before the brother’s hyper-barking became too much. :/

Before you can train your dog to go to a spot and stay there when a door opens, you’ll need to teach him how to sit or lie down and then how to stay. After your dog has learned these skills, you can progress to Step 2.

     2.    Territorial/Defensive Barking.  Barking at the postman or other dogs walking past your house. Most dog owners will experience this type of dog barking and often encourage it to keep intruders from the house.

Tony has been dog training (in association with his mother Jan Fennell) since 1999. The Dog Listener book has been translated into over 25 languages. He has been on radio and television on 4 continents and teaches the Amichien Bonding dog training process all over the world in English and French.

Remember, to a dog barking is often an escalation of other forms of communication. Therefore, just like you don’t want to reward a puppy for barking to get your attention, you also don’t want to reward them for lesser forms of negative noises like whining or growling.

Other types of no-bark collars are just as bad, including those that squirt lemon juice, emit noises that are too high-pitched for human ears, or emit a citronella smell.  The purpose of all of these is the same: The collar senses when the dog’s vocal cords are moving and an unpleasant response is made active.  The result is to train the dog to stop barking through negative re-enforcement of the behavior.  Negative re-enforcement, however, is not a good way to train dogs, and newer, more advanced training methods of training rely on positive re-enforcement.  Punishments, if they still play a role in some training regimens, are not repulsive and hurtful to the dog, and might be something like a drop of water on the tip of the nose.

Get backup from other neighbors. If your neighbor ignores your requests or doesn’t make a change after you’ve asked politely, it can help to get neighbors involved. Talk to other people who live nearby to see if they’re also being kept awake by the dog. You can then talk to your neighbor again as a group. This time your requests are likely to be taken seriously.

Most dogs out there cannot simply stay and do nothing. They need to solve puzzles, learn new things and have their minds challenged. So many games exist for this and you can find them with a simple Google Search. You want to be sure that the dog gets the attention he needs. If you cannot offer that attention, you want to arrange someone stepping in so that the dog receives the attention. You can even hire a dog sitter if this is something that will keep the mind of the dog active.

Also, remember to socialize your puppy. Most dogs bark at unfamiliar things that they don’t understand or feel may be a threat. If your pup has grown comfortable with a wide range of scenery sounds, they will feel less of a need to bark as they will be more confident.

I would NOT use one. We had a sport dog no bark collar and we recently found two large holes and missing hair on our dogs neck. She just had surgery and came out with five stitches and on a bunch of medications.

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Train with head halters. Tools such as Gentle Leader and Halti can work wonders. Pulling on the lead gently presses the pup’s mouth shut for the few seconds of pressure and signals her to be quiet—and you don’t have to say a word. The halters are available from pet products stores and veterinarians. How to stop a dog from barking

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Pour remédier au problème, il vous suffit de travailler la socialisation de votre chien. Pour cela, prenez l’habitude de mettre votre chien en contact avec d’autres êtres humains ou d’autres chiens qui lui sont inconnus. Lorsque vous recevez des invités par exemple, demandez leur de faire une petite caresse à votre chien.

Pour éviter que le chien saute il faut également que les personnes qui viennent ignore complètement le chien. Pas de regard de caresse, rien ! Je sais c’est pas facile. Il faut aussi dire un gros « NON » et à ta place quand il saute pour lui faire comprendre que c’est mal.

Que cela soit parce que votre chien se sent seul, parce qu’un bruit lui fait peur ou encore parce qu’il a besoin de votre attention, votre chien vous envoie par ses aboiements, un message qu’il vous faut décrypter pour adopter par la suite l’attitude qui convient.

Ne changez pas de mot quand vous voulez que votre chien arrête de japper. Si vous utilisez le mot Silence par exemple, ne changez pas en S’il te plait tais toi ou autre chose. Votre chien sera un peu perdu.

Les aboiements des chiens, en plus de pouvoir être un symptôme d’une douleur ou d’une maladie chez l’animal, énervent les personnes qui se trouvent près du chien et, si vous vivez en appartement, cela peut devenir un véritable problème de voisinage. L’aboiement est la manière de communiquer de l’animal de compagnie. Cependant, si le chien aboie sans arrêt, votre chien essaye sûrement d’attirer votre attention sur un quelconque problème. Sur toutComment.com, nous vous expliquons comment empêcher un chien d’aboyer.

Mon compagnon et moi avons adopté un chien à la SPA, il y a une semaine c’est un pinsher nain croisé doberman de 3 ans (il fait 7 kg).Il est propre, il est sage lorsque nous partons travailler, là il n’aboie pas mais le soucis que nous avons c’est que dès que mon compagnon sors dans le jardin si je suis dans la pièce le chien se jette sur la porte pour l’empêcher de sortir, il l’aggrippe par la veste dès qu’il est sorti , il saute sur la porte et aboie intempestivement, et j’ai beaucoup de mal à le calmer. Par contre si je ne suis pas à la maison ou si je suis dans une autre pièce, mon compagnon peut sortir sans que le chien ne dise rien, et par contre moi , il ne me dit jamais rien quand je sors. Il ne veut pas non plus sortir dans le jardin avec mon compagnon si moi, je ne sors pas. Du coup mon compagnon commence à parler de le ramener au refuge, je lui ai dit qu’il fallait être patient, mais comme il n’a aucune patience, je ne veut pas me séparer de ce chien qui est vraiment adorable mise à part ce problème. Auriez vous des conseils et surtout pourriez vous me dire pourquoi il réagit ainsi.

Persuadez d’autres voisins de déposer la même plainte. Si les autorités reçoivent plusieurs appels concernant le même propriétaire de chien, ils seront plus enclins à vite réagir. La force est définitivement du côté du nombre dans ces cas. Rassemblez donc autant de personnes que vous pouvez pour remédier au problème.[6]

Dans le même registre, votre chien peut également aboyer parce qu’il panique lorsqu’il se retrouve seul. C’est une autre forme de peur, que l’on pourrait plutôt décrire comme une angoisse. Ce phénomène n’est pas rare, surtout chez les chiots et les jeunes chiens qui ont souvent du mal à trouver leur repères et qui sont pris de panique lorsque leur maître s’éloigne.

Obligez votre chien à se dépenser. Contre les aboiements compulsifs ou d’ennui, il n’y a guère que l’exercice physique et le jeu. Se promener chaque jour avec son chien, c’est bien, mais cela peut être notoirement insuffisant. Faites-lui faire de l’exercice à deux, par exemple, en vous lançant un objet et ce, pendant 10 à 20 minutes chaque fois, faites-le courir en lui lançant une balle, en l’emmenant dans un jogging [60].

Il est reconnu scientifiquement que faire du sport prévient certains symptômes de la dépression, aide à contrer les sauts d’humeur et nous permet de moins souffrir d’anxiété. Si votre chien pratique davantage d’activités sportives, il bénéficiera de ces avantages. Fatigué, il voudra bien plus se blottir dans son panier et somnoler que passer sa journée à hurler.

Ces colliers-là se déclenchent par l’aboiement du chien et diffuse un jet (de citronnelle ou autre) désagréable pour le chien. On parle alors ici d’un conditionnement négatif : action d’aboyer = réaction désagréable.

Pour vous aider sur le thème faire arreter d aboyer un chien notre membre actif Mélyssa a ajouté cette page le 13/08/2015 à 12h11 pleine de conseils pratiques. Même en 2018, comment faire arreter d aboyer un chien est une question souvent posée, il était donc normal de tenter d’y apporter une réponse pertinente. Faire arreter d aboyer un chien ne vous posera plus jamais aucun problème !

Certains chiens adorent l’eau mais même parmi ceux-là, rares sont ceux qui aiment être douchés ou arrosés. Se rouler dans une flaque immonde passe encore, mais passer sous un jet, ça jamais, plutôt me taire ! Il est donc parfaitement possible de faire taire un chien en le menaçant d’une arme : un pistolet et pour être précis un pistolet à eau.

Sachez reconnaitre chez un chien cette peur d’être abandonné. Cette peur peut s’exprimer sous différentes formes, mais les plus fréquentes sont le fait d’abimer ce qui se trouve à l’intérieur de la maison et d’aboyer en continu. Cela se produit chaque fois que son maitre est parti au travail ou s’est absenté un peu longuement pour diverses raisons. Si le chien ne détruit rien, il y a de fortes chances pour que ce maitre ne détecte cette peur d’être abandonné [16]. Parmi tous les comportements que le chien a dans une telle situation, citons les suivants :

Poursuivez en disparaissant derrière une porte qui n’est pas encore celle ouvrant sur l’extérieur, une porte de salle de bains ou de chambre. Dans un premier temps, évitez d’utiliser la porte d’entrée pour ne pas affoler votre animal [31].

Petite précision, elle n’a jamais pleuré quand je la laisse seule à la maison sauf si j’oublie de fermer le balcon et qu’elle sait que je l’entends, je pense qu’elle est très maligne et qu’elle a compris que ses cris me perturbent.

Comme avec tous les types de formation canine, l`apprentissage comment arrêter un chien d`aboyer va prendre du temps et de la patience. Il ne va pas se produire du jour au lendemain, mais si vous restez cohérent vos efforts va commencer à voir des progrès.

At the first bark, the Collar applies a short warning tone .If a second bark occurs within thirty seconds, a more intense tone is sounded. From the third bark, a more intense tone is sounded along with a short , mild shock. This pattern is repeated through 7 correction levels.

Per acquistare ulteriori accessori per contorollo dell’abbaio ricaricabile nobark™ 10r sportdog®, contattate il centro assistenza o visitate il nostro sito web www.sportdog.com per individuare il rivenditore più vicino. Per un elenco dei numeri di telefono dei centri di assistenza clienti, visitate il nostro sito web all’indirizzo www.sportdog.com.

Redevenez le dominant. Les aboiements pour attirer l’attention du maitre sont fréquents chez les chiens. Dans ce cas particulier, il faut cesser d’obéir à votre chien en cédant devant ses caprices. C’est vous, le maitre ! Bien évidemment, rectifier son comportement sera d’autant plus long et difficile qu’il aura été mal éduqué [1].

Lorsque les aboiements sont provoqués par ces causes, un collier anti aboiement peut être une bonne solution rapide et facile à mettre en œuvre à condition que le chien soit en bonne santé et qu’il ait plus de 6 mois.

BonJour j ai un doberman de 2ans , très affectueuse même trop !! L’orque elle entend la sonnette d entrée elle ne pense qu à une chose “chouette y’a quelqu un qui arrive je fais pouvoir lui faire la fête !! ” Même si elle ne le connaît pas elle saute sur toutes les personnes qui rentre . Comment lui faire passer cette habitude ?

Visualizza lo stato della batteria (carica, ok, bassa). presa di carica: ricettacolo per il caricabatterie. caricabatterie: si inserisce nella presa standard a muro per ricaricare il collare. caricabatterie Punti di contatto schermo collegato alla presa di carica sonda del sensore sensore attivato dal latrato interruttore modalità WWW.spORtdOg.cOM…

L’aboiement excessif est avant tout un signe de mal-être. Qu’il soit physique ou comportemental, il doit être pris au sérieux et traité en rapport avec son origine, avec l’aide d’un vétérinaire et d’un comportementaliste lorsque cela est nécessaire.

mais la y a quelques jours mes chiens on eut la mauvaise idee de suivre les cris de la mere a 19h et une voisine(belle soeur de celle qui a tout les chiens) m hurle dessus que je calme mes chiots quelle en peu plus que soit disant ils hurlent h24 jusqua plus 23 h (mdr je l’ai rentre grand maxi a 22h30 sauf la depuis le mauvais temps ils rentrent a 20h maxi) et donc la au jour d aujourdhui m annonces quel a etait en mairie porter plaintes

Comme souvent, plutôt que d’accuser nos chiens d’aboyer, comportons- nous en maître responsable et apprenons-leur les bons comportements et les bonnes manières dans notre monde d’humains. Ils nous en seront reconnaissants, d’un coup de langue peut-être !

Parmi les articles très demandés, on peut trouver comment arreter un compteur edf electrique , puis ensuite comment arreter la caf en ligne, comment arreter bein sport avec free, comment arreter le compteur d electricite et comment arreter le controle vocal iphone 4 et enfin comment arreter de peler rapidement.

Bark Control

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This can constitute abuse or harassment, since you are in your yard and clearly not trying to get into hers. I would record evidence of this with your phone and take it to the police and explain the situation. It’s one thing to have a guard dog, but quite another if she is teaching her dog to try to attack you.

Give your dog more exercise. Exercise and play time are the best remedies for compulsive and boredom barking. While walking your dog is, of course, an important part of getting her exercise (even if you have a fenced-in yard), it may not be enough. Try having your dog run back and forth between two people for 10 to 20 minutes, chase a ball or toy, or take your dog jogging with you before you leave for work.[60]

She is the closest I have ever had to a talking dog. Ginger was a very clear communicator. She whined when I left, and chirped when I woke up. She barked at squirrels, mewed to the kids. She had a different bark when she was happy, hungry, tired, sensed danger, and if she was scared, or annoyed. She had a different bark  for just about any emotion you can think of. She is hilarious, and Ginger is chirping happily in her new home .

There’s a reason we get scared of things that go bump in the night — as humans, we fear the unknown, and dogs also feel the same nighttime anxiety. “If a dog is fearful, they may bark at any noise they hear that is scary to them or startles them. They may also bark as an ‘alarm’ to tell those around that something is going on that they should be aware of,” says Ganahl.

If Method #1 isn’t working after at least 10-20 sessions, add a startling noise to the “quiet” command, such as a can of pennies, a bell, even a loud single clap of your hands. This should gain his attention and you can then go through the remaining steps of calling him over, asking him to sit, and giving praise and treats until the person or noise is gone. If he begins barking immediately after you release him, repeat the steps. If after 10-20 more tries the barking hasn’t diminished you may have an obsessive or anxiety situation and should seek the advice of a professional.

We tend to think of barking as a generally undesirable behavior. ln fact, there may be times when you want your dog to bark. lf you routinely walk or jog with your dog in areas where you might be accosted by unwelcome strangers, a controlled bark from your dog might serve as a useful deterrent. You know your dog is barking on cue, but the potential mugger doesn‘t, and likely assumes your dog‘s willing to back up his bark with a bite.

If your dog typically barks when someone comes to the door, ask him to do something else at the same time like a place command. Tell him to “go to your mat” and toss a on his bed at the same time the doorbell rings, suggests the Humane Society. He should forget about the barking if the treat is tempting enough.

There are a few things you can do to get your dog to stop barking at inappropriate times. It’s important to note that these tips aren’t an overnight fix. Be patient and stick with it, though, and you will begin to notice a change in your pup’s behavior. 

So if it is agreed that the most common motivations for dog barking (Separation and Defensive/Territorial) can or do occur when you are not there, what methods will stop dog barking more effectively than others? Chastising and physical punishment are obviously impossible when you are not there.

Train with head halters. Tools such as Gentle Leader and Halti can work wonders. Pulling on the lead gently presses the pup’s mouth shut for the few seconds of pressure and signals her to be quiet—and you don’t have to say a word. The halters are available from pet products stores and veterinarians.

My year and a half old lab barks only when she goes out in the yard. She will sit by the door to ask to go out and a few seconds later she is barking her head off. I then call her back inside so she doesn’t disturb the neighbors. I have trained her to respond to the come command and when she does I give her a little treat. I am worried that now she is barking so I will call her in and give her a treat. But that is the only way I know how to stop her from barking right now. What do you suggest I do instead of the come command with a treat?

You can also teach your dog to be silent on command. This will help strengthen the association between quiet behavior and attention or rewards. Your dog should always be quiet before receiving attention, play or treats. By giving your dog a guaranteed method of getting attention, he’s no longer forced to bark for attention. Regularly seek your dog out to give him attention—sweet praise, petting and an occasional treat—when he’s not barking.

Please note that there there are instances of excessive barking for which it is a good idea to seek the advice of a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, a Veterinary Behaviorist, or a Certified Professional Dog Trainer first.

The best way to reduce excitement/frustration barking is through basic and intermediate obedience training. “Sit/stay” and “down/stay” are commands that say to your dog he must wait until you release him to go play, for a walk, or to meet his buddy. Animal intruders, such as cats or squirrels can be curtailed using motion-activated devices or other forms of discouragement.

I am requesting that the NO-PULL harness be available in an Extra-Small size. I have a 9 pound Deer-type Chihuahua that needs one. I am a small framed older lady (73) that walks my VERY athletic 3 year old Chi 2x a day. She is a fabulous dog in every way except for this one hazardous situation of impulsive strong sudden pulling and even sometimes crossing in front of me. Since she already wears a harness to prevent tracheal collapse I am hoping you might consider this request. Her harness/chest size is 15″ of 1/4 inch nylon + a small 1″ snap closure = 16″ maximum total.

In my research before making this video, I discovered so many videos offering some pretty questionable advice and some downright bad advice. When I found decent videos almost all of them included one type of unwanted barking and one dog.

A young, energetic dog craves lots of exercise and attention from you. Thirty minutes to an hour of vigorous exercise in the morning will go a long way toward helping your dog settle down. For the first few weeks, you may need to have someone come over at lunch to exercise him again.

Busy toys: (helpful for attention seeking/demand barkers, boredom barkers and separation distress barkers) both boredom barkers and separation distress barkers benefit from having something to do when their people leave the house. Hard rubber toys that dispense treats are a great way to keep them occupied and happy when alone. They’re also great for dogs that bark for attention. For example, if your dog barks at you every time you get on the phone, give him a busy toy to keep him occupied while you make calls.

Some medical problems can cause excessive barking, from bee stings to brain disease to ongoing pain. Older pets can develop a form of canine senility that causes excessive vocalizations. It’s always a good idea to have a pet checked by a veterinarian to be sure there’s no medical reason for a problem.

Block your dog’s view: (helpful for alarm barkers and territorial barkers) a quick way to get a handle on alarm and territorial barking is cutting off your dog’s visual access to whatever is inciting him outside. You can simply close your blinds or install a temporary privacy window film that obscures the view. Place the window film a few inches above your dog’s line of sight, then gradually lower it down inch by inch over the course of several weeks once your dog seems less interested in staring out the window.

Matthijs B.H. Schilder and Joanne A.M. van der Borg studied behavioral effects of electric shock collars and came to the conclusion that shocked dogs showed more stress-related behavior than the control dogs — dogs controlled via human discipline instead of no-bark collars — the shocked dogs connected their handlers with getting shocks, and may even connect orders given by their handlers with getting shocked. What does this mean? Schilder and Borg conclude that, while they have not proven that the long-term welfare of the shocked dogs is affected, it is clearly under serious threat.

A humane alternative to shock collars of yore, the citronella spray bark collar uses a burst of citronella spray to eliminate or reduce excessive barking. Dogs don’t like the taste of citronella, and the “shhh” sound and sensation startles them out of barking.

So here are the four most common reasons that dogs and puppies bark. It’s not a comprehensive list but most dogs and puppies will fall into one of these categories. Once you’ve decided which one best describes YOUR dog, then take a look at the action plan to put an end to it once and for all.

With the static shock dog collar the mechanism that sits against the dog’s throat sends out a static shock that travels down two metal prongs that touch your dog’s neck. The static shock in some of these collars begins with a rather small shock which increases in intensity up through a variety of levels as your dog continues his or her nuisance barking. You can personally test the static shock bark collar on your hand prior to using it on your dog if you are worried about the intensity of the shock your dog will receive.

Unlike the separation anxiety panic attack, this is simply an “I WANT IT!” style temper tantrum similar to demand barking, but with more emotion, and directed at the thing he wants, such as a cat strolling by, rather than at you.

Do your neighbors who get barked at have predictable patterns? The neighbor’s little yippie pup gets let our everyday at 12:20 when the Dad comes home for lunch. This can get my dogs going. You can bet my dogs are not in the yard at that time. No need to have a bark off if you can avoid it. Some dogs would do well to avoid being out and about at certain times.  For some dogs that means avoiding  before and after work times. Know your hood.

First of all, let me talk about my childhood. Do not worry, I am not going off at a tangent here. Nor am I writing this while stretched out on a psychiatrist’s chair. When I was little – say 4 years old – happily playing with my Lego in the living room, if someone came knocking at the door I would not go and answer it. After all, I am only little. Plus, as a child growing up in the 70s in the UK, we had Public Information films on TV that were (it seems) designed to scare the living Beejeezus out of us. I remember all too vividly one that advised people to put the metal chain on the door before opening it, in case there was an axe-wielding maniac on the other side (I kid you not – and why is it always an axe?)

Besides boredom and frustration, one of the major reasons dogs bark is territorial. To you, it’s just the mailman, but to your dog, it’s a vicious robber there to attack their master. You can’t stop receiving your mail, but there are lots of things you can do to desensitize your pet and make your home a haven away from negative external stimulus.

Leash issues are a huge problem for the dog-owning public and a leading culprit for why so many otherwise healthy dogs are doomed to life (or usually more accurately, an early death) in animal shelters. Whether it’s simple leash-pulling or more significant leash reactivity and leash aggression, the primary thing to keep in mind is that these issues are almost always preventable and manageable when using positive training methods.

Apply the quiet command. Once your dog has learned the quiet command in training sessions, you’ll need to apply the quiet command to real-world scenarios. You can do this by having a friend slam a car door in front of your house, rattle your mailbox, or approach your front door.[53]

Once your dog barks, get their attention on you. Once they stop barking to look at you, say your command. It can be “Quiet,” “Enough” or “No Bark.” The phrase doesn’t really matter as long as you are using it consistently.

The point is this: Dealing with a dog that won’t stop barking day or night is frustrating for everyone. Figuring out the behavioral problem that is causing your dog’s barking could save your sanity and keep the peace.

Then one day you decided not to get up and ignore the barking thinking this would nip the behavior in the bud. It did not work, your dog very likely barked even more than before. Why is this? It is because of the process of ”extinction burst”. Basically, your dog is thinking ”My owners this morning are not getting up as usual. I need to INCREASE, my barking in intensity and duration so they get up since just barking a little is not working”. She therefore barked more and perhaps you or somebody else in your family finally tired of hearing her, finally got up. How to stop a dog from barking

“dog wont stop barking in crate guard dog barking”

Bark collars. And finally there are bark collars that automatically set off an interrupter when the dog wearing the bark collar barks. Some bark collars emit a noise, some bark collars a blast of air or citronella and some use an electric stimulation between two points on the collar that limit the feeling to that area. They can all work. My experience has been that the electronic one is the most successful and most important only the dog wearing it feels the interrupter. The citronella spray bark collar and the noise bark collar can be triggered if other dogs close by are barking. With any form of bark collar, however, I would recommend you seek expert advice before using one.

Some dogs are very excitable and nervous, and they bark at everything that passes. Obedience training can be very helpful. You might want to provide the names of a few well-rated training schools in the area.

I know this isn’t exactly on topic tonight, but I have been having issues with my young male rottweiler following my commands to go to bed at night. He is normally so well behaved and a great listener. I don’t know if it is because Ares is getting to the age where his hormones or kicking in and he doesn’t want to listen, or what. I understand that sometimes he gets bored in his crate when I have been at work, and I have let him take his favorite toy to bed with him, but tonight was a struggle to get him to bed. I was actually home all day today with him, and we had fun playing out doors and relaxing inside, but for some reason, he absolutely would not go up the stairs tonight. I had to carry him up the stairs, and mind you he is a 50-60 pound pup who is 5 months, but to do that seemed a bit extreme. Am I not being firm enough? I just don’t understand. I could have him outside going potty and he gets a whiff of something, and all I have to do is call him and he comes running. What could be so different about tonight?

Will the dog go into a barking frenzy for half an hour when you get back home from work? Your neighbors will know that you are home and they will surely not enjoy that barking. The problem in this case is that the dog is simply too excited. He loves that you are home and is simply expressing joy. Many pet owners will try to force the dog to stop barking in this case or will try to correct the behavior while being mad. This is a really bad idea.

You can use the positive interrupt to redirect a frenzy of frustration barking. If you consistently offer high value treats in the presence of frustration-causing stimuli, you can counter-condition your dog to look to you for treats when the cat strolls by (cat = yummy treats) rather than erupt into a barking fit.

You’ve probably never had a dog that has a penchant for barking. It is indescribably miserable, and it makes everyone around the dog miserable. We tried everything at first. Our dog is a terrier. He wants to chase and bark at every dog, squirrel, cat, or shadow that walks by our house. He sits in the window. Waits by the glass door. Goes outside and barks and chases. It’s clearly in his DNA. I can’t cover up every window or door in my house. He would be super miserable if we did.

If you struggle to figure out why your dog is barking and the above advice has not helped, don’t panic. The reasons why dogs bark are not always as straightforward as we would like, and qualified pet behaviourists will be able to help you. Ask your vet or visit the Animal Behaviour and Training Council website to find a qualified local behaviourist who can help you and your pet.

I would suggest speaking to a professional, who can come to your home to see and assess the behavior, otherwise there’s too much guesswork involved. And it will likely require some specialist knowledge and training to correct.

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If you feel you do not have the time or the money to train your dog, I urge you for your own sake and the sake of others around you to really consider whether a dog is right for you at this point in your life.  Owning a dog in many ways is similar to having a child, as you are responsible for the dog’s welfare and are there to be the dog’s companion as well as his provider.  This is not a light responsibility, and lasts for rest of your pet’s life.

Why am I telling you this? Well, barking has to be the most annoying problem that is suffered by dog owners and neighbours alike. However, Karina in Copenhagen will be the first to tell you that she is glad that her dogs bark. Of course, it helps that she knows what to do to get them to stop barking so they do not become a neighbourhood nuisance. Here’s what she does… Are you ready?

If your dog has trouble getting the message, you can also put a Kong filled with peanut butter in the crate so they have something to do besides bark. After they are quietly licking out the peanut butter, you can then let them out and praise them. How to stop a dog from barking