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Also, remember to socialize your puppy. Most dogs bark at unfamiliar things that they don’t understand or feel may be a threat. If your pup has grown comfortable with a wide range of scenery and sounds, they will feel less of a need to bark as they will be more confident.

If your dog has trouble getting the message, you can also put a Kong filled with peanut butter in the crate so they have something to do besides bark. After they are quietly licking out the peanut butter, you can then let them out and praise them.

If your dog typically barks when someone comes to the door, ask him to do something else at the same time like a place command. Tell him to “go to your mat” and toss a treat on his bed at the same time the doorbell rings, suggests the Humane Society. He should forget about the barking if the treat is tempting enough.

I have heard about these “no-bark” collars before, and as before, I am shocked and appalled by the very idea that anyone would choose to do this to their beloved animals.  If you are new to pet ownership and think this would be a good way to train your dog to not bark, do your research.  Read books and training manuals, and talk to kennel owners, Humane Society volunteers, and professional trainers, and find out what people who are heavily involved and invested in the welfare of dogs really think about the no-bark collars.  Because these collars are no good, and certainly anyone with any sense of how to treat a dog would ever seriously consider using one of these devices.

If you have a problem barker make an appointment with your veterinarian. Many vets have additional qualifications or a special interest in behavior, so it is worth asking whether one of the vets has a special interest in behavior. Often there are health conditions that could be exacerbating the problem, such as dementia, pain, vision or hearing problems.

Does she bark at every movement she sees through the window and every sound she hears? An easy fix for this is to simply block the view. Close the shades. Confine her to a part of the house that doesn’t have windows she can see through or if she stays outside in a fenced-in yard, keep her indoors rather than leaving her outside all day. She won’t bark at what she does not see. Play some music or the television, loud enough to cover outside noises.

To avoid this situation you need to leave a short or long line (as in the video above with the barking dog) on them so you can take control quickly and calmly when you need it. At the same time your dog still gets to run around.

This is not a comprehensive list and you are likely to find various other products to help you stop your dog’s excessive barking. But, these are by far the most humane and also very popular among pet owners who have problems with barking dogs.

I have a cocker spaniel rescue dog which I have had now for over a year – he is red colour and is now 18 months old. Hunter has had issues since we got him in that he growls if you go near his toys, food etc he is clearly resource guarding. However during the time we have had him his behaviour has worsened. He now chasing lorries, vans and buses, he growls for no reason whilst in the home, he has snapped, growled and ‘gone for’ all of us, never actually bitten but I suppose the threat is there.

Some dogs bark excessively in a repetitive way, like a broken record. These dogs often move repetitively as well. For example, a dog who’s compulsively barking might run back and forth along the fence in his yard or pace in his home.

Whines and whimpers are usually related to stress and/or excitment. Some breeds of dogs seem to whine more than others – German Shepherds, for example, seem especially prone to whining. Often this behavior persists because it’s reinforced by the natural human tendency to comfort a whining puppy. Like demand barking, it’s best to ignore whining and reinforce quiet. However, because it’s often stress-induced, if your dog’s a whiner, you might want to evaluate his environment to see if you can reduce the stressors in his world.

Outside: Dogs that bark only outside are usually displaying territory barking, anxiety, frustration, or guarding behavior. They will often bark at the edge of the fence if anyone comes near or because they are bored.

A chest-led harness is a perfect training aid, as it takes pressure off a dog’s sensitive neck by distributing the pressure more evenly around the body. When the leash is attached to a ring located on the chest strap and your dog pulls, the harness will turn his body around rather than allowing him to go forward. I recommend this kind of harness for anyone who needs extra help, as safety has to come first.

Anxiety or Fear: Dogs also bark when they are unsure or scared. They may use barking as they run away the same way a human would scream. They may also use sound as a defense mechanism to keep their attacker at a distance. Dogs learn early that the best defense is often a good offense.

Give your dog more exercise and mental activities to let them have an outlet for their energy. Take them on an uphill walk or a hike instead of the normal daily walk. Train your dog in herding or agility activities for mental stimulation.

There are all sorts of devices that claim to stop barking. Most of them are some sort of collar that offer a negative response when a dog barks, such as an electric shock, a spray of citronella or a burst of static electricity. Talk with a trainer or behaviorist before considering one of these devices. If used incorrectly, they can cause more problems. For example, if your dog gets shocked every time he barks at a neighbor, he could associate the pain with the neighbor instead of the barking.

Remember, to a dog barking is often an escalation of other forms of communication. Therefore, just like you don’t want to reward a puppy for barking to get your attention, you also don’t want to reward them for lesser forms of negative noises like whining or growling.

All content on this site is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to be nor can it be considered actionable professional advice. It must not be used as an alternative to seeking professional advice from a veterinarian or other certified professional.

Barking can be a nuisance both for you and your neighbours. It can also be a sign that your dog is bored or anxious. There are a number of solutions for barking dogs that avoid the use of punishing anti-bark collars and will help you to achieve peace.

Guarding: Dogs will often bark and growl when they are guarding. This bark is more aggressive. The dog may also have a stiff or wagging tail with their hackles raised. The bark is used as a warning not to come closer or they may attack to defend their space. While dogs don’t always bark before they bite, most give some kind of warning.

Toys: Separation barkers benefits from having something to do when you leave the house. A hard rubber toy, that dispenses treats are a great way to keep them happy, and their mouth busy with something other than barking. Just be careful that the toy is big enough not to be a chocking-hazard.

If the dog carries on barking, then go to where it is and look to see what the problem is. Do not pay attention to your dog at this point just in case it is doing it to try to get your attention on its terms (Simon Says is a game that dogs are VERY good at). Instead, show your dog that you are investigating the problem. Whether anything is there or not is not important. The main thing is that your dog sees you assessing the situation as the responsible one in the family. Give another “Thank you” and either take the dog away or just leave. Your dog sees that you have had a look and you do not think it is a problem. If your dog still continues after that, then quietly put your dog somewhere on its own until it is quiet. Your attitude is one of “Calm down”. Once you get silence, you can let your dog out again. If it goes back, repeat the process. If this happens three times then leave the dog in Time Out to show it that it really needs to chill out. This helps your pulse rate to stay low which will always have a good effect on your dog. The best leaders remain calm in a crisis.

I didn’t have much problem with barking at all until the trainer suggested I teach him to speak and then be quiet… Well he the first part is easy, the second part is selective at best. Basically it gave him a new hobby and me a new problem.

Boredom: The bark of a bored dog sounds like a dog that barks just to hear her own voice. Though it tends to be annoying, it is also kind of sad. Bored dogs often bark to release excess energy, and sometimes bark out of loneliness. They usually need an activity and perhaps even a companion.

You can also work with a trainer to practice desensitization techniques that help your dog become accustomed to barking triggers and ultimately stop responding. Training takes consistency and patience, but the long-term rewards are worth it!

Alarm barking is very similar to territorial barking in that it’s triggered by sights and sounds. However, dogs who alarm bark might do so in response to things that startle or upset them when they’re not on familiar turf. For example, a dog who barks territorially in response to the sight of strangers approaching will usually only do so when in his own home, yard or car. By contrast, a dog who habitually alarm barks might vocalize when he sees or hears strangers approaching in other places, too. Although territorial barking and alarm barking are a little different, the recommendations below apply to both problems.

Doggy Dan is the founder of The Online Dog Trainer, a wildly successful online training program for dog owners. His goal is to continue to share his unique approach to dog training with like-minded people who wish to make a difference in the world of dogs. His training methods focus on creating and building the connection between dogs and dog owners, and are shared and used around the world.

Some dogs are very excitable and nervous, and they bark at everything that passes. Obedience training can be very helpful. You might want to provide the names of a few well-rated training schools in the area.

When your dog is barking, say “Quiet” in a calm, firm voice. Wait until he stops barking, even if it’s just to take a breath, then praise him and give him a treat. Just be careful to never reward him while he’s barking. Eventually he will figure out that if he stops barking at the word “quiet” he gets a treat (and make it a delicious treat, such as cheese or chicken, to make it worth more than the barking.)

Say “Go to your spot,” show your dog a treat, and then throw the treat onto the spot where you’d like your dog to go. Repeat this sequence 10 to 20 times. By the tenth time, try pretending to throw the treat so that your dog begins to move toward the spot on his own. As soon as he’s standing on his spot or rug, throw him the treat. As your dog catches on, you can stop making the fake throwing motion with your arm and just give him the cue, “Go to your spot.” Then wait until he does and reward him.

Obsessive/Compulsive barking which is identified as excessive barking for no apparent reason or at things that wouldn’t bother other dogs. This may be accompanied by other compulsive behaviors such as spinning or jumping.

Of course you’d rush out and get them. But…what if the doors were locked and you couldn’t get out? Would you sit down, relax and have a cup of tea? Of course not. You’d shout for help and call your baby back, or try and break free so you could get back to them.

Dogs naturally will bark to warn you, and this may become a problem if there are lots of things your dog sees, such as birds, cats and people walking by the fence. He may feel the need to alert you to every small thing that approaches. Sometimes it is as simple as blocking off a gate to block the stimulus of people walking past. Dogs will also bark out of boredom, or because they are worried about being alone.

Doglover, totally agree with you and do what you have to. Our quality of life has been ruined for 10 years by our dogs barking. We had one dog and he barked incesently whenever I went out so we got him a companion dog, didn’t work, they both bark! The dogs are walked away from home every day and we have 7 acres of land at home they can go on, I only go out for about 4 hours a day (I have a right to a life!) and when we come home, bark bark bark, and when people visit bark bark bark, and when there is anything outside or a noise. Yep, bark bark bark etc etc etc. I’ve tried professional training – not effective if we’re out obviously, ultra sonic collars. Rubbish, spray collars. Ok but only about 50% and not when we come back home, barks right through the citronella spraying! Bark bark bark and very loud! So now, at my wits end, I’ve just ordered 2 static shock collars. We have lived in this stressful situation for too long so as not to put the dogs under stress! But enough is bloody enough now. Lets hope it works. You must do what is right for you and your situation Doglover and accept that there will always be people expressing opinions about everything, both good and bad, but they are not living your life and dealing with the stuff you are. So find what works for you and your dog, make the mistake of discussing it with other people as that just elicits opinions which may not be nice or productive and good luck. How to stop a dog from barking

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Ensemble d’envol PL1 – Faisans NoirComposé du système de déclenchement à distance Dogtra RR Deluxe et de la boite d’envol Dogtra PL1 – Faisans, l’ensemble d’envol Dogtra PL1 – Faisans vous offre la technologie la plus avancée pour vous permettre d’affiner le dressage de vos chiens d’arrêt ou de compétition pour la sagesse à l’envol

Poursuivez en disparaissant derrière une porte qui n’est pas encore celle ouvrant sur l’extérieur, une porte de salle de bains ou de chambre. Dans un premier temps, évitez d’utiliser la porte d’entrée pour ne pas affoler votre animal [31].

Bien sûr votre chien a pendant longtemps réussi à obtenir votre attention de cette manière, c’est-à-dire en aboyant. Il avait pour habitude d’aboyer jusqu’à ce que vous cédiez à lui accordiez l’attention qu’il voulait. Donc, logiquement il va falloir du temps à votre chien pour qu’il apprenne à se taire et qu’il comprenne que ce n’est plus le bon moyen pour attirer votre attention.

Dans ces circonstances, vous devriez avoir un ton amical et respectueux, mais ferme. Ne faites pas des menaces de poursuites, vous pourriez avoir à le faire plus tard, mais pour le moment, essayez de rester poli.

Pour vous aider sur le thème arreter un chien d aboyer notre membre actif Kelia a ajouté cette page le 21/05/2015 à 14h02 pleine de conseils pratiques. Même en 2018, comment arreter un chien d aboyer est une question souvent posée, il était donc normal de tenter d’y apporter une réponse pertinente. Arreter un chien d aboyer ne vous posera plus jamais aucun problème !

bonjours ma soeur ma donner son chihuahua parce que il levait la patte partout. il la meme fait sur ma mere . puis il chappe pas quand sa sonne ou sa congne maos quand il anttend les portes ouvrire. chez ma soeur il etai avec un femelle pitbull et 3 chats moi jai seulement un autre chihuahua bebe ager de 6 mois et un chat femelle penser vous que je peu reusir a le fair arretter de lever la patte et a le fair arretter de chappers. jaimerai bcp avoir quelque conseille mercie

Nous ne savons plus quoi faire, nous avons suivi les conseils de notre éducateur sans résultat. Ce dernier considère que notre chien jappe par peur, malgré toute la sociabilisation reçue. Nous pensons également qu’il s’agit de peur, mais nous ne savons plus quoi faire pour l’aider et le faire taire.

(Note: ce vidéo est l’ancienne version, maintenant amélioré, plus performant et possède 2 boîtiers. à noter aussi que les ultrasons ne sont pas efficaces sur toutes les chiens, l’efficacité n’est pas garanti)

70mah capacity. replace only with equivalent battery received from calling the customer care centre. for a listing of customer care centre telephone numbers, visit our website at www.sportdog.com. separate collection of spent batteries is required in many regions; check the regulations in your area before discarding spent batteries.

j’ais un montagne des pyrénées qui a deux ans.une vraie tete de mule.mais aujour’hui j’ais besoin d’aide.les voisin ont portés plainte.il aboie sans arret apres tout ce qui ce passe dans la rue….surtout quand je suis absente,j’ais tout essayée et je ne voudrais pas qu’on me l’enleve…a l’aide

Les chiens qui aboient, je connais. J’ai une chienne, qui n’arrête pas d’aboyer quand elle est dehors, au point qu’elle aboie même sur une feuille qui vole !. Bon fallait que je trouve une solution, pour mes oreilles et aussi celles de mes voisins. je lui donc acheté un appareil qui s’appelle “ABOIE-STOP”. En fait c’est un collier avec un petit réservoir dans lequel tu mets de la citronnelle. Les animaux n’aiment pas cette odeur. Il y a un micro, et à chaque fois qu’elle aboie, pffff elle se prend un petit jet de citronnelle. C’est GENIAL. Ca ne lui fait aucun mal, et le plus drôle maintenant, c’est que même si le réservoir est vide, et que je lui mets juste le collier, elle ne dit plus rien. Je te suggère d’en parler à tes voisins, cela pourrait être une solution pour tous . (bon l’achat du collier est un peu cher, mais la tranquilité a t’elle un prix). Bon courage.

J’ai recueilli une chienne qui a subi un fort traumatisme ( battu par pieds,coup de matraque, collier électrique , enfermé dans une cage qui était dans une petite voiture cela du 1er janvier au 31 décembre,peu de sorties, mangeait ses excréments) maintenant elle est mieux physiquement j essaye de lui donner des ordres courts et sec mais le problème c est quand elle est au jardin et entend une voiture elle devient folle,aboie et fait des bonds a presque dépasser le grillage . Ma chienne est un berger hollandais de 2 ans. Pouvez vous me conseiller. Merci .

Passez-vous des nuits blanches à cause du chien de votre voisin ? Si oui, il est temps de faire quelque chose. Le moyen le plus rapide et le plus efficace d’agir est de parler à votre voisin face à face pour trouver une bonne solution. Si cela ne marche pas, faites appel aux autorités pour vous aider à résoudre le problème. Pendant ce temps, essayez d’utiliser un sifflet pour chien ou une autre méthode pour aider le chien à rester tranquille. Ces aboiements ne seront que de mauvais souvenirs, une fois que vous auriez appris comment faire taire le chien de votre voisin qui aboie.

Certaines affections peuvent pousser le chien à exprimer un mal-être, une douleur. Il prévient de son inconfort. C’est le cas notamment pour les chiens arthrosiques (auxquels on peut donner des antioxydants en complément, comme des Omega-3, du curcuma, de la spiruline, etc.) ou encore pour les individus âgés souffrant de dépression d’involution. Il convient donc de consulter un vétérinaire pour s’assurer que ce qui provoque l’aboiement n’a pas une origine médicale. Le praticien pourra, le cas échéant, conseiller l’intervention d’un comportementaliste et prévoir un suivi en parallèle (traitement, en allopathie ou en phytothérapie, homéopathie, etc.).

Le pistolet à eau : un petit jet d’eau peut suffire à calmer un chien qui aboie trop, voire plusieurs. Bien entendu, il ne sert à rien de l’asperger longtemps après ses aboiements ; il ne fera jamais le lien.

Le chien, désespéré lors du départ de son maître va tout détruire autour de lui, soit pour faire revenir ce dernier (afin de tout ranger) soit pour se défouler et extérioriser son mal-être. Il ne s’agit nullement de vengeance qui est un sentiment totalement humain. N’y voyez aucune méchanceté ni aucun vice, mais juste un profond désespoir, la peur de ne jamais vous voir revenir.

Supposez que votre voisin n’est pas au courant du problème. Dites une phrase comme celle-ci : « je sais que vous aimeriez savoir que nous entendons les aboiements de Sadie la nuit, d’autant plus que ma chambre à coucher fait face à votre jardin.

bonjour a tous j’ai mon chien depuis sept ans avec mes deux chats et il FAI parti de la famille mes le petit problème c maintenant il ne fait qu,aboyer et je c plus comment faire j’ai déjà déménager 2 fois et déjà deux voisin son venu enfin son venu c un bien grand mot ..il mon mi des petit mot dans la boit au lettre

Bark Control

“dog barking videos dog collars stop barking”

Introduce training early, and start the quiet and place commands as soon as they can understand them. This type of early positive conditioning will help ensure that your dog never becomes a problem barker in the first place.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most used methods to get dogs to stop barking. In case you are not aware of this, a shock dog collar is a special collar that includes a remote. You use the remote to practically shock the dog when he does something wrong. Some people use it to correct barking. The problem is that this is not going to work. The dog will not actually understand why he is shocked and will only know that he has something around the neck that is hurting him.

The bad news is that if you just can’t get your dog to shut up in the wee hours, you’re probably not the only person who has a problem with it. In a 2,000-person survey conducted on dog barking in New Zealand, 75 percent of the participants indicated that they would be bothered by a dog barking at night. Dog barking and howling ranked highest among all other forms of suburban noise pollution. A New York Times article on the same topic confirmed that a nonstop barking dog is one local disturbance that can pit neighbors against each other.

What do I mean by this? Don’t pick the time to start your training where your dog’s archenemy saunters by the fence, causing a 10-minute vocal tirade. Find an occasion where the dog may just bark a few times, but won’t get overly excited. You want them to still be able to focus on you.

Ignore barking: (helpful for attention-seeking barking, play barking and frustration barking) attention seeking barkers are looking for some sort of acknowledgement from you when they bark. You can take the power out of your dog’s demanding barking by completely tuning him out when he barks at you with an agenda. Turn away, walk out of the room or do anything but look at your dog when he engages in attention-seeking barking. The same goes for frustration barking. If your dog is barking because his ball rolled under the couch and you fetch it for him, you’ve just taught him that being pushy gets him what he wants.

Be patient. It takes a lot of training and practice to get your dog comfortable with prolonged absences. Most of an anxious dog’s undesirable behavior will take place within the first 40 minutes that you’re gone, and it will take many, many training sessions before you can comfortably reach a 40 minute absence.[34]

If your dog barks at people or other dogs during walks, distract him with special treats, like chicken, cheese or hot dogs, before he begins to bark. (Soft, very tasty treats work best.) Show your dog the treats by holding them in front of his nose, and encourage him to nibble at them while he’s walking past a person or dog who would normally cause him to bark. Some dogs do best if you ask them to sit as people or dogs pass. Other dogs prefer to keep moving. Make sure you praise and reward your dog with treats anytime he chooses not to bark.

That constant barking that you hear might be due to boredom or simply the need to interact with people and other animals. A solution for that barking problem may be as simple as dropping the pet at a dog daycare centre. You can do this around 3 days per week.

Now I should point out that this barking is NOT “naughty behavior” as many people think, nor has it anything to do with boredom which is why using a shock collar to try to stop this behavior is such a cruel idea. Let me explain.

Greeting/Play: To stop a dog from going into a barking frenzy every time you come home or the doorbell rings, you’ll need to teach him other behaviors. One way is to train your dog to go to a spot and stay there when the door opens. It’s best if they can see the door, but not be too close to it. Pick a spot and practice getting your dog to go there and stay, but don’t touch the door yet. Use lots of treats and praise, making it a game.

Curb barks with scent. Researchers at Cornell University in New York found citronella collars to be much more effective in bark training. Citronella collars give a warning tone first; additional barking prompts a squirt of scent that stops the barking. Some of these collars have remote control activators.

What a shame to see you suggesting cruel methods such as citronella collars. Punishing and/or scaring a dog for barking is cruel and does not address the root issue(s). You should be encouraging people to actually _train_ their dogs (using scientifically valid, humane, force-free methods).

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you decide to buy something when you click one, we may receive a small commission. We only offer recommendations that we believe in. here to learn more.

There is a huge array of ’tools’ on the market that claim to stop nuisance barking in dogs and offer a quick fix. These include spray or electric shock collars, compressed air sprays, rattle cans and other devices, whose main function is to startle, scare, cause pain or discomfort to a barking dog in an effort to teach him that barking brings unpleasant consequences.

My min Schnauzer starts barking,yowling and squeaking the moment you bring the lead in to the room. she doesn’t stop for almost the entire walk. She can bark for up to an hour on a walk with no dogs in sight.

The first step toward reducing your dog’s barking is to determine the type of bark your dog is expressing. The following questions can help you to accurately decide on which type of barking your dog is doing so that you can best address your dog’s problem. Think about your answers to these questions as you read through the information below on the different types of barking and their treatments.

I have a 5 yr. old rough coated collie who barks very loud and consistently every tine I am talking on the telephone I at first thought he wanted attention but that’s not the case. When I am finished talking he walks away and is quiet. Please someone help. I am tired of going into the bathroom and closing the door if it’s a important phone call ! Ugggg

First of all, let me talk about my childhood. Do not worry, I am not going off at a tangent here. Nor am I writing this while stretched out on a psychiatrist’s chair. When I was little – say 4 years old – happily playing with my Lego in the living room, if someone came knocking at the door I would not go and answer it. After all, I am only little. Plus, as a child growing up in the 70s in the UK, we had Public Information films on TV that were (it seems) designed to scare the living Beejeezus out of us. I remember all too vividly one that advised people to put the metal chain on the door before opening it, in case there was an axe-wielding maniac on the other side (I kid you not – and why is it always an axe?)

You can use the positive interrupt to redirect a frenzy of frustration barking. If you consistently offer high value treats in the presence of frustration-causing stimuli, you can counter-condition your dog to look to you for treats when the cat strolls by (cat = yummy treats) rather than erupt into a barking fit.

You are exactly right. People who are lucky enough to not have a dog that barks a ridiculous amount don’t know the frustration of this problem for owners and neighbor. Pretty sweet to get a dog early enough to train it not to do this. Many dog owners have dogs that have already developed constant barking and something had to be done to be fair to the neighbors who are the biggest sufferers.

This is what’s generally known as “Separation Anxiety” because your dog after separation becomes anxious. I should add here that this stress results not only in barking, but can also manifest in destructive behaviour, chewing, injuring themselves, escaping, and excessive digging.

Some jurisdictions will act on anonymous complaints, while others require your name and address but won’t reveal this to the neighbor complained about. Check the public or private status of making a complaint before making it. How to stop a dog from barking

“bark kontrol udendørs system hvordan man stopper en hund fra at gøle hele tiden”

80 -80- blev givet til hver af de fattige i Byen. Slagteren fik en 3-4 Skilling lybsk og de fleste Steder et lille Stykke flæsk med sig hjem. En Del af Hovederne saltede vi for at have det til Langgrønkaal (Langkaal) baade til Jule- og til Nyaarsnadver. flæskesiderne laa i Salte 3 Uger. Pølserne kom op af Saltet efter 3-4 Dages forløb og i Røg. Siderne kom hele i Skorstenen, hvor store de end var. Af Skinkerne, som ligeledes saltedes og røgedes, gik der hvert Aar et Par med til Skik (Send) til Bryllupper. Resten blev gerne solgt, saa det rigtig fine af Svinene fik vi selv ikke saa meget af. Skuldrene (Bovene) er jo næsten lige saa gode; men Skinkerne er der mere V ægt i, og de var de dyreste; derfor maatte de sælges, da Pengene tit var sløje. Det fede flæsk steg tes der meget fedt af, og baade det stegte flæsk og fedtet spistes gerne sammen med Brød. Somme Tider var der mere som 20 Pd. fedt i hvert Svin. Saa vankede der Blodpølse; de blev ristede over Ilden, til de var skøre paa Skindet, og naar vi spiste dem, dyppede vi dem i fedt og Sirup. Hvor mange vi end lavede af dem, fik vi aldrig for mange af dem. – Saa lavede de Svinost (Sylte) af Hovedet; det blev hensat med Eddike paa, og den kunde vi have lang Tid. Ja, det var en Tid vi levede højt: en Dag fik vi Suppe med Kjedklump (Kødboller) og en Dag lstebon (Isterbaand) og Rlsbe (Ribbenssteg), og det allerbedste skulde endda gemmes til Jul. Al Slagtning fandt Sted før Jul. Og efter Jul vankede der i lange Tider ikke noget friskt Kied (ferskt Kød), uden en nyfødt Kalv i Ny og Næ. Alle Smaakalve slagtedes med Undtagelse af dem, der skulde otidreies (opdrættes) til Køer. fersk Suppe med Kød fik vi saa til Slorovsup i Høsten, og til Posk (Paaske) og Pintsdav fik vi altid Hønsesuppe, ligesom vi selv spiste alle de Høns, der skulde ovlegges (slagtes paa Grund af Alderdom); men hele Hønseflokken var kun en Stykker.

20 dem, som forlangte det. Og efterhaanden svandt ogsaa deres Antal ind; thi de Børn, som havde dansk Religionsundervisning, maatte ligefuldt være med i den tyske Undervisning, og Børn er nu eengang Børn og vil gerne være fri. Og da baade Præster og Lærere sagde, at det gik meget godt med den tyske Religionsundervisning, lod mange forældre sig overtale til at lade den danske falde. At der under disse forhold ikke kunde blive meget lært, er indlysende. flvor der ikke i Hiemmet var nogen Oplysning, var det en daarlig Tid for Børnene. Til Geografiundervisningen var der paa Skolevæggen kun et lille Kort over Slesvig-Holsten. Var der i Skolen større Kort fra ældre Tider, var de altid oprullede. fra Synodens Side gjordes der forsøg, for at faa indført to ugentlige Timers dansk Undervisning, men de tyske Præster var næsten alle derimod. Kun et Par enkelte af Amtets Præster stemte med Befolkningen. Og naar der saa til fællessynoden Gang paa Gang blev indberettet, at det gik godt med den tyske Undervisning, kunde der ikke opnaas noget. At en Del af Præsterne som følge heraf ikke stod i Befolkningens Yndest, kan let forklares. Hele Als med Undtagelse af Sønderborg og Keinæs hørte under dansk Kirkelov. I helt gamle Dage var Als en Del af Odense Bispedømme. Derefter fik Als og Ærø deres egen Biskop. Han boede en Tid i Ketting paa Als, hvor der laa en Bispegaard. Til sidst blev Jørgen Hansen i Guderup Øens Biskop, han var en Smedesøn fra Tandslet. Indtil Krigen 1864 var der vistnok overalt god Kirkegang. Om det skyldtes kirkelig Trang eller Præsternes Myndighed, er vanskeligt at sige. Præsten var Skoleinspektør, formand for fattigvæsenet og næsten eneraadig paa det kirkelige Omraade, idet han dog havde de saakaldte Tolvmænd ved Siden af sig. I 1864 maatte nogle af Præsterne forlade deres Embede, og i deres Sted kom tyske Præster, der vel nok skulde prædike paa Dansk, men ikke havde dansk Tænkemaade. Af saadanne Præster ansattes flere og flere; de vandt aldrig Befolkningens Tillid, og Kirkerne blev tomme.

”Man kan ikke opdrage to børn på en gang – og en hundehvalp er i denne sammenhæng at betragte som et barn. Man bør vente med at anskaffe hund, til barnet har nået en alder, hvor det kan forstå, hvad man siger til det. Barnet skal forstå, at en hund også har rettigheder og lov til at være i fred, at man ikke bare må tage dens bold fra den, hive den i halen, trække den i ørerne osv. Nogle børn forstår det allerede i et-års alderen, andre er først klar til at få hund, når de er fyldt tre,” siger han.

Det er nogle gange praktisk at hunden venter med at gå ud af døren til du giver den lov, men det gør dig ikke til lederen. Andre gange er det mindre praktisk, eksempelvis hvis hunden vil ud i haven, og du er nødt til at gå ud før den.

Det er bedst hvis hunden hilser på dyr, som i forvejen er vant til hunde. Ved introduktion til husets andre dyr skal dette ske uden tvang, på dyrenes præmisser, i rolige omgivelser og med mennesker der kan holde og rose begge dyr. Begge mennesker sætter sig på hug med dyrene hos sig. Placer jer 3-4 meter fra hinanden og ryk derefter langsomt tættere på hinanden. Tal i en rolig og afdæmpet tone til dyrene, ros dem og afbryd seancen når det ene dyr giver udtryk for større angst eller ubehag. Gentag denne fremgangsmåde når I føler at det er passende. Små dyr som gnavere og kaniner bør ikke gå frit uden opsyn. I uheldige situationer kan disse små dyr opfattes som legetøj eller bytte.

Hunde, som er vant til at være alene hjemme, kan give problemer, hvis der sker ændringer i de daglige rutiner i familien. For eksempel, hvis hunden i en lang periode har været sammen med familien hele dagen på grund af ferie, sygdom eller arbejdsløshed, og den pludselig skal være alene igen. Desuden kan alene-hjemme problemer udløses ved skilsmisse, eller ved at familien flytter.

V Orienteringsløb – Klip et sæt bogstaver ud til hvert hold (kopiér dette ark i samme antal som antal hold). Husk at fordele bogstaverne ud på posterne. Grupperne får udleveret disse bogstaver, når de

116 rene hen til hinanden for at ønske hinanden glædelig Jul og smage hinandens Æbleskiver. Desuden bagtes Pebernødder, der kaldtes Knæpnedder, samt Julebukke, runde Kager med et»øre«til hver Side. Under alt dette maatte det sædvanlige Spindearbejde høre op; Lille Juleaften blev Pigerne fri for at spinde; Rok og Garnvinde stilledes til Side, helt fyldte med Garn; saaledes skulde de staa Julen over, for at man kunde vente godt Udbytte af Spind næste Aar. Juleaftens Dag blev der syslet bedre og grundigere end andre Dage; der blev overalt fejet og støvet bedre af end til Hverdag. – Karlen og Drengen skulde kun tærske eet Udlæg Korn; om Eftermiddagen blev der skaaret Hakkelse for hele Julen, fejet Gaardsplads og muget i Stalden; der blev ryddet op og stillet paa Plads overalt; der blev fejet under hver Hest og Ko, og der blev strøet hvidt Sand. I Kostalden hjalp Pigerne til, og Køerne strigledes og børstedes. Karlene spændte et Par Heste for fjælevognen og tog ud i Marken for at hente de løsgaaende f aar hjem til Helligdagene. De fangede dem ved Hjælp af en lang Line og et Stykke Brød. De unge f aar snærede Karlene ned med Linen, som de løb med mellem sig. De gamle Faar fik de ved at lokke dem til sig med Brødet. Og saa blev der lagt Strikker baade paa de unge og de gamle. Paa Hjemvejen læssede Karlene Harven og Ploven paa Vognen og tog dem med hjem; de maatte ikke staa Julen over paa Marken; ellers kom Heksene og red paa dem. Kom Jerusalems Skomager (»e Skomager«) forbi, kunde han ogsaa let hitte paa at sætte sig paa dem, og det var ikke godt for Høsten. Plov og Harve kom i Hus, og faarene sattes i Stalden, og blev fodrede med Boghvedehalm. – Køerne fik en rigelig Givt Hø eller Havrerivning i Stedet for den sædvanlige Halm. Og der blev ogsaa kastet f o der ned fra Slyden til de følgende Dage. Katten og Hunden fik rigelig Sødmælk; Nissen fik sin Grød med Smør i; det besørgedes gerne af førstepigen; det var en Glæde for Husbonden, naar Grøden var spist næste Dag, og det var den

Men ja han er meget dygtig og træneren er hellere ikek i tvivl om at selvom han er en omplacerings hund har vi gjort godt stykke arbejde selvom vores forudsætninger ikke er perfekte i og med det er vores første hund.

Det er også vigtigt at gøre sig nogle tanker om aktivering undervejs, afpasset efter, hvilken dagligdag hunden plejer at have. At begynde med aften-/natkørsel er aldrig af vejen, hverken for hund eller resten af familien. Men om den overhovedet skal med, afhænger naturligvis også af, hvor man ønsker at holde ferie – om det er et passende sted for hunden, alt efter varme, pelstykkelse, støj, luftemuligheder m.m. Så overvej grundigt, hvad hunden har bedst af.

Her er jægerens egen holdning og erfaring med hunde helt afgørende, men en første gangs hundeejer bør nok ikke vælge yderpunkterne, men en hvalp midt imellem kan give begge parter en god oplevelse. Min første hund en førerhund, og jeg kan love at den energi, der skulle lægges i den var stor, men til gengæld fik jeg en dygtig jæger. Dog kan jeg ikke anbefale dette til nye hundeejere.

Bark Control

“barking dog sound stop dog barking at strangers”

This is caused by one of two reasons. It could be an “I want to get to you but can’t” situation, such as when a dog is on lead or at the other side of the road, which is known as ‘frustration-related barking’. Or, it could be a “GO AWAY, you are scaring me” situation, also known as ‘fear-related barking’.

I have a 5 yr. old rough coated collie who barks very loud and consistently every tine I am talking on the telephone I at first thought he wanted attention but that’s not the case. When I am finished talking he walks away and is quiet. Please someone help. I am tired of going into the bathroom and closing the door if it’s a important phone call ! Ugggg

Dog poop eating is GROSS, but not necessarily detrimental to your dog’s health, and it can generally be stopped. Sometimes Coprophagia (when your dog eats his poop), can be an indication of more serious problems though, and you should have your pal checked out by a vet.

You love your dog to pieces, but is it too much to ask for them to shut up at night? If you’re trying to figure out how to stop your dog from barking at night, you know what a frustrating situation it is — especially when it seems like they are making noise for no apparent reason.

Kennel Barking: Some dogs only bark when they are confined in a kennel or back room. Most of the time, this type of barking is attention-seeking or frustrated barking. Your dog often wants you to let them out, and will continue to bark until you walk over and open the door.

A humane alternative to shock collars of yore, the citronella spray bark collar uses a burst of citronella spray to eliminate or reduce excessive barking. Dogs don’t like the taste of citronella, and the “shhh” sound and sensation startles them out of barking.

Try bark deterrents. Bark deterrents like anti-bark collars are very unpleasant for dogs, and should only be used as a last resort when no other method has worked. Some people oppose bark collars because of the perception that these bark deterrents are punishment devices. Training works much better than punishment devices, and training will of course provide the best long-term solutions to behavioral problems, but if training hasn’t worked for your dog and your landlord has threatened eviction or police intervention, you may need to resort to a bark collar.[78]

Saying something positive like “Thank you” or “Good dog” starts training the owner to think of barking as a positive thing, which helps the dog to calm down sooner. Remember the Dobermans in the non-burgled house?

The bad news is that if you just can’t get your dog to shut up in the wee hours, you’re probably not the only person who has a problem with it. In a 2,000-person survey conducted on dog barking in New Zealand, 75 percent of the participants indicated that they would be bothered by a dog barking at night. Dog barking and howling ranked highest among all other forms of suburban noise pollution. A New York Times article on the same topic confirmed that a nonstop barking dog is one local disturbance that can pit neighbors against each other.

Our senior Danish Dog Listener lives in Copenhagen. Down her street, every single house has been burgled, with one exception. That house is the one with Karina’s four Doberman living there. Now, I don’t know any burglars (I am not a ne’er-do-well) but I imagine that there are very, very few burglars who, upon seeing four Doberman running out into the garden and barking, will think to themselves, “I like a challenge!”

Is your neighbor’s dog keeping you up all night? It’s time to take action. The fastest and best way to end the noise is usually to speak to your neighbor face to face to work out a good solution. If that isn’t effective, get law enforcement involved to solve the problem for you. In the meantime, try using a dog whistle or another method to help the dog stay quiet.

Basenjis are a primitive breed of dog from Africa. They are advertised as “barkless,” but what many people don’t know is that while they don’t bark, they do scream a blood curdling sound that evokes images of a woman being murdered. Except for this unusual breed, most dogs are in extreme stress when they scream. lnvestigate — and rescue.

First of all, it’s important that you don’t get mad at the dog, as tempting as that may be. The dog is just being a dog and doing what dogs do. Instead, go to your neighbor directly. They may not be aware that there is a problem if the dog barks while they are away at work or out of the house, or they may already know the barking is an issue and are trying to work on it. Don’t make assumptions or accusations, and approach after you’ve had time to cool down.

I notice that the halti or other head collars were not mentioned. I have a breed that is just made to pull and I have finally found a head collar that works for us although I would love to modify the part that goes over the nose. (I actually have purchased two of similar design and a mix of the two would be ideal) The person who makes the one I am using is a bit of an um, interesting character on the fb page and on the web but thus far the apparatus works really well for control. I really don’t want my dog at heel for the whole walk, but as the article says, the dog’s idea of walking right along and mine are pretty different, particularly as I am now more disabled and use a cane. We used to walk one to two miles a day, but that has become impossible so we are mixing a play date with a friend and shorter walks a couple of times a week. What the walk has always been for us is a time to practice those things his fluffy brain would like to forget!!

Obsessive/Compulsive barking which is identified as excessive barking for no apparent reason or at things that wouldn’t bother other dogs. This may be accompanied by other compulsive behaviors such as spinning or jumping.

Dogs feel the owner’s energy. If the owner is mad, the dog will get mad. If the dog owner is calm, he will end up calming himself. Whenever trying to talk to the dog in order to get him to stop barking, you have to be calm and assertive. This is easier said than done but if you manage to tell your dog a simple command like “Quiet” in a calm voice tone, he will understand that something is wrong.

An idle dog can be a bad thing, and one of the best ways to keep your dog out of trouble is simply to keep them busy. Lots of time barking can be a sign of pent-up energy that has no other way to get out. The good news is there are lots of products to help you do this and even DIYs you can make that will engage your dog’s brain and body. Here are a few ideas you can start with without dropping a dime:

Some dog owners ‘debark’ their dogs but that is a very controversial method which does not address the underlying cause of the barking. It is a surgical procedure where the voice box is removed, leaving dogs with a raspy, instead of full, bark. There are complications and the operation can be life-threatening.

Visualize attention-seeking barking and frustration barking like a child having a tantrum; if you give in to the demands you’ll soon be a slave to them. Wait for a moment of quiet, or a calm sit, then give your dog attention or fetch his ball. If you’re consistent, your dog will soon realize that barking doesn’t work to get him what he wants and he’ll abandon the strategy.

Try a new tone. Tone collars emit a loud, short tone at the first “woof.” That’s often enough to make Fluffy stop and search for what caused the tone — it eliminates boredom and the barking, often within minutes. However, the collar must be adjusted properly or can “punish” the wrong dog if a canine friend is barking nearby.

Now I should point out that this barking is NOT “naughty behavior” as many people think, nor has it anything to do with boredom which is why using a shock collar to try to stop this behavior is such a cruel idea. Let me explain.

Recognize alarm barking. Alarm barking is any pattern of barking at perceived intruders. While barking at a real intruder is useful and may save a person’s life, barking at perceived intruders like mail carriers, parcel deliverers, or even just neighbors passing by the property can be annoying and troublesome.[44]

Respected trainer and president of Legacy Canine Behavior & Training Inc, Terry Ryan, explains in her book ”The Toolbox for Building A Great Family Dog” Once you recognize what the rewards are (in your case getting up and feeding) and take them away, the behavior will likely increase immediately. This is known as an ”extinction burst”. In plain words, Gus will get worst before he gets better. It might be frustrating, but take it as a good sign. It’s working! You’ve got his number! Stay the course and the behavior will drop off over time.”.

Below is a basic list of  tried and true barking solutions that we utilize around here pretty much on a daily basis. I have not met you and your dog. Your issues and mileage may of course vary. The list is intended to serve as a spring board, and get you thinking of ways to solve your barking issues in a positive way.

Try to keep meeting and greeting under control. When you or a family member comes home, ignore your dog for the first couple minutes. When people come to the door, teach your dog to sit and wait until the person comes to him; this will bring control and anticipation to the greeting rather than barking.

Attention-seeking: When you hear this bark, you will usually know just what it means. This bark says “Hey! Hey! Look! Here I am!” Other dogs may whine and bark together to get attention, almost like the tone of a whining child.

What you want to do is first focus on teaching your dog the “Speak” command. This is really easy as the dog will react to you. Make sure that you practice this when the dog is not barking. After the command is learned, you want to teach the “Quiet” command. Use any trigger word that you feel comfortable with. When the dog barks, you signal him by putting your fingers to your lips and saying the trigger word. A dog naturally picks up physical signals much faster than a voice command. That is why the gesture helps. After some practice and after you hand out treats as the dog does what he is supposed to, all you need to do is calmly say the trigger word when the dog starts barking and barking will stop.

If your dog typically barks when someone comes to the door, ask him to do something else at the same time like a place command. Tell him to “go to your mat” and toss a treat on his bed at the same time the doorbell rings, suggests the Humane Society. He should forget about the barking if the treat is tempting enough.

Doglover, totally agree with you and do what you have to. Our quality of life has been ruined for 10 years by our dogs barking. We had one dog and he barked incesently whenever I went out so we got him a companion dog, didn’t work, they both bark! The dogs are walked away from home every day and we have 7 acres of land at home they can go on, I only go out about 4 hours a day (I have a right to a life!) and when we come home, bark bark bark, and when people visit bark bark bark, and when there is anything outside or a noise. Yep, bark bark bark etc etc etc. I’ve tried professional training – not effective if we’re out obviously, ultra sonic collars. Rubbish, spray collars. Ok but only about 50% and not when we come back home, barks right through the citronella spraying! Bark bark bark and very loud! So now, at my wits end, I’ve just ordered 2 static shock collars. We have lived in this stressful situation for too long so as not to put the dogs under stress! But enough is bloody enough now. Lets hope it works. You must do what is right for you and your situation Doglover and accept that there will always be people expressing opinions about everything, both good and bad, but they are not living your life and dealing with the stuff you are. So find what works for you and your dog, don’t make the mistake of discussing it with other people as that just elicits opinions which may not be nice or productive and good luck.

If your dog barks at things he sees out the window or front door, block the view. Close the blinds or curtains on the windows. If he can see out windows near the front door, Aga suggests covering them with darkening film you can buy from an auto parts store or even temporarily taping up some bubble wrap to block the view. If possible, confine the dog in a part of the house that doesn’t have windows or doors.

“In this case, it is best to ignore the barking, wait for five seconds of quiet and then reward him with attention,” Stillwell tells The Bark. “This way, the dog learns that he gets nothing from you when he barks but gets everything when he’s quiet.”

After several weeks, you should progress to practicing out-of-sight stays at an exit door. But even then, it’s best to use an alternate door (if possible) than the one you typically use to leave for work. For example, instead of going out the front door or the door to the garage, try going out the back door.[32] How to stop a dog from barking

“bedste bark kontrol små hunde hvordan man stopper en hund fra at gøe når baghaven”

We don’t necessarily want to stop dog barking though, especially when the barking is an alarm alerting us to danger, or perhaps warding off an intruder. But we do want to stop dog barking when we ask them to, and we don’t want them to bark if there is no reason. Some dogs will bark at the slightest noise, disturbance or movement. Often, although barking could be in the breed’s instinct, the owner has unknowingly reinforced the behavior. If we shout at the dog that is barking he may think we are joining in. If we tell him gently to be quiet or give him affection, he may mistakenly think we like it and sees this calm voice as praise for barking.

Hvad du bestemmer dig for er naturligvis HELT op til dig selv, men husk så også at der KAN være salmonella i kylling, DT? i gris og æbler KAN fremkalde kræft – foruden div. andre ydre påvirkninger din søn dagligt bliver udsat for – røg, smog, trafik, legeredskaber osv. osv. osv.!

At give hunden godbidder fungerer rigtig godt som forebyggende træning. Når hunden spiser holdes stressniveauet nemlig nede, og hunden har dermed ikke så stor mulighed for at “tænde” så hurtigt. Godbidden sikrer også, at hunden er optaget af noget andet, når der kommer gæster, at dens reaktion på gæsten ikke er så stor, fordi den også skal koncentrere sig om at spise.

36 hans Lo, og der var kun een Spillemand, og han spillede Violin. Kvinderne gjorde paa Als som andre Steder meget Arbejde. Bønderne havde i Almindelighed to Piger, en lndpige og en Udpige. Udpigen skulde passe Kreaturerne og malke. og Indpigen skulde gøre alt forefaldende inden Døre, som henhørte til Husholdningen. Pigerne maatte hænge i tidlig og sildig; de fik ikke Fyraften som Karlene; om Vinteren maatte Pigen hver Aften til 9-10 spinde eller gøre andet Arbejde for Husmoderen. Hun var heller ikke fri for hvad vi nu kalder Mandfolkearbejde; mange Steder maatte hun muge Kostalden og for det meste fodre baade Køer, Faar og Svin; ja, i endnu ældre Tid maatte hun tit læsse Gødning, sprede Møg paa Marken o. lign. I Høsttiden skulde Pigen malke saa tidligt, at hun kunde følge med Karlen i Marken, naar der skulde høstes, og det var et strengt Arbejde at tage op d. e. binde det mejede Korn sammen..en.enepige gik en Times Tid før Middag fra Høstageren til Malkning, hvorefter hun trak Køerne til Vands. Middagssøvn var der for hendes Vedkommende ikke Tale om; thi i Middagslaget skulde hun vaske op efter Bordet. Naar Piger ikke blev gift og ikke kunde tjene længer for Alderdom, ernærede de sig kummerligt af Spinderi og tilfældigt Arbejde om Sommeren; om Vinteren gik de meget om og tiggede. – Paa en Maade havde Karlene det bedre; thi for dem gaves der dog fritid. Men ogsaa for dem var der drøje Tørn at tage. I rigtig gamle Dage malede Folk selv baade Gryn, Malt og deslige. Da maatte de stundom begynde at male Gryn Kl. 2 om Natten; men det var jo ikke hver Dag. Karlene havde ikke noget bestemt Arbejde om Aftenen; mange Steder drev de Aftenen hen; men andre Steder, og nok mere i Nørreherred end i Sønderherred, tog Karlene sig ogsaa noget nyttigt for om Aftenen. De lavede Træskeer, og de udskar»brikker«(det var tynde, runde Træplader, som Pigerne lod flyde i Mælkespanden, naar den bares hjem fra Marken). Der blev bundet Piskoste og snoet Tække reb; det skete ogsaa, at Karlene vandt Roller, d. e. vandt Garnet af e Roll (Tenen). Kl. 9 blev der affodret (Hestene fik sidste

Det er især vigtigt, når man træner sin hund i den forstærkende fase. Så selvom din hund er 100 % stabil uden snor i din have, er den det ikke nødvendigvis et nyt sted eller hvis der dukker nye stimuli op. Så sæt snoren i igen, og sikre dig at alt fungerer, som det skal, før du går videre i din træning.

Han har faktisk gået eksemplarisk siden træning i onsdag, undtaget dog der når kommer folk, så trækker han ellers har stort set ikke trukket, 2-3 gange. Jeg er blevet mere opmærksom på at rose når han selv vælger at gå 3-4 meter . Har bemærket det er ved dufte han lægger han til at trække.

Han gør altid når der er nogle der går ind i vores opgang eller ved den mindste lyd, eller når vi intet kan høre. Det er sjældent at det er sådan et rigtig gø, men det er bjæf/gø da han jo godt ved det ender med skæld ud

148 blev der lagt Jærnstænger, hvorpaa Suppekedlerne stilledes, og saa blev der fyret i Graven. – Tirsdag eller Onsdag var det Laanedag, Fadkonen, d. e. Opvaskekonen, mødte om Morgenen og fik en Vegn med Kusk og saa kørte hun fra Sted til Sted for at leen Tei d. v. s. laane Tellere (Tallerkener), fade, Kopper, Ølglas, Saltkopper kort sagt alle Pottemandsvarer. Teioizeme mødte ligeledes og fik ogsaa en Befordring for dermed at drage ud»at laane Tøi«: de laante Disduge (Bordduge), Bleer (Lagener) til at drei e lue (drage Loen) med, Træskeer, senere i Tiden ogsaa Gafler og Knive. Ogsaa Kedler og Gryder laantes. Tøipigerne fik i»brudegave«et Par Sko. – Skafferen og hans Skaffersvende mødte; de fik i»brudegave«kravetøi og et sort Silke-Halstørklæde. Efter Skafferens Anvisning kørte e Skravmand af Sted efter Borde, Bænke og Stole, der ligeledes laantes. Kister, Skabe, Chatoller m. m. flyttedes ud af e Pisel (Storstuen), for at Borde, Bænke og Stole kunde opstilles der; her skulde Brudeparret have Plads; og her skulde der naturligvis pyntes særlig fint med Blomster og Grønt, ophænges Lamper o. s. v. Brudesengsdagen var Dagen før Brylluppet, og da var der stort Rykind i Bryllupsgaarden ; Byens Piger kom med nyrnalket Mælk og blev opvartede. Koner, Piger og Drenge kom slæbende med Send ( e Sænd) eller Skik eller Sikkend eller Skikkels eller Fann (kært Barn har jo mange Navne); d. v. s. en Flæskejkinke ( et Bøst), et Par Snese Æg, 2-3 Pd. Smør og et Par Høns, der mest var af ældre Aargange. Saadan Send kom der fra hvert Sted, hvor der var bedt Gæster, og Overbringerne blev godt opvartede med Kaffe, Skinke og Hvedebrød; somme Tider fik de saa megen Vin,»te de trin’ e let høit o e Bien«, naar de skulde hjem. Skafferen maatte være en velopdragen og beleven Person, der forstod med Anstand at udføre de mange forskellige Hverv, der paahvilede ham. Han mødte paa Brudesengsdagen i fuldeste Puds og med et stort, kridhvidt forklæde paa ; det tilkom ham at hugge.jfovedet af alle de mange Høns. Hver Høne blev rakt ham- pænt i venstre Haand, og saa snart Hovedet var afhugget, smed han Hønen, og saa

Timingen er meget vigtig, og når hun skal lære, at gø, skal du rose hende i samme sekund hun gør, så hun ved at det er det hun bliver rost for. Det samme gør man, når de skal lære at tie, så roser man i det sekund de stopper med at gø.

Jeg har en tendens til at knytte dem til en straf enhed. Og ‘grusom og kan føre til andre problemer. Det burde jo ikke være din første mulighed. Hunde er smart og ved, hvordan man kan overvinde disse begrænsninger. Det bedste er at prøve træningsmetoder ovenfor, få professionelle trænere eller få eBook og CD om hvilken uddannelse ordentlig hund.

Side 3 Håret historien om Samson 1 Englen 4 2 En stærk dreng 6 3 Løven 8 4 Hæren 12 5 Porten 14 6 Samsons styrke 16 7 Dalila 18 8 Et nyt reb 20 9 Flet håret 22 10 Skær håret af 24 11 Samson bliver slave

Sier du et litt hardt «nei» eller lignende, risikerer du at valpen lærer at «å tisse mens du ser på» er feil. Den tar ikke beskjeden at «å tisse inne» er feil – og begynner derfor å gjemme seg når den skal tisse. Bak et møbel eller lignende. Jobben med å få den stueren er plutselig enda vanskeligere.

Aktivering. Hvalpe skal ikke motioneres i traditionel forstand, men de skal have gode oplevelser, aktiveres og lære at aktiverer sig selv. En træt hvalp er mindre tilbøjelig til at “terrorisere” familien. Aktivering hvor hvalpen skal bruge næsen trætter på en naturlig og behagelig måde. Søg efter godbidder, mad og legetøj bør derfor blive en del af hvalpens daglige rutine. Læs mere: Træningspas – Søgeudvikling.

Det er muligt jeg slet ikke har ret, jeg har jo ikke set ham, men ofte er en så voldsom hilsen og det at hunden ikke kan koncentrere sig med nogen bagved, tegn på en hund, der ikke er helt tryg ved fremmede. Han bliver liiige nødt til at fortælle dem at han bare er en lille sød hvalp.

196 I gamle Dage var der mange paa Als, som kunde se forud, naar der skulde ske noget af Betydning. De skulde være født i Midnatstimen før en Tarnperdag. Hvad de saa forud, gik altid i Opfyldelse enten 3 Dage eller 3 Uger eller 3 Maaneder derefter. Gamle folk har fortalt om flere, der kunde sige:»nu brænder det snart hos den eller den, for jeg har set Luer slaa ud af Ladeporten«, —, eller:»jeg saa flammer danse hen ad Husets Tag«. Og det slog heller aldrig fejl. – Somme kunde ogsaa se Ligskarer færdes ved Nattetide. De skulde da se at komme af Vejen (dog ikke til højre Side), da de ellers blev nedkørte af Ligvognen og overtrampet af hele Ligfølget eller trængt ned i Grøften. – En gammel Kone fortalte saaledes om et underligt Syn, som hun havde set. Hun saa to Ligskarer følge lige efter hinanden; men da de kom til et Sted, hvor Vejen delte sig og gik i to Retninger, drog hver Ligskare sin Vej. Skønt hun havde set meget overnaturligt, var dette hende uforstaeligt. Men da skete det, at en Aftægtsmand og en Karl paa een og samme Gaard døde samtidig. Aftægtsmanden blev begravet paa Sognets Kirkegaard; men Karlen blev begravet paa Kirkegaarden i det Sogn, hvor han hørte hjemme. Og saa var Gaaden løst. Paa Blæsborz Mølle, kunde man altid forud vide, naar der kom Lig fra Augustenborg; thi da hørte man gerne en Rumlen forbi Huset, ligesom naar Ligvognen kørte forbi fra Augustenborg By til Ketting Kirkegaard. Paa Broballe Mølle tjente i mange Aar en gammel Karl, som kaldtes gamle Daniel. Han havde i sine yngre Dage været to Aar paa Slesvigs Sindssygeanstalt; men efter den Tid blev han en Særling. Han var meget synsk og kunde tit forudsige større Begivenheder. En Dag kom han løbende ind i Møllegaardens Stald og kastede sig i en Bunke Halm. Da man spurgte ham, hvad der var i Vejen med ham, raabte han:»min Broder ovre paa Sund ved er død; han var her just nu og tog Afsked med mig«. Næste Dag kom der Bud, at Broderen var død af et Hjerteslag, just paa samme Tid, som Daniel havde sagt det. – En anden Gang forudsagde han en stor Ildebrand i Byen. – En Morgen, da Daniel kom ind til Davre, sagde han, at der snart blev Lig i Gaarden; thi han

132 gaa forbi. – Alt maa det ske i den dybeste Hemmelighed og Tavshed. I Stedet for Fittesgilde (Vitusgilde) den 15de Juni kunde der ogsaa holdes Midsommersgilde omkring den 23de, 24de Juni; eller der holdtes Mesmesdaans (Midsommerdans), der gik paa Omgang i Gaardene. Senere er Midsommersdansen holdt i Kroen. Ringridning er den Dag i Dag Alsingernes fornemste Idræt. Af Peter Grau fra Pøl i Nørborg Sogn findes fra omkring 1885 følgende Optegnelse om Ringridning: Naar den Tid nærmede sig, at man i en Landsby vilde have et Ridegilde, samledes Byens Karle og Piger en Søgnedags Aften for at holde Mue (Møde) og tale om det. Her blev det aftalt, hvem der skulde staa for det, og hvor det skulde holdes. Naar de var blevet enige herom, gik hele farsamlingen hen til den Gaardrnand, hos hvem man havde besluttet, at det skulde staa, og bad ham om Tilladelse dertil. Som Regel var der heller intet i Vejen fra hans Side, og hermed var Mødet sluttet. De Udvalgte, som skulde staa for Ridegildet, maatte saa hen til en Købmand og købe ind, af hvad der medgik til det: Kaffe, Cikorie, Hvedebrød, Sukker og Brændevin. – De unge Karle fik i de følgende Dage deres hvide Bukser vadsket og en Trælandse paa 3 Alen lavet, hvis de ikke havde en fra tidligere Tid, mens Pigerne maatte lave smaa flag til Karlenes Landser. Søndag Eftermiddag samledes man ved Galgen, hvor Ringen var ophængt. Karlene var til Hest og havde hvide Bukser og lange Støvler med Sporer. Pigerne havde hvide fork læder paa. Der rides gennem Galgen i Galop, og den af Karlene, som først faar Ringen tre Gange.ier Konge. Det er slet ikke saa let at tage den, da Landsen er 3 Alen lang og Hullet i Ringen knap er saa stort som en Tokrone. Undertiden maa der da ogsaa rides mange Gange igennem, inden en har naaet at faa den tre Gange. Er det saa naaet, raaber man Hurra, og Kongen faar et Silketørklæde bundet om sin Kasket. flagene foldes ud fra Lansen, og man rider med Kongen i Spidsen rundt til alle Byens Gaardrnænd. Her faar man en Snaps og en Tvebak med Smør paa, og naar man paa den Maade har været Byen

207 sprang Pastor Meier ind i Ilden og standsede dens Magt ved sin hemmelige Kunst. Ved et Boel, som hedder Troldborg, uden for Ketting stod der en stor Eg, der kaldtes e Trolds Eg, hvor Fanden plejede at drive sit Spil. Da Præsten i Hørup engang stod paa Prædikestolen, holdt han pludselig inde midt i sin Prædiken og sagde:»mine elskelige Tilhørere. Jeg maa slutte, da en af mine Embedsbrødre er kommen i Fare«. flan skyndte sig ud og bad Kusken, som holdt rede til at køre ham hjem, om at køre ham over til Ketting, alt hvad Remmer og Tøj kunde holde. tier var den gamle Provst Morten Peenberz With kommen i Kast med Fanden ude ved den farlige Eg. Fanden havde allerede faaet de to Bøger fra Præsten, saa han endnu kun havde een tilbage. Men i det Øjeblik kom Præsten fra Hørup rullende i sin Vogn, – tidsnok til at frelse sin Embedsbroder ud af hans Vaande. Mens Hr. Stephen Thomsen var Præst i Ketting, forrettede han ogsaa ofte Gudstjeneste i Adserballe. Da Thomsen en Gang kørte tilbage fra Adserballe, gik undervejs det ene fliul af Vognen. Kusken satte det til Rette igen; men kort efter gik det atter af, og Præsten bød ham nu blot at kaste det op bag i Vognen. Karten mente først, at det ikke lod sig gøre at køre ad den daarlige Vej paa tre fliul. Præsten indestod dog for, at det nok skulde gaa. De kørt nu godt nok hjem, og Præsten lod Kusken køre op paa Møddingen, og da det var sket, samlede han alle Husets Folk, og de saa nu til deres store Forskrækkelse, at en vældig stor, sort Puddel stod paa Møddingen og gjorde det ud for det fjerde lijul.paa Vognen, indtil Præsten fandt for godt at slippe den løs igen. Der var nogle, som havde den Bog, der hedder Cvprianus, og den var Folk i Almindelighed bange for. i Bro havde saadan en Bog. Ogsaa hos Pastor Meyer i flagenbjærg fandtes Cyprianus. – Da Folkene en Gang var ved at gøre rent i hans støvede Bogsamling, slog Avlskarlen, der hed Johan Peter Clausen, op i en Bog og begyndte at læse i den; men straks kom Præstens Datter Agnes løbende, at han for Guds Skyld ikke maatte læse mere i den, da han i kort

Bark Control

“dog videos barking can you call the cops on a barking dog”

We tend to think of barking as a generally undesirable behavior. ln fact, there may be times when you want your dog to bark. lf you routinely walk or jog with your dog in areas where you might be accosted by unwelcome strangers, a controlled bark from your dog might serve as a useful deterrent. You know your dog is barking on cue, but the potential mugger doesn‘t, and likely assumes your dog‘s willing to back up his bark with a bite.

If your dog barks at cats or birds in the garden, teach your pet a reliable recall that rewards them for turning away from the thing that triggers their vocalisation and coming to you instead. Because you have no control over this situation, you’ll need to apply a problem-solving method that gives you a way to manage it.

I am working on the follow up article to this one and apologize for not having it last week…I was really sick! You need to introduce all the things that flip your dog out at very low stimulation levels with very high levels of reinforcement. My Collie has issues with things on wheels to, and to be honest, while we have overcome the vacuum cleaner, bikes, and skateboards, the lawn mover is so evil, i gave up and just keep him in the house. Genetics are strong with some dogs! Basically your goal is t the give the dog a different job. Look at you, down, anything other than go forward and back at it. I hope you find some tips in this week’s article.-Nancy

There are a number of different collars available to stop barking. The most humane is the Husher®, which is a soft elastic loosely fitting muzzle, that stops your dog from opening his mouth to bark, but will allow him to pant, eat and drink. It can be left on while your dog is alone, and can be used as a training aid. If you hear your dog barking, say ‘hush’ and show him the Husher® and if he does not stop, put the Husher® on.

Reward good behavior. When your dog finally does stop barking, it’s important that you praise and reward her for her silence. Over time, your dog will learn that being silent and obedient will achieve greater results than acting out and barking.[7]

Remove the audience. If she barks and you come running every time, you reward the behavior. Instead, thank her then say, “HUSH.” When she stops, you should praise and give her a treat. If she keeps barking, turn your back and leave the room. Most dogs want company, so leaving tells her she’s doing something wrong. She’ll learn to be quiet if she wants you to stay and give her attention.

We rescued a lab and we’re told she was locked up in a chicken coop and neglected Over the past few years she has been great except for one continuing problem. When she sees other dogs, especially in the car, she barks ferociously and at times claws at the window. Over time we have learned that although she appears agressive, she actually is just wanting to get to the to see them. She does the same thing to a lesser degree outside and as soon as she meets the dog she is fine and never agressive. My thought is it stems from the past neglect and yearning for attention Any thoughts on how to address this, especially in the car?? Thanks

Because every pup is different, not all the techniques listed above work for every pup — most require an investment of time. If you haven’t seen improvement in three to five days using one of the anti-bark techniques, try a different approach.

“Typically, if a dog is barking in an aggressive context, it’s actually fear based,” she says. “People are often confused by that because if dogs lunge and bark at the same time, that must mean they’re aggressive, but often, it seems to just be a display to keep them away from something they find scary.”

Doglover, totally agree with you and do what you have to. Our quality of life has been ruined for 10 years by our dogs barking. We had one dog and he barked incesently whenever I went out so we got him a companion dog, didn’t work, they both bark! The dogs are walked away from home every day and we have 7 acres of land at home they can go on, I only go out for about 4 hours a day (I have a right to a life!) and when we come home, bark bark bark, and when people visit bark bark bark, and when there is anything outside or a noise. Yep, bark bark bark etc etc etc. I’ve tried professional training – not effective if we’re out obviously, ultra sonic collars. Rubbish, spray collars. Ok but only about 50% and not when we come back home, barks right through the citronella spraying! Bark bark bark and very loud! So now, at my wits end, I’ve just ordered 2 static shock collars. We have lived in this stressful situation for too long so as not to put the dogs under stress! But enough is bloody enough now. Lets hope it works. You must do what is right for you and your situation Doglover and accept that there will always be people expressing opinions about everything, both good and bad, but they are not living your life and dealing with the stuff you are. So find what works for you and your dog, don’t make the mistake of discussing it with other people as that just elicits opinions which may not be nice or productive and good luck.

Food toys and hollow rubber toys that can be stuffed with treats are great entertainment for dogs. They give your dog something fun to do while you are gone. Keep a couple on hand so you can leave one for him every day. It’s okay if he gets most of his meals this way. He’s working for his food!

Your first step is to gently inform your neighbor that her dog is barking excessively, and when. This is best done during the day, not with an irate phonecall when the dog wakes you up at two o’clock in the morning again. Assume she’s not aware of it, or at least not aware it’s disturbing to her neighbors. How to stop a dog from barking

“fjernbetjening bark kraver til hunde som du bor sammen med”

152 Langt tilbage i Tiden var der ogsaa et Par Brudeførere ( e Bruitrækkere), for det meste et Par unge Krambodsvende, som kørte i den bageste Vogn. Saa snart Vognen var standset, hjalp de Bruden af Vognen, og en ved hver Side førte de hende op til Kirken, hvor Brudgommen saa først fik sin Brud. Men det gik af Brug. Brudgommen vilde dog helst føre sin Brud op til Kirken. – Skafferen var den sidste. til Kirke og den første hjem. Undertiden kunde der være en Snes Vogne eller flere, der fulgte med til Kirken. forved Brudetoget var der ridende Svende, ligesom e Kostmand havde de hvide Bukser og blaa Trøje paa OR Buket baade paa Bryst og Hat. De kappedes om, hvem der kunde slaa de højeste Skrald med deres langsnærtede Piske – uden dog at ramme de andre forridere eller deres Heste. l fuldt firspring red de to og to forved Brudefolkene, frem og tilbage mellem Brudeskaren og Kirken. De skulde vende tre Gange ved Kirken, saa de kunde naa at møde Bruden tre Gange paa hendes Kirkefærd. – Der holdtes strengt over, at Brudetoget ikke maatte standses paa sin Vej; thi det regnedes for et daarligt Varsel. – forriderne holdt uden for Kirken under Vielsen..Efter Brudevielsen gik hele Skaren op og ofrede paaalteret; derefter gik Brudeparret atter til Vognene, og lige som paa Vejen til Kirken kørte Brud og Brudgom hver i sin Vogn. Musikken spillede paa ny, og forriderne jog nu af Sted til Brudehuset og varede ad, at nu kom Brudefolkene tilbage. l e Kostgaard blev de modtaget af begge Kostmænd i Skjorteærmer og af Skafferen, der bar en hvid Serviet som forklæde. Disse tog sig af de ankomne, sørgede for, at der blev skænket Vin for Kuskene; i det hele taget var det Kostmændenes Pligt at sørge for, at ingen kørte bort fra Brudegaarden uden at faa»et Skiænk«. Naar alle Bryllupsgæsterne var kommet til Gaarde, og hvert Vognlæs havde faaet sit Velkomststykke af Musikken, fik Kostmænd og Skaffersvende først rigtig travlt med at faa alt ordnet til Oildesmaaltidet. – Imidlertid skulde Bruden efter Hjemkomsten fra Kirken hilse paa Gæsterne og især paa de gamle Koner i Køkkenet. Paa Bryllupsdagen

167 ligt, at der ved Barselgilder blev danset. – I ældre Tid blev der givet Gaver. fostermoderen (Jordemoderen) og hendes Mand var med ved Barselgilderne. Det var en Ret for hende, at hun»gik rundt med sin Tallerken«hos Gæsterne. livis hun ikke selv vilde, var Barnets fader pligtig til at gøre det. – Blev der Lig i et Iius sendtes der Bud omkring i Byen og til Slægt og Venner i Sognet og uden Sogns; og straks kom Nabokonerne hen at hjælpe at klæde Liget, det var at vaske det og give det Jordetøjet paa. Naar de var færdige, fik de Kaffe. Der var gerne en Kone i Byen, der kunde pynte Liget, og Dagen efter at hun havde gjort det, var Kistelæz : en 7-8 Nabokoner kom for at se Liget i Kisten; de fik Kaffe, naa r de kom, og en god Meldonnen (Mellemmad), før de gik. Den følgende Dag blev Liget begravet hen Kl. 11. Ved Ligfølgets Ankomst til Sørgehuset blev der budt hver Mandsperson en Kornsnaps. Alle, der kom for at følge, fik Bespisning af Bøste (Skinke) med Kage og Rugbrød til, Vin og Brændevin, Øl, Kaffe og Tobak. Saa kom Degnen og talte ud: der blev bedt, og sunget et Par Salmer, og imellem de Salmer holdt Degnen en Tale. Iios mindre bemidlede folk og i lidt fjernt liggende Byer, f. Eks. Heruphav, var Degnen tit ikke til Stede; men saa blev Liget talt ud af en af Nabolavets Mænd, som havde Ordet i sin Magt. før Liget blev baaret ud, bekendtgjorde denne i gammel Tid, at samme Dags Eftermiddag Kl. 2»sarnles vi her igen til Æreøl efter den Afdøde«, Æreøl (Arveøl) gaves dog kun for bosiddende Naboer af den døde og bestod i Øl og nogen Brændevin. Denne Skik er dog for længe siden afskaffet. Naar Degnen eller en anden Mand havde talt Liget ud, blev det baaret ud paa en Vogn og kørt op til Kirken. fra Vognen førtes Liget omkring Kirken hen til Graven; det kaldtes at bære om Kirke. Præst og Degn gik ifor, og Degnen sang. – (Selvmordere blev derimod sat over Kirkegaardsmuren og ikke baaret om Kirke). – Var den døde en Gaardrnand, blev der holdt Ligprædiken i Kirken eller Grav-

Side 1 af 5 Gårdejer Rasmus Knudsens optegnelser (Høje, Lunde sogn) i afskrift v. Alfred Abrahamsen, Lunde. Originalen i privat eje? Aar 1670. Kørtes der med Slæde fra Nyborg til Korsør i 12 Uger. 1709

Ligesom når vi møder hunde, det er først de sidste 2 måneder han er begyndt at lægge sig ned når der er hunde på vej og først rejser sig når de er helt henne og dutte snuder. Og det er jo nok for at vise at han er ufarlig og de bare kan komme nærmere.

221 og i de to Dysser var der»sat Brand«. I 1888 blev den nordligste af de to Dysser taget bort, og faa Dage efter, den 8de September, slog Lynet ned paa Verternine, og den store Kostald brændte (sml. foran om de tre Ege ved Vertemine). – I den tilbageblevne Dysse og i Hylden er Vertemines lid stadig dagsat. Dysse og Busk, hvori der er “Sat Brand«, (Vertemine). En lignende Tro er knyttet til en kratbevokset Langdysse ved en Gaardeiers Boel i Lysabild. Nær ved Nygaard paa Keinæs er der en Mark, hvor der har været 7 Høje. De seks er jævnede; men man kan endnu se Hævninger efter dem i Jordsmonnet. Den syvende Høj staar endnu til Dels urørt med Gravkammer og Stensætning, alt overgroet med et tæt Krat. Denne Dysse maa ikke forstyrres og Stenene ikke føres bort; thi hvis det sker, skal Oaardens Folk dø, siger nogle; andre siger, at saa skal Ejerens Oaard brænde.

I hundebøger står der ofte, at den pågældende race er “børnevenlig”. Alle racer er som udgangspunkt “børnevenlige”, såfremt de tilvænnes og får gode oplevelser med børn fra hvalpestadiet. For at en hund skal blive glad og tryg ved både fremmede børn og voksne, er det derfor vigtigt at den præges og socialiseres som hvalp. Husk også på, at man aldrig må lade mindre børn og hunde være alene sammen.

Forbud mod brug af: Fjernbetjente eller automatisk virkende aggregater, der hæftes på dyr, og som påfører dem elektriske stød eller anden væsentlig ulempe, når de aktiveres (BEK nr. 1043 af 16/12 1999, § 1). Det betyder, at halsbånd, som ved fjernbetjening kan påføre hunden et elektrisk stød, samt Dog Butterfly (usynligt hegn) er forbudt at anvende.

Når din hund stopper med at gø, skal du rose og belønne den. Råb aldrig når du vil have, at den skal stoppe. Dette kan forårsage angst og ødelægge det, den har lært. Du kan også nemt forvirre din hund ved at råbe, hvis den tror, at du gør. At råbe forstærker kun dens vane med at gø.

Nu er det desværre ikke noget, jeg har sat mig forfærdeligt meget ind i, og kan derfor ikke komme med nogle super guldkorn. Tænker måske om du kan hente hende ind hver gang hun begynder? Og lade hende komme ud med det samme hun er rolig igen osv? Eller måske aflede hende når der kommer ting, hun ville gø af? Men det kræver at du er enormt skarp og er derude med hende hele tiden i starten og indtil det sidder. Håber der er nogle, som kan hjælpe mere end jeg… Jeg brainstormer bare :hmm:

Det er vigtigt for os, at du har en positiv oplevelse ved at handle hos os hele forløbet igennem fra bestilling til du modtager din vare. Vi gør altid vores bedste, og sker det vi fejler, er du altid velkommen til at kontakte os, så vi har mulighed for at blive bedre eller rette fejlen.

Bark Control

“how do you stop a dog from barking dog barking at visitors”

Dogs can bark excessively in response to people, dogs or other animals within or approaching their territories. Your dog’s territory includes the area surrounding his home and, eventually, anywhere he has explored or associates strongly with you: your car, the route you take during walks and other places where he spends a lot of time.

Teach your dog tricks. Learning and practicing tricks is an excellent way to prevent boredom in dogs and discourage compulsive behavior. Tricks require focus, attention, and retention of lessons, which can occupy your dog both physically and mentally.[63]

Talk to your neighbors and explain to them about your condition and see if they can come up with a solution first. If this doesn’t help, you may have to call law enforcement. If it is affecting your quality of life, this should be taken seriously.

There was a time when the thought of getting a kiss from Rusty would not have been a good thing. Rusty is a rescue dog and shortly after adopting him, we discovered that he ate his own poop! Fortunately, he no longer does this, and his kisses are a whole lot more pleasant.

There are a few things you can do to get your dog to stop barking at inappropriate times. It’s important to note that these tips aren’t an overnight fix. Be patient and stick with it, though, and you will begin to notice a change in your pup’s behavior. 

Similarly, she says, if your dog barks when you pick up the leash to go for a walk, don’t reward him by heading out the door and giving him what he wants. Instead, drop the leash until he settles and stops barking. If he barks as soon as you clip on the leash, drop it and ignore him until he quiets down. It takes patience, but eventually he’ll learn that barking won’t get him what he wants.

Don’t allow problems to go on and on. The longer a dog does something, the more ingrained it becomes. Barking can give dogs an adrenaline rush, which makes the barking pleasant. And allowing a dog to bark in certain situations, such as when the mailman arrives, can eventually make a dog aggressive in those situations. What if your dog gets out one day as the mail is being delivered? Deal with barking problems as quickly as possible.

If Method #1 isn’t working after at least 10-20 sessions, add a startling noise to the “quiet” command, such as a can of pennies, a bell, even a loud single clap of your hands. This should gain his attention and you can then go through the remaining steps of calling him over, asking him to sit, and giving praise and treats until the person or noise is gone. If he begins barking immediately after you release him, repeat the steps. If after 10-20 more tries the barking hasn’t diminished you may have an obsessive or anxiety situation and should seek the advice of a professional.

This behavior is more likely to annoy you than your neighbors, but it’s annoying nonetheless. A demand barker has learned that he can get what he wants – usually attention or treats – by telling you. It often starts as a gentle, adorable little grumble, and can quickly turn into insistent, loud barks – your dog’s way of saying, “I want it, NOW!”

With the ultrasonic bark collar the mechanism that sits against the dog’s throat sends out a very high pitched and unpleasant sound which is intended to deter nuisance barking. Bark collars can be a particularly difficult thing to fit to individual dogs and it is recommended that you discuss which bark collar is right for you with your veterinarian.

Gradually get your dog accustomed to whatever is causing him to bark. Start with the stimulus (the thing that makes him bark) at a distance. It must be far enough away that he doesn’t bark when he sees it. Feed him lots of good treats. Move the stimulus a little closer (perhaps as little as a few inches or a few feet to start) and feed treats. If the stimulus moves out of sight, stop giving your dog treats. You want your dog to learn that the appearance of the stimulus leads to good things (treats!).

Try to distinguish between barking that stems from needing to use the bathroom (which is a valid need to vocalize) and barking over every minor desire, such as wanting to come on the couch or be given more attention.[2]

A dog that is tired is actually a dog that is really happy. This is something that many dog owners do not understand. We need to know that dogs are active. They simply want to do something. Above we said that dogs that are bored will start barking. You can take care of that by giving the dog many activities that he can do. Since he does not stay and always does something, he will be happy. Eventually he will get tired and the tired dog will always be really quiet.

When training your dog to stop barking, you should set up training exercises rather than waiting for the mailman to ring the doorbell. Begin training by doing the basics like come and stay (check out my other blog posts in the links). Be sure to reward your dog generously so that he knows to pay attention to you. Have a friend or family member do something that would typically trigger dog barking – like knock on the door. See if you can get your dog’s attention. The second he looks or even glances at you, reward him. If you can’t get your dog to stop barking after the trigger, take some steps backward. Wait until you can get your dog to do the simple tasks, like come and stay. Then, have your training partner lightly knock on the door or even tap the door with a finger. If you can get your dog’s attention, reward liberally! This may take several training session, so stick with it! Within a few weeks, you should be able to stop your dog barking!

Call animal control to report abuse. If you believe the barking is a result of neglect or another form of abuse, you have the right to call animal control. If the dog is being severely abused it will be confiscated from the owner, but in most cases animal control won’t take the dog away. Instead, they’ll come to assess the situation and try to educate the owners as to how to properly care for the dog.

I have a beautiful border collie that we found at work wandering around half starved at 4 months old. I fell in love with Maggie Mae right away and while at 1st she showed signs of possible abuse such as cowering she soon adapted and joined our beagle and chihuahua-pug mix she has a couple quirks. Whenever my husband’s cell phone rings or even vibrates she makes a mad dash for the back dog door and runs around the pool before coming back in. Only his phone and regard less of the ringer. I have even changed mine to the same as his with No result. She does the same thing when he sneezes and only him. We laugh about it now but it is a little bewildering!

One of the most common reasons why a dog barks is that he is bored or wants to play. If you identify boredom as a reason for the barking, the solution is incredibly simple. All that you have to do is use a toy. Hand the dog that favorite toy. Alternatively, take him out for a walk.

If the “Quiet” procedure is ineffective after 10 to 20 attempts, then allow your dog to bark 3 to 4 times, calmly say “Quiet,” and then immediately make a startling noise by shaking a set of keys or an empty soda can filled with pennies. If your dog is effectively startled by the sound, he’ll stop barking. The instant he does, call him away from the door or window, ask him to sit, and give him a treat. If he stays beside you and remains quiet, continue to give him frequent treats for the next few minutes until whatever triggered his barking is gone. If he resumes barking right away, repeat the sequence. If this procedure doesn’t work after 10 to 20 attempts, please see our article, Finding Professional Behavior Help, for information about finding a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB or ACAAB), a board-certified veterinary behaviorist (Dip ACVB) or a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) for guidance.

It also helps to teach your dog a specific set of behaviors to do when people come into your home so that he has fewer opportunities to alarm bark. Plus, when your dog performs his new behaviors and receives rewards, he’ll learn that people coming into his and your space is a good thing.

Keeping pet waste off the ground is an important responsibility held by all pet owners. If not addressed, the presence of unattended to waste can quickly become a major point of conflict amongst neighbors. In fact, it happens to be the single-most talked about problem in homeowner association and community manager board meetings across the READ MORE>>

Do not encourage your dog to bark at sounds, such as pedestrians or dogs passing by your home, birds outside the window, children playing in the street and car doors slamming, by saying “Who’s there?” or getting up and looking out the windows.

Gently closing your dog’s mouth. If you have a dog that will bark and ‘sport’ at people or other animals a head halter, such as a Gentle Leader that enables you to close his mouth and guide him into an acceptable behavior is a big advantage. Introduce the halter so your dog accepts it willingly and, when an unwanted bark happens, lift the leash so the dog’s mouth closes and he is guided into a sit. Now move again and change your direction creating attention to you as you move elsewhere. So, we stop dog barking, we gain attention and we redirect to an acceptable behavior in one simple step.

I have taught this to puppies. All you have to do is put the leash on him (don’t pick it up and walk, don’t tug on it, don’t hold it, just let it drag), and feed him or play with him while he has it on. Also let him walk with it on him while he has it on, even though not doing anything with him. You will need a few repetitions of this. Eventually, pick up the leash and hold it while you’re playing a game, he’s being fed, or just wandering around. Again, don’t try to tug on it, just let it hang loose while he does his thing. You will start to get to a point where you can start to lead him while he has it on. Hope this helps!

The bad news is that if you just can’t get your dog to shut up in the wee hours, you’re probably not the only person who has a problem with it. In a 2,000-person survey conducted on dog barking in New Zealand, 75 percent of the participants indicated that they would be bothered by a dog barking at night. Dog barking and howling ranked highest among all other forms of suburban noise pollution. A New York Times article on the same topic confirmed that a nonstop barking dog is one local disturbance that can pit neighbors against each other.

When your dog can consistently stay in a sit or a down on his spot for 30 seconds, while you turn away and walk to your front door, you can start to introduce some distractions. Tell your dog to stay, and then do something distracting. At first make your distractions mild. For example, start by bending down or doing a single jumping jack. Over many sessions of training, gradually intensify your distractions to things like running a few steps or tossing a treat on the floor. Reward your dog quickly after each distraction for holding the stay. If he breaks the stay, quickly say “Uh-uh,” ask him to sit or lie down on his spot, and try again. When your dog can stay while you do all sorts of distracting things, ask him to stay while you go to the front door of your home and pretend to greet someone there. Your goal is for him to learn to stay the entire time you’re at the door.

To be successful, try your best to NEVER reward your dog for barking at you again! In some cases, it’s easiest to teach your dog an alternative behavior. For instance, if you don’t want your dog to bark when he needs to go out or come in, get a doggy door installed or teach him to ring a bell hanging on a door by touching it with his nose or paw. If your dog barks to get you to play with him, teach him to bring a toy and sit in front of you. Sometimes, it’s easier to avoid problems by eliminating the things that cause your dog to bark. If your dog barks to ask you to retrieve his toys from under the sofa, block the space so that the toys don’t get stuck beyond his reach. If your dog barks at you when you’re talking on the telephone or working on the computer, give him a tasty chew bone to occupy him before he starts to bark.

The solution in this case is really simple. All that you have to do is block the window view. This does not mean that you want to stop light from coming into your home. It just means that you have to find creative ways to stop the dog from seeing what is there. That will stop the triggers and he will no longer bark. It is normal for dogs to bark at other animals and what is naturally perceived as prey. Does your dog often look out the window? Does he randomly start barking and you have no idea why? It might be because he saw something that got him really excited.

Dogs bark because it works, whether to scare off a perceived intruder, self-soothe, get attention or release frustration. Tackling your dog’s barking first requires that you identify the drive behind your dog’s vocalization. These are the most typical types of canine communication:

Dog cameras like Petcube Bites let you not only know when your dog is barking, but let you correct it using two-way audio, and distract them using a laser pointer or treats. A pet treat camera can be a great way to stop your dog from barking even when you’re not at home. Some cameras even have “bark alerts” that send you push notifications every time your dog makes noise so that you can address the problem before your neighbors get angry.

I have tried one of the white triangular anti-bark collars that say they use ultra sound. It was the biggest waste of money. (and it was only $3 on e-bay) It has a high pitched tone when the dog barks (can be heard by humans) and another Ultra-sonic sound (that can also be heard by humans.) How to stop a dog from barking

“revue rechargeable de collier de commande d’écorce de nobark 10r de sportdog comment empêcher un chien d’aboyer à une nouvelle personne”

La méthode utilisée dans cette expérience est l’isolement. Le chien, animal social, ne retire aucun bénéfice à être isolé de son groupe social. Le but est donc de lui faire faire l’association aboiement = isolement. Cette méthode n’est pas répressive, on ne cherche pas à « empêcher » le comportement mais à le contrôler en proposant systématiquement l’isolement en réponse aux aboiements intempestifs.

L’alimentation du serpent à sonnette Soins de l’anaconda vert Soins des iguanes Le boa constrictor comme animal de compagnie Comment prendre soin d’une tortue d’eau L’iguane comme animal de compagnie Comment savoir si ma tortue de terre est enceinte Comment s’appellent les dragons de Daenerys ? – SPOILER

Il est cliniquement prouvé que Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ Canine j/d™ Reduced Calorie aide les chiens à retrouver leur mobilité en seulement 21 jours , en leur apportant le juste équilibre en nutriments et en acides gras Oméga-3, tout particulièrement l’EPA. 

Cela peut sembler absurde, mais la première étape de cette technique est d’apprendre à votre chien à aboyer sur commande. Donnez à votre chien l’ordre « aboie », attendre qu’il aboie deux ou fois, puis collez lui une friandise devant son nez. Quand il cesse d’aboyer, félicitez-le et donnez-lui la friandise. Répétez jusqu’à ce qu’il commence à aboyer dès que vous lui en donnez l’ordre.

Collier Anti-aboiement pour chien Rechargeable autSystème de Réaction Intelligent à Double Condition ensemble: Pour les autres colliers anti-aboiement, si les autres chiens aboient, ils se déclencheront, ce qui va sanctionner votre chien. Mais notre collier est très intelligent, il ne se déclenchera

la réserve c’est de bien le placer = assez bas au niveau de la gueule du chien; et il réagit a tous les bruits donc a arrêter quand vous appeler vos chiens. très pratique les LED verte pour le niveau de pile et le voyant rouge quand il envoie des ultra sons.

English: Stop Your Dog from Barking at Strangers, Español: hacer que tu perro deje de ladrar a extraños, Русский: отучить собаку лаять на чужих, Italiano: Fare in Modo che il tuo Cane Smetta di Abbaiare agli Sconosciuti, Português: Fazer seu Cachorro Parar de Latir para Estranhos, Deutsch: Deinem Hund abgewöhnen, Fremde anzubellen, Bahasa Indonesia: Menghentikan Anjing Anda Menggonggong pada Orang Asing, Nederlands: Je hond laten stoppen met blaffen tegen onbekende personen, Tiếng Việt: Chó ngừng sủa khi gặp người lạ, 日本語: 他人に吠える犬のしつけ, العربية: منع كلبك من النباح على الغرباء

English: Stop a Neighbor’s Dog from Barking, Español: hacer que el perro del vecino deje de ladrar, Português: Fazer o Cachorro do Vizinho Parar de Latir, Italiano: Far Smettere di Abbaiare il Cane del Vicino, Русский: заставить соседскую собаку не лаять, Deutsch: Den Hund deines Nachbarn vom Bellen abhalten, Nederlands: De hond van je buren laten stoppen met blaffen, Bahasa Indonesia: Menghentikan Gonggongan Anjing Tetangga, العربية: جعل كلب جارك يتوقف عن النباح

CANIFUGUE Clôture et collier anti-fugue pour chienSystème anti-fugue qui permet de maintenir un ou plusieurs chiens, en toute liberté, dans un périmètre (clôturé ou non) défini par le maître – L’espace de liberté du chien est délimité par un fil (posé au sol, enterré ou aérien) appelé fil d’antenne.

Le contrôle de l’aboiement à l’extérieur Guardian décourage l’aboiement dérangeant avec une touche décorative. Lorsque le dispositif anti-aboiements pour l’extérieur se trouve près d’une source d’aboiements constants, un microphone interne détecte le son et met l’appareil en marche. Le dispositif anti-aboiements pour l’éxterieur Guardian émet alors un ultrason. L’ultrason ne peut être entendu que par le chien. Effrayé par ce son aigu, le chien cessera d’aboyer, puisqu’il associera ses aboiements à ce bruit désagréable. Le dispositif anti-aboiements pour l’éxterieur Guardian comporte quatre réglages, comprenant trois niveaux de sensibilité ainsi qu’un mode d’essai, et fonctionne dans un rayon allant jusqu’à 50 pieds.

Quelle horreur de comparer des enfants à un chien ! Je conseille une visite chez le psychiatre ! Un chien ne doit pas aboyer inconsidérément. Si l’éducation ne suffit pas, les moyens techniques sont à employer. Un collier anti-a ne pose aucun problème de santé.

Beaucoup de gens grondent leur chien quand il aboie et parfois même le frappent (ou lui donnent de petits coups de pieds) pour essayer d’arrêter ce comportement. Ce genre d’attitude ne fera qu’aggraver le comportement de l’animal et lui causer un sentiment de stress et de tristesse.

Bonsoir, ma chienne berger allemand d’un 1 an ce matin vient de mourir suite a plusieurs jets de citronnelle du collier et les veto disent que c’est pas du au collier car ils sont censés être inoffensifs mais elle était en pleine santé et nous sommes persuadés que c’est à cause de ses jets car c’est tout de suite après ses 7/8 jets successifs dans le museau qu’elle s’est mis sur le côté de la porte, s’est allongée par terre et a gemie 10 secondes et sa respiration s’est ralentie, sa langue était sur le coté sortie, et voilà!! Nous sommes effondrés, nous avons demandés une autopsie mais on nous dit que on nous garantie pas que l’on verra quelque chose, pff! Même le centre poison dise que il n’y a jamais eu de cas dans le monde mais c’est un collier commercialisé depuis 2007, donc on peut être un premier cas, non?

USAGE EN INTERIEUR SANS COLLIER : Ce système anti-aboiement est pratique et facile à utiliser. Ce système convient parfaitement pour un contrôle des aboiements excessifs de votre chien à l’intérieur de votre maison – il n’aura pas à porter de collier anti-anti-aboiement.

Les aboiements intempestifs sont un véritable problème, surtout quand on a des voisins ! J’écris ces lignes en mémoire de Titou, mon chien mort il y a longtemps d’un accident de la circulation. Titou était un croisé, un amour de chien (j’ai demandé à mes parents de fouiller dans nos albums photo pour vous montrer Titou). Je pense à lui en rédigeant l’article, car Titou était un aboyeur de première ! Un véritable emmerdeur ! Il aboyait après tout et n’importe quoi. Il n’était pas vraiment bien éduqué, c’était le chien de famille. J’ai fait des recherches et je sais maintenant pourquoi il aboyait tout le temps quand il était dans le jardin. Heureusement, nous n’avons jamais eu de plainte.

L’ignorance : Votre chien vous saute dessus en grande partie pour avoir une caresse ou des bisous. Lorsqu’il constatera que cette tentative ne sert à rien et n’entraine aucune réaction positive de votre part, il cessera de vous sauter dessus. Si votre chien vous saute dessus, tourner lui le dos, croiser les bras sur votre poitrine pour éviter qu’il ne mordille vos mains, et ne le regardez surtout pas. Ignorez le chien et sortez de la pièce sans rien dire. C’est la solution la plus sympathique mais pas toujours la plus efficace, surtout avec les chiens déjà adultes et habitués à sauter.

Bonjour j’ai eu le même problème, j’ai demandé à mon vétérinaire il m’a conseillé en présence de mon mari ou moi avec mon westi et mon chaton de les mettre ensemble dans la même pièce ,en faisant attention mon chien lechait le chaton comme une peluche au bout de quelques jours ils aimaient être ensemble

Le jappement cessera dès le premier jour avec ce genre de collier, mais bien sûr, vous ne pouvez pas traverser chez votre voisin et installer un collier dans le cou de son chien, c’est la qu’entre en jeux notre 2e solution.

Voici mon problème j’habite dans un appartement, j’ai un chien un Border colley croisé berger allemand. Je l’ai depuis qu’il a deux mois, il en à cinq maintenant, j’ai trouvé un travail et dès que je m’en vais , Monsieur aboie dès qu’il entend des personnes sur le palier…cela pose évidemment problème de voisinage. Je ne sais pas comment faire pour l’aider à ne plus aboyer. Il sors régulièrement plusieurs fois dans la journée, ce n’est donc pas un problème de sortie… Si vous avez une solution à me proposer…

Il est reconnu scientifiquement que faire du sport prévient certains symptômes de la dépression, aide à contrer les sauts d’humeur et nous permet de moins souffrir d’anxiété. Si votre chien pratique davantage d’activités sportives, il bénéficiera de ces avantages. Fatigué, il voudra bien plus se blottir dans son panier et somnoler que passer sa journée à hurler.

La plupart des éducateurs canins pourront prendre votre chien en stage et les remettre sur le droit chemin en quelques séances. N’hésitez pas à les contacter, ils vous parleront de leurs méthodes d’éducation et vous expliquerons plus précisément comment ils peuvent vous aider.

Fonctionnez avec des friandises pour l’encourager à faire autre chose plutôt que d’abboyer après les chiens qui passent, si votre chien est gourmand et les friandises apétissantes, ça devrait bien fonctionner. L’idéal serait d’aller dans un club canin qui vous conseillera sur les moyens de détourner son attention.

Fidanimo propose une large gamme de produits d’assurance environnant l’animal de compagnie : Assurance santé animale pour chiens, chats et NAC ; Assurance responsabilité civile professionnelle et garantie temporaire pour les professionnels animaliers. Que vous soyez particulier ou professionnel, choisir Fidanimo c’est la garantie d’une expertise de passionnés.

bonsoir, dans quelle école du chiot est elle allée car moi aussi je suis vraiement decue de leur lecon car au debut on me disait laissez la aboyer elle vous entend pas et maintenant on me dit soyez plus ferme car elle fait qu aboyer puisqu on la laisser faire…

Réussir à canaliser les aboiements excessifs de votre chien n’est pas une chose qui se fait du jour ou lendemain. Cela demande de la pratique, de la patience et surtout de la cohérence. Voici quelques conseils à retenir avant de commencer le dressage.

Dirigez-vous à l’extérieur de votre appartement, sonnez 1 à 2 fois pour déclencher les aboiements, si votre chien aboie, entrez et jetez dans son panier ou tapis une croquette, répétez le processus 3 à 4 fois par jour en distribuant un tiers de la ration.

j’ai un gros problème avec une chienne adoptée il y a 8 mois. dès que je m’en vais ,elle me fait des trous énormes dans le jardin ,me saccage mes plantes,(sans parler de mes meubles et fauteuils dans la maison ruinés) il y a 2 mois elle se sauvait encore avec mon chien mais j’ai mis une clôture électrique donc ce problème est réglé. en ce qui la concerne elle a été séparée de sa mère trop tôt et a passé son enfance de chiot enfermée dans un studio dans le noir jour et nuit. ensuite elle a fait plusieurs familles d’accueil avant que je l’adopte. elle a été propre très tard ,il y a 2 mois elle a encore fait dedans la nuit. le problème est qu’elle est hyper active et hyper attachée et ne supporte pas que je m’en ailles ,de plus tout ce qui est plastique et tissu passe entre ses dents .les trous qu’elle fait je les rebouchent quand elle dort , avec ses crottes dedans mais elle recommence sans arrêt .le véto m’a donné un traitement mais pour l’instant sans résultats probants. de plus elle veut toujours être la 1ère en tout :pour les jeux et jouets, la gamelle, les câlins ,enfin tout!!!!même dans la voiture elle mange tout .l’autre jour je les ai emmené pour faire des courses ,j’ai un pick- up donc pas de séparation de coffre ,je pose mes sacs de courses et repart acheter des timbres et quand je suis revenue elle avait mangé ma plaquette de beurre ,un paquet de bonbons et des barres chocolatées et elle n’a même pas été malade .dans le jardin c’est tous les champignons et tous les insectes qui passent sous son nez. je ne sais plus quoi faire et encore j’en oublie. pouvez vous me venir en aide?

Bark Control