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Block the dog’s view. If the dog barks every time it sees movement, blocking its view of your movements might help. Increase the height of your fence or close off areas where the dog sees movement. If the dog is being set off by your cats or other pets moving in the yard at night, this might be enough to quieten the dog.

I’ve been having pulling problems with my dog since 2013. I had a bilateral mastectomy April 2013,she (my great Pyrenees mix) was about 11 months old. And now we couldn’t play, go for walks, and she had to learn to stay down. She doesn’t jump up on me, in fact she stays away from me still to this day. But on walks she pulls, my boys walk her. I love and she lets me rub her tummy and pat her. How can I help my boys get her to stop pulling on walks?

If your dog most often barks territorially in your car, teach him to ride in a crate while in the car. Riding in a crate will restrict your dog’s view and reduce his motivation to bark. If crating your dog in your car isn’t feasible, try having your dog wear a head halter in the car instead. (Important note: For safety reasons, only let your dog wear the halter when you can supervise him.)

The fine line between fearful and excited can be especially difficult when you’re dealing with on-leash reactivity, and Spaulding says leash-reactive dogs should probably be evaluated by a certified professional.

If the dog on barking, then go to where it is and look to see what the problem is. Do not pay attention to your dog at this point just in case it is doing it to try to get your attention on its terms (Simon Says is a game that dogs are VERY good at). Instead, show your dog that you are investigating the problem. Whether anything is there or not is not important. The main thing is that your dog sees you assessing the situation as the responsible one in the family. Give another “Thank you” and either take the dog away or just leave. Your dog sees that you have had a look and you do not think it is a problem. If your dog still continues after that, then quietly put your dog somewhere on its own until it is quiet. Your attitude is one of “Calm down”. Once you get silence, you can let your dog out again. If it goes back, repeat the process. If this happens three times then leave the dog in Time Out to show it that it really needs to chill out. This helps your pulse rate to stay low which will always have a good effect on your dog. The best leaders remain calm in a crisis.

This behavior is more likely to annoy you than your neighbors, but it’s annoying nonetheless. A demand barker has learned that he can get what he wants – usually attention or treats – by telling you. It often starts as a gentle, adorable little grumble, and can quickly turn into insistent, loud barks – your dog’s way of saying, “I want it, NOW!”

Your pet likes to greet you after not seeing you for a while. This can lead to excessive barking. It’s usually a happy bark, accompanied with a wagging tail and sometimes even jumping. This is one of the areas where owners, without being aware, reward their dog for their unwanted behavior. But more on this later.

I like the place command, as it’s so nice to have them go to a place out of the way and lie down if you need to answer the door. You can find step-by-step instructions on training the place command here.

Make sure your dog is getting sufficient physical and mental exercise every day. A tired dog is a good dog and one who is less likely to bark from boredom or frustration. Depending on his breed, age, and health, your dog may require several long walks as well as a good game of chasing the ball and playing with some interactive toys.

When you hear yapping, it’s only natural to chastise a dog to stop. But if you’re pet is barking for attention, you’re giving him what he wants, even though the interaction is negative, says trainer Victoria Stillwell of “It’s Me or the Dog.”

If you do want to modify play-barking behavior, use negative punishment – where the dog’s behavior makes the good stuff go away. When the barking starts, use a time-out marker such as “Oops! Too bad!” and gently remove your dog from the playground for one to three minutes. A tab – a short 6 to 12 inch leash left attached to his collar – makes this maneuver easier. Then release him to play again. Over time, as he realizes that barking ends his fun, he may start to get the idea. Or he may not – this is a pretty hardwired behavior, especially with the herding breeds. You may just resort to finding appropriate times when you allow play-barking to happen.

LabradorTrainingHQ.com assumes no responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of what’s written on this site. Please consult a professional before taking any course of action with any medical, health or behavioral related issue.

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Saying something positive like “Thank you” or “Good dog” starts training the owner to think of barking as a positive thing, which helps the dog to calm down sooner. Remember the Dobermans in the non-burgled house? How to stop a dog from barking

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If you do want to modify play-barking behavior, use negative punishment – where the dog’s behavior makes the good stuff go away. When the barking starts, use a time-out marker such as “Oops! Too bad!” and gently remove your dog from the playground for one to three minutes. A tab – a short 6 to 12 inch leash left attached to his collar – makes this maneuver easier. Then release him to play again. Over time, as he realizes that barking ends his fun, he may start to get the idea. Or he may not – this is a pretty hardwired behavior, especially with the herding breeds. You may just resort to finding appropriate times when you allow play-barking to happen.

You love your dog to pieces, but is it too much to ask for them to shut up at night? If you’re trying to figure out how to stop your dog from barking at night, you know what a frustrating situation it is — especially when it seems like they are making noise for no apparent reason.

Give your dog more exercise and mental activities to let them have an outlet for their energy. Take them on an uphill walk or a hike instead of the normal daily walk. Train your dog in herding or agility activities for mental stimulation.

All three of the bark collars have a nylon collar which fits similarly to a regular nylon dog collar. At the front of all three of the bark collars there is a mechanism which releases the deterrent of choice, this mechanism fits against your dogs throat so that the vibrations caused by nuisance barking can trigger the mechanism. The shock collars for dogs provide an electric current, the citronella dog collars provide a spray of citrus, and the sonic dog collars produce a tone that only the dog can hear (it’s out of human hearing range).

See what works best for your dog and go from there! Use the same techniques below, but once you get your dog’s attention, move them into a room where they are more protected from the cause of the barking. It might also help your nervous dog to soothingly talk and pet him until he calms down.

Talk to your neighbor. Many people jump straight to drastic measures instead of simply talking to the neighbor about their concerns. Unless you’re on bad terms with your neighbor, the best way to solve this problem is usually to just talk to him or her about it. You could casually approach your neighbor next time you see him or her outside, or write a note asking to set up a time to talk.[1]

Before you call the trainer though, based on the situation you are in, there are some pretty simple things that you can try. The fact that the dog barks too loud or too often may be a sign that he wants you to understand something. It is really important that you do all that you can to identify the cause.

Keeping pet waste off the ground is an important responsibility held by all pet owners. If not addressed, the presence of unattended to waste can quickly become a major point of conflict amongst neighbors. In fact, it happens to be the single-most talked about problem in homeowner association and community manager board meetings across the READ MORE>>

Seriously, electric shock collars may not be illegal in the United States yet, but they should be.  Electric shock, especially for a natural function such as barking, is cruel.  I am certain that using this type of device does cause dogs to experience unnecessary anxiety and stress.  In fact, people training dogs to be vicious for illegal dog fights also use electric shocks, that should tell you what a terrible idea this is.

Anti-bark collars are punishment devices that shock, make an ultrasonic noise, or spray citronella when a dog barks. They are not good first choices for solving barking problems, especially when the barking is based on fear, anxiety or compulsion. Before using an anti-bark collar, you should consult with a Applied Animal Behaviorist, a Veterinary Behaviorist, or a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. These should only be considered when all other methods have failed.

The best way to think of it is to imagine some children playing… then you’ll get the idea of what is going on… They start to have fun, then they get excited, then they start shouting and then start yelling! How to stop a dog from barking

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2. Notre chien jappe quand on n’est pas là? On l’installe dans une pièce, loin d’une fenêtre, et on s’assure de minimiser les stimuli qu’il entendra à l’extérieur en fermant la fenêtre et en mettant un bruit d’ambiance au moyen d’une radio ou d’un téléviseur.

bonjour, mon beauceron a 1 anet demi, elle fugue souvent dans le jardin des voisins donc le soir elle dort à l’exterieur mais attachée le probleme c’est qu’elle aboie quasiment toute la nuit et je ne sais pas comment la faire taire et lorsque j’en ai marre je la rentre a l’interieur mais la c’est la catastrophe, je ne sais vraiment pas quoi faire auriez vous des conseils de dressage et aussi des idées pour qu’elle arrete ? merci d’avance

à indiquer que le chargement a débuté. Si l’appareil n’indique pas qu’il est en chargement au bout d’une heure, veuillez communiquer avec notre centre de service à la clientèle. Pour obtenir une liste des numéros de téléphone du centre de service à la clientèle, rendez-vous sur notre site Web à l’adresse www.sportdog.com. WWW.spORtdOg.cOM…

Une fois les raisons de ces aboiements cernées, il convient de mettre en place les mesures pouvant permettre de les réduire. Il y a toutefois certaines choses à ne surtout pas faire, pourtant souvent conseillées.

bonjour rodolphe. un truc que j’apprends à ma louloute, c’est à aboyer sur mon ordre(“abois”) (profitez d’un moment où il aboie pour le féliciter “oui le aboie”). puis ensuite je lui apprends à se taire (“tais toi”), avec félicitation et une friandise (une croquette, 1 ptit bout de fromage, de lard…) entre deux aboiements (il y a toujours un moment de silence entre 2 aboiements, il faut profiter de ce moment là pour féliciter avec un truc du genre “c’est bien le tais-toi”). faites ça plusieurs fois par jour. et ça marche…

Le contrôle de aboiements par vaporisation PetSafe® empêche votre chien d’aboyer au moment-même où il se met à le faire. Chaque fois qu’un chien aboie, le collier sensible aux bruits émet un jet inoffensif qui interrompt les aboiements. L’utilisation du produit l’habitue progressivement à ne plus aboyer. Votre chien s’adaptera tranquillement et facilement à son environnement, tout en garantissant la tranquillité de votre famille.

L’expérience a été menée sur 40 jours. En fin d’expérience, on constate le temps d’aboiement diminue de façon significative après 20 jours. Dans la première partie de l’expérience (jours 1 à 20) le temps d’aboiement total est de 491 minutes contre seulement 92 minutes en deuxième partie (jours 21 à 40), soit une diminution de 81,2 % du temps d’aboiements (figure 1).

En premier lieu, sachez qu’ils utilisent l’aboiement pour transmettre un message à leur maître (pour manger, boire, jouer ou prévenir par exemple). C’est effectivement leur moyen de communication orale privilégié avec les humains.

Static correction is a very mild tingle, and the collar adjusts the correction based on your dog’s temperament. She will quickly learn not to bark when the collar is on. As an added safety feature the Bark Control Collar will automatically shut off for 3 minutes if your dog barks 15 times or more within 50 seconds.

Quand vous dites à votre chien de se taire, vous pouvez poursuivre en le surprenant : lancer des choses à côté de lui ou encore chanter ou pourquoi pas siffler. Votre chien va se taire, car surpris par ce que vous faites.

Les coups de langue, elle aime , je la laisse faire en récompense. Très souvent, la relation du chien et son maître détermine le comportement du chien. Le chien est un bon avertisseur, en cas de cambriolage, la venue d’étrangers ou autre; il serait dommage qu’il ne mette pas ses qualités à notre service, finalement c’est leur travail à bon escient bien sur!

Si vous cherchez une solution plus durable, placez un film plastique ou vaporisez un revêtement sur le verre de vos fenêtres pour qu’il soit plus difficile pour votre chien de voir les gens à l’extérieur. De cette façon, vous limiterez les possibilités pour votre chien de voir des gens et il tendra à moins aboyer pour défendre son territoire.

Cette méthode prend beaucoup de temps. Le chien doit comprendre qu’aboyer excessivement n’est pas bien, c’est pourquoi vous devrez répéter cette méthode de nombreuses fois, parfois plusieurs fois par jour.

Mon chien de race chihuahua de 2 ans malgré tout mes efforts, aboies au moindre petit bruits, une fourchette qui tombe, une porte qui s’ouvre, le voisin qui rentre chez lui… De jours comme de nuits 🙁 je suis désespérés… Comment dois je faire ? Le collier anti aboiement pour moi est une torture et l’eau j’ai essayer ça ne lui fait plus rien…

Favorisez la tranquillité et la détente du chien à la maison et à l’extérieur. Des massages, des caresses et des gourmandises sont de bonnes incitations pour lui faire comprendre ce que vous attendez de lui.

de lui donner plusieurs ordres à la suite tels que assis, ne bouge pas, couché etc… pour que le chien se concentre sur un comportement productif et positif. Récompensez-le pour avoir réussi ces actions et passez un peu de temps avec lui après qu’il est devenu silencieux ;

Bonjour, c’est avant tout à l’attention de Pascale que s’adresse ce petit mot car j’ai l’impression de m’être mal fait comprendre. Les solutions que j’ai portées à la connaissance de Coralie sont dans le seul but d’informer. Il va s’en dire que l’opération reste la solution ultime pour un chien à qui on a déjà tout proposé. il va s’en dire que l’éducation du chien et la position du Maitre par rapport au chien restent LA SOLUTION. je tiens a rappeler que le beauceron est avant tout un chien de troupeaux donc un chien d’extérieur. Le fait qu’il passe ses nuits dehors (dans sa niche) n’est pas une punition. Oui, c’est un chien qui a également besoin de son maitre maisà ce sujet, je pense que les journées (du lever au coucher du maitre) sont d’assez longues périodes pour satisfaire son besoin. Le mieux étant même d’avoir un 2ème chien… Rassurez vous je ne suis pas un tortionnaire. bisous

Pour vous aider sur le thème faire arreter d aboyer un chien notre membre actif Mélyssa a ajouté cette page le 13/08/2015 à 12h11 pleine de conseils pratiques. Même en 2018, comment faire arreter d aboyer un chien est une question souvent posée, il était donc normal de tenter d’y apporter une réponse pertinente. Faire arreter d aboyer un chien ne vous posera plus jamais aucun problème !

Pour lui apprendre à arrêter rapidement, comme toujours dans l’éducation, la cohérence sera votre meilleure alliée. Il faut apprendre à votre chien à comprendre “silence”. Il n’est pas forcément très efficace de le lui crier : pour lui c’est un encouragement à continuer, pour vous, c’est une limite dans votre marge de progression sonore. Au contraire, “silence” dit très bas oblige votre chien, qui n’est pas sourd, à se concentrer sur votre voix et vous laisse la possibilité de hausser le ton par la suite.

quand nous sommes partis vivre quelques années en Allemagne, nous nous devions de respecter les “consignes” telles qu’elles le sont dans les autres pays et ceci conernant les animaux : pas d’aboiement, pas de saletés, bref, ce que tout le monde devrait faire. J’avais acheté pour ma clarisse un collier qui dès qu’elle aboyer lancer de la citronnelle, mais ça coûte bonbon et je doute que ta voisine investisse là dedans, je l’avais payé 500 f à l’époque ! mais bon ça marchait, ensuite je lui ai enlever mais sachant que c’est un croisé york caniche elle aboie !

Combien de temps dure la grossesse d’une chatte Quelle quantité de nourriture doit manger mon chien Comment savoir si votre chatte est enceinte Remèdes maison pour soigner la constipation chez les chiens

Aussi adorable qu’il puisse être, votre nouveau chiot n’a évidemment pas été “programmé” pour adopter dès sa naissance un comportement irréprochable ! Bien sûr, son éleveur lui a inculqué quelques premières notions de propreté, mais le comportement de votre chiot ne dépend plus désormais que de vous.

Pour cette raison, si vous n’avez pas d’expérience ou si vous ne savez pas exactement ce qui arrive à votre meilleur ami, le plus approprié est d’aller voir quelqu’un d’expérimenté dans ce type de situation.

Tera® Collier de dressage électrique rechargeable Il s’agit d’un collier de dressage plus efficace pour votre animal de compagnon, il lui envoie des signaux lors de moments nécessaires: fuite, aboiement, débordement de nourriture etc. Il dispose 100 niveaux d’intensité de signaux. Vous pouvez ajuste

non seulement un collier électrique est cruel car douloureux (essayez le donc sur vous même), mais en plus, le chien se retrouve complétement inhibé, il ne peu s’exprimer, et bien sur le fait que l’on ne prend pas le problème à la source donc qu’il va falloir que votre chien s’exprime d’une autre manière…

Bjr moi j’ai un bulle terrier croiser labrador de 7mois des que je me promene avec lui il fait que daboyer que se soit sur les autre chien ou sur les gens defois il a même le poil dressé je ne c est pas commenter réagir a cela je le prend par la peau comme sa mere je lui dit non je tire sur la laisse mais ya rien a faire

j’ai le même problème que vous, j’ai un chiot labrador de 6 mois qui ne supporte pas que je le gronde et qui m’aboie lorsque je le réprimande. Hier il m’a pincée au bras et je ne sais plus quoi faire. Quand je lui dit “NON” d’un ton ferme il continue de plus belle.

• le contrôle des aboiements rechargeable nobark™ 10r de sportdog® doit être utilisé uniquement sur des chiens bien portants. nous vous recommandons d’emmener votre chien chez un vétérinaire avant d’utiliser ce collier s’il n’est pas en bonne santé.

Petite précision, elle n’a jamais pleuré quand je la laisse seule à la maison sauf si j’oublie de fermer le balcon et qu’elle sait que je l’entends, je pense qu’elle est très maligne et qu’elle a compris que ses cris me perturbent.

LA SOLUTION : lui apprendre la frustration dès son arrivée chez vous afin de ne pas en faire un tyran. On apprend ainsi au chien à contrôler ses émotions. Cela se fait par le biais d’occupations et d’interactions qui favorisent le contrôle de soi et la patience. Au début, on le frustre rapidement puis on augmente la durée des exercices.

Entrainez-le avec cette technique à chaque fois qu’un inconnu vient vers votre porte. Cela peut être le facteur par exemple. Laissez votre chien aboyer trois ou quatre fois, puis placez-vous devant lui et dites « silence ».

Bark Control

“why is my dog barking at me weiner dog barking”

When you hear yapping, it’s only natural to chastise a dog to stop. But if you’re pet is barking for attention, you’re giving him what he wants, even though the interaction is negative, says trainer Victoria Stillwell of “It’s Me or the Dog.”

Boredom: The bark of a bored dog sounds like a dog that barks just to hear her own voice. Though it tends to be annoying, it is also kind of sad. Bored dogs often bark to release excess energy, and sometimes bark out of loneliness. They usually need an activity and perhaps even a companion.

Try ignoring the barking and waiting till your dog stops. If simply waiting silently doesn’t work, calmly ask them to “sit” or “lie down”. Once they are calm and have stopped barking, praise them with lots of fuss or a treat.

I mentioned the importance of your relationship and confidence not only in your own ability to handle situations but also your dog’s confidence in you. This comes through dog exercise, dog training, spending time together, setting limits and boundaries and showing appreciation for behaviors that are pleasing. Controlled walks, games such as retrieving, and learning to be patient by simply sitting or laying down by your side or relaxing in his crate will create a companion that sees no need to bark without a good reason. In this way you build a foundation of trust and confidence that lets your dog know when he can and should bark and also when can be quiet.

Let’s take a look at what happens in the dog’s mind during an ”extinction burst”. The behavior of barking in the morning had to start somewhere. Very likely, upon barking in the morning you or somebody in your family got up and fed the dog. Since the barking worked in getting what she wanted, very likely she continued to do so, and very likely you continued getting up and feeding.

Block the dog’s view. If the dog barks every time it sees movement, blocking its view of your movements might help. Increase the height of your fence or close off areas where the dog sees movement. If the dog is being set off by your cats or other pets moving in the yard at night, this might be enough to quieten the dog.

Ultrasonic bark deterrent devices work by emitting an ultrasonic sound that dogs find unpleasant, which startles them out of barking. Reviews of ultrasonic anti-bark devices are mixed; some dogs don’t respond to them, and others are too sensitive for what is essentially a correction. But for some dogs, these are very effective.

Dog poop eating is GROSS, but not necessarily detrimental to your dog’s health, and it can generally be stopped. Sometimes Coprophagia (when your dog eats his poop), can be an indication of more serious problems though, and you should have your pal checked out by a vet.

Omg, thank you so much of what you wrote. I bought today the collar and I was feeling so so bad, that almost cry and then someone in the office told me that I was crazy doing that, that my dog will be suffer, and almost died.

An example of this is a dog barking outside in the yard unattended. One thing that works around here is I leash walk the Collie in the yard before taking him off leash. This gives Finn a chance to chill a bit and the squirrels a chance to flee, without the added satisfaction my dog gets of driving them away. For many of us, it means just not opening the dog and sending the dogs out to play in the yard unattended to bark.

Basically, the point is to redirect their focus away from barking to an activity that you can reward. You can also redirect them to a toy or a game of fetch. After all, it’s tough to bark when engaged in a fun tug session.

There are also voice activated recorders available, phone/tablet apps to monitor your pet and many different home security monitors you can set up via webcams to see what your dog gets up to while you are out.

Territorial behavior is often motivated by both fear and anticipation of a perceived threat. Because defending territory is such a high priority to them, many dogs are highly motivated to bark when they detect the approach of unknown people or animals near familiar places, like their homes and yards. This high level of motivation means that when barking territorially, your dog might ignore unpleasant or punishing responses from you, such as scolding or yelling. Even if the barking itself is suppressed by punishment, your dog’s motivation to guard his territory will remain strong, and he might attempt to control his territory in another way, such as biting without warning.

Nancy lives in Portland Maine with her 3 kids, 2 dogs and a revolving door of foster dogs. She owns Gooddogz Training and believes in force free training and having fun with your dogs. Her Mom tells us “Dog” and “horse” were her first words.

I have heard about these “no-bark” collars before, and as before, I am shocked and appalled by the very idea that anyone would choose to do this to their beloved animals.  If you are new to pet ownership and think this would be a good way to train your dog to not bark, do your research.  Read books and training manuals, and talk to kennel owners, Humane Society volunteers, and professional trainers, and find out what people who are heavily involved and invested in the welfare of dogs really think about the no-bark collars.  Because these collars are no good, and certainly anyone with any sense of how to treat a dog would ever seriously consider using one of these devices.

did you try putting a leash on him when he refused? carrying him seems pointless to me. also, you could try enticing him with a treat or just get into a routine/bedtime ritual so that he knows a favorite special treat is waiting for him up stairs. He is male, is he neutered? If not it may be time to do that too. His male dominance may be kicking in hormonally and he is challenging you. And yes, we have to be smarter than them, and consistently more alpha (though I hate that term) I mean just be consistent and insistent that it is bed time. The out smarting part comes in with the positive reinforcement ritual at bedtime. Could it be that he needed another visit outside to potty?

I live in AA County too and it’s a great law. I have two labs, of course the one I raised since he was 8 weeks old is perfect, rescuing someone else’s mess is another story. The law in AA County is vague for a reason and your situation is exactly why that’s the case. If your dog is randomly barking in the house, they won’t do anything. Leave your dog outside unattended and excessively barks, that’s a huge problem. It’s a great law because if you can’t let your dog in after a few barks or leave him out for long periods of time while he barks, the law needs to get it to stop if you can’t. How to stop a dog from barking

“dog barking christmas songs barking dog laws”

You don’t seem to understand that some people have dogs they didn’t get as puppies. Some dogs require special training like this just like people do. Not all dogs can be trained to not bark incessantly. Lucky you if that has been your experience.

Think twice before ignoring. Of course another less preferable way is to ignore the barking and wait for it to go away. In a crate or enclosed area this may work (particularly with a puppy who is learning to settle) but if the dog is outside or in a large area then the barking itself can be self-rewarding. In many instances there are multiple stimuli occurring which will encourage the dog barking. In my opinion, dogs should never be left outside unsupervised or unaccompanied. Go out with your dog and do not allow him to run the fence, race down the hedgerow chasing the cars, or barking at the person walking by. Show your control and confidence in handling these situations and be the leader of your pack. Have him on a leash or a long line so that you can reinforce your commands and maintain control without shouting or becoming agitated.

Some dogs end up being distracted in just a few seconds. It is so common to see them look outside the window and then stop barking. That is because they saw something that made them enthusiastic. Such a situation is really common with the large or medium sized breeds that have a strong hunting instinct. They will see a sparrow out the window and will want to chase it. they cannot do that, they start barking at the sparrow.

One thing is don’t allow it. Just turn around and go the other way as soon as your dog starts in. Avoidance goes a long ways with leash aggressive dogs. also……..check our leash aggression advice on this site and utube. there is a wealth of info out there on this subject.

Once your dog can reliably bark on command, teach him the “quiet” command. In a calm environment with no distractions, tell him to “speak.” When he starts barking, say “quiet” and stick a treat in front of his nose. Praise him for being quiet and give him the treat.

Give your dog more exercise. Exercise and play time are the best remedies for compulsive and boredom barking. While walking your dog is, of course, an important part of getting her exercise (even if you have a fenced-in yard), it may not be enough. Try having your dog run back and forth between two people for 10 to 20 minutes, chase a ball or toy, or take your dog jogging with you before you leave for work.[60]

Sarah has loved and trained both dogs and horses from a very early age. Her Staffordshire bull terrier, Mona, is trained as both a therapy dog and disaster stress relief dog. In addition, Sarah has trained her German Shepherd, Soren, as a service dog.

Curb barks with scent. Researchers at Cornell University in New York found citronella collars to be much more effective in bark training. Citronella collars give a warning tone first; additional barking prompts a squirt of scent that stops the barking. Some of these collars have remote control activators.

Here’s an important distinction to remember as a softhearted animal lover: Attention seeking is different from loneliness in dogs, says Ganahl. She explains, “Many dogs bark for attention, whether they want petting, the food you are eating or something else. It is important that you completely ignore your dog if you feel they are barking for attention, otherwise the barking will continue. If you tell your dog ‘quiet,’ ‘shush’ or any other vocalization to tell them to stop, that is considered attention to your dog.”

You can avoid yanking by motivating your dog to follow you with an excited voice to get his attention. When he is following you and the leash is relaxed, turn back and continue on your way. It might take a few turns but your vocal cues and body language will make it clear that pulling will not be reinforced with forward movement, but walking calmly by your side or even slightly in front of you on a loose leash will allow your dog to get to where he wants to go.

Most dogs out there cannot simply stay and do nothing. They need to solve puzzles, learn new things and have their minds challenged. So many games exist for this and you can find them with a simple Google Search. You want to be sure that the dog gets the attention he needs. If you cannot offer that attention, you want to arrange someone stepping in so that the dog receives the attention. You can even hire a dog sitter if this is something that will keep the mind of the dog active.

***** If your dog is barking to show fear of people or other dogs, by all means listen to them. Do not a extinguish a dog’s warning bark away or you may be left with a dog who bites and fights  seemingly without warning. ******

If your dog barks at people or other dogs during walks, distract him with special treats, like chicken, cheese or hot dogs, before he begins to bark. (Soft, very tasty treats work best.) Show your dog the treats by holding them in front of his nose, and encourage him to nibble at them while he’s walking past a person or dog who would normally cause him to bark. Some dogs do best if you ask them to sit as people or dogs pass. Other dogs prefer to keep moving. Make sure you praise and reward your dog with treats anytime he chooses not to bark.

So here are the four most common reasons that dogs and puppies bark. It’s not a comprehensive list but most dogs and puppies will fall into one of these categories. Once you’ve decided which one best describes YOUR dog, then take a look at the action plan to put an end to it once and for all.

Respected trainer and president of Legacy Canine Behavior & Training Inc, Terry Ryan, explains in her book ”The Toolbox for Building A Great Family Dog” Once you recognize what the rewards are (in your case getting up and feeding) and take them away, the behavior will likely increase immediately. This is known as an ”extinction burst”. In plain words, Gus will get worst before he gets better. It might be frustrating, but take it as a good sign. It’s working! You’ve got his number! Stay the course and the behavior will drop off over time.”.

Does your dog bark for attention? Don’t give him any! None at all – even stern reprimands count as attention. He has no idea what “quiet” means; yelling “quiet!” will only make it worse. He’ll think you’re joining in the barking game. Reward him with your attention when he’s calm and not barking. Teach a cue for being quiet. It’s a good trick to have in your dog’s bag for when he’s out with you and barking isn’t welcome.

First, get your dog excited by ringing the doorbell, knocking on a wall or whatever you know will start him barking. Say your command word, such as ‘speak’ and pair it with a treat. When your dog is consistently barking when you say ‘speak’, you can then say ‘quiet’ and give a treat. Your dog will have to stop barking to get the treat. How to stop a dog from barking

“how to stop a dog from barking all the time dog barking stop devices”

No matter why your dog is barking, some general training will help keep his mind occupied and wear him out. A tired dog is a happy dog. Regular walks in the morning can help, even just a 15 minute walk around the block is better than nothing. Two walks a day would be perfect. If you work long hours, consider a dog walker, doggy daycare, a play-date with a friend’s dog or asking a someone to visit in the middle of the day.

If you have problems with your dog barking while riding in the car, you must enforce stillness and/or movement restriction. This is also good for the safety of both you and your dog. A loose, excited dog in a car is a distraction and can be trouble waiting to happen.

I just got the Petsafe static collar yesterday. It’s amazing the difference. We have a beagle/terror mix and she was just not tolerable. I can actually sit outside with her now. I don’t hear the neighbors telling us off behind the shrubs.

A variety of devices are designed to teach dogs to curtail barking. Most often, these are collars that deliver an unpleasant stimulus when your dog barks. The stimulus might be a loud noise, an ultrasonic noise, a spray of citronella mist or a brief electric shock. The collars that deliver noise are ineffective with most dogs. One study found that the citronella collar was at least as effective for eliminating barking as the electronic collar and was viewed more positively by owners. Virtually all dogs become “collar-wise,” meaning that they learn not to bark while wearing their anti-bark collars but revert to barking when they’re not wearing them. Collars that work on a microphone system to pick up the sound of a dog’s bark should not be used in a multidog home because any dog’s bark can activate the collar.

Dogs are social animals, so it’s natural for them to bark when they hear others barking. You can discourage this tendency by keeping your dog indoors when other dogs are barking, by playing music to drown out the sound of other dogs, and by distracting your dog with treats or play when other dogs bark (whether it’s in real life or on TV).

It may sound nonsensical, but the first step of this technique is to teach your dog to bark on command. Give your dog the command to “speak,” wait for him to bark two or three times, and then stick a tasty treat in front of his nose. When he stops barking to sniff the treat, praise him and give him the treat. Repeat until he starts barking as soon as you say “speak.”

You love your dog to pieces, but is it too much to ask for them to shut up at night? If you’re trying to figure out how to stop your dog from barking at night, you know what a frustrating situation it is — especially when it seems like they are making noise for no apparent reason.

Getting your dog to bark less will take a lot of time and effort. You have to realize that it won’t happen overnight, but luckily you have various tools at your disposable when learning how to get a dog to stop barking.

To be successful with this method, you must wait as long as it takes for him to stop barking. If he barks for an hour and you finally get so frustrated that you yell at him to be quiet, the next time he’ll probably bark for an hour a half. He learns that if he just barks long enough you’ll give him attention.

If your dog most often barks territorially in your car, teach him to ride in a crate while in the car. Riding in a crate will restrict your dog’s view and reduce his motivation to bark. If crating your dog in your car isn’t feasible, try having your dog wear a head halter in the car instead. (Important note: For safety reasons, only let your dog wear the halter when you can supervise him.)

Rule out medical problems. Sometimes barking is your dog’s way of indicating to you that she is injured or sick. If there is a chance that your dog might have some medical problem or injury, you should take her to see a vet as soon as possible.[66]

Do not punish your dog for this invaluable commmication! It’s the most benign means he has of letting you know that something bothers him. Take away his growl, and a snap or bite is likely to happen without warning. Rather, when your dog growls in warning, step back to see what’s causing him such discomfort, remove the stressor, and figure out how to give him a more positive association with the thing that’s causing the growling. How to stop a dog from barking